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Hi cancer welcome to your November General love reading this is your girl Mermaid skills tarot thank you so much For joining me here this is a journal Love reading for the Sun Moon Rising Venus and or any other strong placement For the sign of Cancer this will not Resonate with every Cancer that watches This message and because this reading is General not every single message may be For you so please only take our Resonates and leave what doesn't for Someone else who needs to hear that Message and if this reading is not for You at all cancer I highly suggest Checking out your other signs in Different placements hi crosswatchers You're very welcome here if you're Interested in a cancer who wouldn't be I'd like to run cancer and crosswatchers That energy is fluid and this simply Means you may feel like I'm describing a Certain situation in the reading where You feel the roles are flipped or Reversed and that's completely okay You're more than welcome to use your own Discretion to flip those roles if that Resonates with your specific situation The best All right let's jump right on into Cancer's love reading for November I'm First going to clear and set the energy For you guys so if you are listening to This using headphones or the volume is

Kind of loud right now I do suggest Turning it down a little bit just for This part because I don't want your ears To hurt So let's tune into cancer All right so let's see what's going on In November in love and romance for my Cancers cancer Sun Moon Rising Venus Anyone dealing with the cancer what is The energy surrounding cancer in love And romance at this time that cancer Needs to know be aware of Any questions we can answer for cancer Spirits oh Cancer you got two cards all right let's See we have make the effort And it says great love is worth taking The steps you're guided to take And then you have getting to know each Other as you Reveal Your innermost Selves to each other your bond deepens So cancer I definitely feel like there's An energy around you that likes you that You guys are starting to talk to I'm Hearing September maybe their Virgo Maybe Libra you could have met in September obviously that's not for Everyone but Yeah there's someone here that is Wanting to do more with you is wanting To hang out with you more you're going To start to see those text messages come In those phone calls I'm hearing they Like to talk to you on the phone for

Some of you guys even if that's not your Favorite thing to do they still love to Do it they love to hear your voice Um but there's something they're about To make a move on cancer it's because What they like Um what was I gonna say what they see They like what they've gotten to know of About you they're interested in so I Feel cancer there is someone that wants To push the initiative a little bit Further wants to I don't know whether It's get in more of a exclusive Relationship with you Or if it's just been texting chatting You know feeling The Vibes out there's Someone who wants to ask you on a date Ask you to meet face to face maybe if You guys just started messaging each Other through a dating app through Online whatever it's like no let's make This happen even if it's a distance Between the two of you I think they're Willing to travel to see you Um so that's exciting tell me more I've seen the letter S2 as in Sean as in Samantha first middle last initial can Mean something to someone Um doesn't have to be Okay Capricorn got this card so if you guys Are dealing with the Capricorn have Capricorn in your chart I suggest Checking out the Capricorn reading to

See if there's messages for you there But this is the moon card Pisces energy Cancer energy for me as a reader Okay very interesting so what I'm seeing From this so far cancer is that um if You guys haven't met this person face to Face again through dating date apps Through messages Instagram WhatsApp Whatever you guys are kind of afraid if This person isn't going to be the one You're hoping for some of you are afraid Of getting catfished I'm putting that Out there as well that like what they Look in the photos is not what they're Going to look like in person not that That's the thing that matters the most In your life but that's already a Deceptive thing if someone is putting a Picture of them 10 years ago to Represent themselves now but I think for Others of you if it's not so literal Like that what I feel is that There's someone who's afraid to make the Move that they really want to make that They're dying to make that they are Having that gut feeling they should do Um because they don't know if it's too Early they don't know if it would be too Soon But I think these fears are surfacing For a reason I think these fears are Looking for someone to really examine Um you know if there are doubt Insecurities that's going to hold you

Back because I think this other energy Here whether this is you I'm picking up On or the other person really does want That person to make that move Um maybe it's because in the past you Felt like you always had to or you know You're done being the one that's always The initiator as us cancers tend to be I'm in cancer too so I feel it we Sidestep but we sidestep in a way that Makes people notice So you're kind of done trying to throw All the signs there if they're not gonna Do the completion of following it Through by Seeing that your messages are something That they're picking up on So I wonder too if for some of you this Confront and getting to know each other You guys are about to have a Conversation that is going to go pretty Deep Um reveal something about each other About your life about your experiences In Life or maybe in love and romance That is going to hit a emotional cord Within your body that is going to stir Up some emotions Um but I feel for some of you guys You're getting really real with each Other here And you're seeing someone In a lot more of a deeper way than just Flirting than just texting than just

