Biggest Gamma