Sending cute selfies or whatever it's Like there's something here that's Developing that's Someone's going to show you a site that They're kind of afraid of showing but Knows that they need to To show you and make the effort is house How much they want this with you cancer And it's something that they're Revealing that they don't show most People it's something that they're Revealing that they keep very secret Um let's get into the tarot and dig Deeper into this because I'm interested Um for someone out there Very few of you you may find out this Person has a child and they were afraid Of telling you that in case that would Be a deal breaker Um just throwing that out there but Let's go ahead and see what the tarot Has to say Tell me more About this energy surrounding cancer Eight of Pentacles Virgo energy I felt It and here it is Um could just be something for some of You guys I'm gonna get all the cards out first And then we'll pull them out the Challenge is the six of Cups you do not Want any past situations past Experiences to repeat and I feel that's Why someone here you or them is getting

A little bit nervous about going further Into it Foreign Two eighths here someone's birthday Could be July 8th July 18th perhaps June 28th for someone out there Hmm Cancer you may have fire in your chart Maybe a fire rising or a fire Venus Um but they view is very attractive very Desirable inside and out Okay Okay Yeah oh and the moon and the reverse In their energy so they're revealing Something big here to you cancer that is Taking a lot of guts is taking a lot of Courage is it their feelings is it a Secret is it you know let's let's see But bottom of the deck we have the Hierophant Interesting Aries had this in their Spread But the hierophant yeah I do feel that Different than Aries Vibe I feel cancer There's someone who just again whether It's talking on the phone texting they Love having conversation with you Because you're a deep person Um you're someone that is very spiritual Who likes to have spiritual Conversations And I think even with getting to know You they could pick up on that easily

Maybe even spirituality is part of your Career maybe you have a spiritual tattoo Something along the lines that they just Get how deep you go how high you vibrate Um some of you could be teachers light Workers healers maybe they are But there's something that's caught Their interest about you cancer I'm Saying that because even if you look at The imagery of this card here this male Has two feminine interests at his lap But he's staring right at the person Who's holding the card here right So there's something about you that Definitely caught their eye that they Want to see more of that they want to Dedicate more time to There is some a thought that's gone by Saying you know maybe I want to roll With cancer maybe I want to have cancer Be mine And start to cut out any other options And to let those go Um but there is some sort of serious Interest in you cancer That is already being picked up on and I Think it's because they're already Seeing that you're someone that is Vibrating higher than a lot of other People that slide in their DMS that they Come into experience with There's definitely someone here that's Like an old soul that is I don't know Naturally very wise introspective real

And it inspires them and wants them to Get to know you more cancer For sure someone could be wearing red Right now or there's something with a Red jacket or a red hoodie that I'm Seeing here But let's get right on into it Center of this eight of Pentacles Virgo Energy you could have met this person at Work through what you do for work Through collaborating On a project at work or something along Those lines something that is just Coming through here Um but for most of you I do feel that in November there's going to be effort There's going to be someone to pursue You someone who wants to show you that They want this by the actions They Do by Hitting you up by calling you by sending Those good morning messages what are you Doing messages Um But I do sense this energy too whether This is you or them if someone that Is afraid to engage with it Doesn't know if someone's being A little extra because they want Something that's more sexually based so They're keeping themselves protected Um But cancer I do feel in general with This energy here you're someone that Isn't easy to impress

And maybe it's because of your past Experiences and love and romance you Know when you started becoming really Interested following too soon you saw That that wasn't anything that worked For you it was like a trap door you're Not going to go through that again so You have certain protocols certain Measures that you put up before someone Can access a certain level to you But I see that this person senses that From you cancer And they don't mind it they actually Find it kind of attractive And that's where they're going to keep Messaging keep engaging I'm tasting coffee in my mouth really Randomly don't know if someone's Drinking coffee someone's a big coffee Drinker and that's just A message from Spirit about who I'm Talking about maybe someone lives by a Coffee place a Starbucks a pizza Whatever Um But yeah cancer I think you are going to See them wanting this wanting to open You up wanting you to engage in this Wanting to impress you really But the challenge of this is the six of Cups So this is Scorpio energy Um so yeah this is kind of what's Drawing me to this

Moon card here You're a bit of you is protecting Yourself because you're afraid of the Past repeating Um you know especially when similar Feelings came up right And I do feel like just this I'm seeing This image of someone Looking at a picture being so hurt and Then deleting it because they knew it Was over Like some sort of bad breakup that's Still kind of lingering in someone's Heart space you or them And so I feel the moon card here is Addressing these fears of someone still Holding on to experiences from the past People from the past or the memories of Those people from the past But I want to say cancer Um I don't think this person is going to Repeat your past I don't think this Person is the same as your past Which may be something that will help You understand about this connection Um I one really weirdly I kind of been Picking up on um I don't know if you met through someone Who was your friend or they know someone That you went to school with I don't know why that's picking up for Me here but it is For most of you yeah the moon card is

Kind of surfacing because you're afraid Of attracting the same from the past or This Person being the same And I can tell you they're not Crowning this is the Ada wants So Sagittarius energy so the Ada ones Can confirm for me online dating online App primary conversation through text Message through electronic emails Messages whatever that may be your Primary source of communication Especially if there is distance whether That's a few hours a couple hours or Even different states or countries for Some of you guys But the desire is growing for you cancer And I think you're picking up on it this Person's fire this person's desired and I think again that's where some of your Red flags are going up from uh oh this Is just a player this is just a player Or something along those lines Or the fear of it right But I'm seeing that ladder in the Background there cancer right here And I already think that they see things With you they see the potential future With you they get these Daydreams about You too these Um you know fast forward types of Glimpses into what they want to have With you what it would be like when they First meet you when they first see you

All the things that you two can do Together some of them are a little bit Sexually based but as human beings I Think that is a little bit normal I Can't tell you that's not the main Center of this all especially with the Eight of Pentacles being dead center of It but cancer they do find you sexy they Do find you hot they find you attractive But getting to know you in that deeper Way that hierophant way that you're the Energy you're giving up off is making Them want you even more So yeah I do feel cancer you're actively Talking to this person texting this Person engaging with this person And maybe they've been getting a little Bit spicier as time goes on Uh things you've been saying to them Things they've been saying to you Certain pictures that you've sent to one Another It's definitely getting you guys a lot More involved with one another and Really considering one another as a Potential here What's reading this is the Six of Swords Aquarius energy So for some of you guys when I'm feeling Um with the Six of Swords rooting this Spirit wants you to know that this Person is helping you move on from Certain past experiences failures Breakups and love and romance

Um that may still be hindering your Heart space your thoughts about this Whole situation here Now others of you with the make the Effort making the move some of you want To have the conversation of where this Is going what the next steps are where They see this But I I don't know cancer maybe this is The other person but I just feel someone Does not want to be the first to say That not be the first to speak it out There Because maybe even for someone if Distance is an issue between the two of You Um You know you may not want to so soon ask Like hey are you ever thinking of moving Would you ever think about Being nearer to me closer to me And then again some of you this is Reading and travel plans I do feel for a Lot of you the opportunity to travel the Opportunity to meet one another or even They want to invite you to like a Weekend getaway to take you somewhere That they want to show you around of Their Hometown or where they're at That's something they're definitely Thinking about with you cancer And the conversations you've been having I want to repeat are something that's Making them more and more heavily

Invested now And again for some of you there is Something they're going to reveal to you In November that They didn't feel ready to before but Something about the energy now the Building up now is making them ready to Say it And maybe with whatever they have to say Which will clarify with the moon in Reverse when we get there it's going to Make you feel more decided to move Towards this to accept this to Pursue this further between the two of You How they see you cancer Um your energy in this your vibe in this Is the Ace of Wands fire energy Aries Leo Sagittarius energy Man yeah Um you know if you did me on a dating App or started connecting through a Dating app they saw your picture and had To Swipe right or swipe left I don't know I'm sorry I've never used those dating Apps but you get what I'm saying they Had to get in contact they had to see What was up with you Um you've decided you've sparked a Passion within them too Get involved in a way that hasn't been Sparked the same with anyone else Um

There's something about your energy your Vibration your I don't know I'm hearing that you're my Type so I wonder if they told you that Before or if that's something they're Gonna reveal But they know that being with you would Be exciting they know that being with You would be passionate and you're Bringing up all these passionate Romantic sensual energies here And I do think if there has been things That they are afraid to reveal it's Because they don't want the fire to die Out But I think it's important to reveal Things that we may be nervous of being Vulnerable with because in order to Accept a connection as it is we need to Know each other fully with all of our Flaws and all of our imperfections And maybe even what we perceive to be as An imperfection really isn't that bad to The other person Um you know if someone's younger Someone's older if someone has kids if You know uh they're still living with Their parents or whatever it's like Those insecurities don't matter if the Passion and the desire is still this Strong this hot Cancer you may like spicy food I'm picking up on for some of you I think I that if you guys have already

Met recently went on that first date Maybe had your first kiss with them Recently they they can't stop thinking About it They're very excited by having this Connection with you seeing it your Messages come through Seeing your pictures And I think you're excited too cancer Even if there's if you're in the moon Energy there's parts of you that are Still nervous afraid of being fully Opened and Fully tuning into this but Yeah I think there's a chemistry that's Hard to deny between the two of you Their energy is the moon in reverse So Pisces energy cancer energy I wonder If some of you are even dealing with Like a Pisces moon or a cancer Moon Individual Um but regardless of the astrological Connotations there's something that They're stepping up and fully doing Despite their fears despite their Hesitations so I really do feel like if You weren't vibing with the confront Energy the moon energy that I was Describing this is definitely them And there going to finally say something That they've been holding back saying They're finally going to show you Something that they were afraid to show You because they feel comfortable now

They feel ready now And they feel like it's going to move You guys further into developing that Bond with one another that they still Want to cement That they still want to have with you Let's get nosy and see what this is I don't know sometimes I kind of let it Open up for interpretation for people But no I want to let cancer know what This moon in Reverse energy is all about So the eight of Wands Wow you know what I'm seeing from this How this person is sleeping in the bed And the other woman's opening up the Curtains like wake up Cancer and this is maybe what's really Really deep that they're going to share That I'm already feeling like the Emotions already Um Whether you know this or not you came in A light part of their lives where they Were like almost about to give up Almost about to give up in pursuing love And believing in love and believing that There is someone out there for them I don't know they may have gone through Just disappointment after disappointment Hurt after hurt People who when they found out that There was you know a part of them that They didn't like they just dropped them Which we kind of see with online dating

Now so Um Such a strong factor in our life is that We have so many more options and I feel And I listen to my friends who are Dating and I have no judgment here at All but it's like oh the second they Order something that the person doesn't Like oh you know then I drop them and I Go search other options that's the thing That's going to make you close off to Someone Is what they order I don't know it and it could be that's Just a small example of it right So they may have gone through really Crappy situations or really deep Rejections and it wasn't until they met You cancer that you've kind of brought Them back to life again And I know that sounds a little bit Cliche a little bit over the top but Whether it's in a big way or a small way There's some sort of hope you're giving Them back into finding love having a Romance having a connection And you know maybe they were single for A long time Because they just didn't want to waste Their time they didn't want to get hurt And when they met you it was just like Wow yeah this is what I was waiting for This is why I had to go through those Rejections to find

Someone loves to burn incense in their Room or has like a humidifier in their Bedroom And the Ace of Swords whoa This is Air energy Gemini Libra Aquarius Energy but the truth The truth is coming out about their Feelings their intentions their desires Temperance at the bottom of the deck Spirit is still kind of keeping me in The dark here because I feel as this is General it's different for one each and Every one of you but this is something They've been waiting to tell you trying To find the right way to say this trying To find the right right way to approach This Sagittarius energy Libra energy I feel With this card here Maybe there's certain addictions that They had to battle in the past or maybe Even sort of some sort of anxiety mental Health struggles that they had to deal With that they're going to be very real With you and open with you And I mean this is not going to be easy For them but they trust you with this Cancer I'll make one more card I just want one More The empress whoa Nice Taurus energy Libra energy Yeah when I really do feel here cancer

Is that Because of this newfound hope or because Of this realization and You are the person that they want I I This is all going to come out through a Phone call through seeing face-to-face Meeting face-to-face With this Empress energy you have Everything that they would want in a Partner you have the whole package And you're a beautiful person inside and Out And that's what's making them want to Stay that's what's making them make the Effort after this period of getting to Know you and they're here to stay They want to see this through with you Cancer they want to grow with you they Want to create with you And I think when they you know whoever Was afraid of catfishing that kind of Felt in the beginning of the reading You're not going to be catfished they May even look better than in the photos Or that's how they're going to see you They're going to be blown away by seeing You physically face to face Bottom of the deck 201s Aries energy So yeah I don't if they never told you Before that they were interested that They want you that they really like you November is the month they're gonna do It and they're gonna follow through with

It they're gonna meet their actions meet Their words with it Um I do feel maybe this is the month you're Gonna meet face to face or face time First time I don't know but it's going To be a mutual attraction a mutual Desire And now there's two Aces on the board so This really is a new chapter in your Love life cancer that's unfolding Through this connection with this person With this energy surrounding you that I Feel you already know Um but I think that now this is getting A lot more serious There's going to be new experiences that You are going to understand that it is Something that was always meant to Happen this way this process the people That didn't work in the past were not Meant to work for me just so I could be With this person here And what they have to reveal to you is Going to be big it's going to be Heartfelt it's going to be emotional and It's not going to make you doubt this Anymore cancer All right so cancer to see what they're Likely to do in the upcoming days weeks How they're going to bring this up to You what dates they're going to ask you On how everything is going to unfold From what I see here we're going to go

Ahead and take this to the meal for the Extended reading I'm going to overturn This card here to show you the likely Outcome of this situation what they're Likely to do what to be aware of what's To come in the upcoming days and weeks Of this connection here and also pull Oracle cards as well as dive deeper and Not to all this so if you'd like to join Me for the extended reading open up the Description box and you'll find the link To the extended reading but if this is Where you depart cancer I really hope That this resonated with you helped you Understand your love life at this time What's going on and if it has please let Me know Drop a comment below hit that like Button don't forget to subscribe I love you cancer very much and I'll see You next time Take care cancer

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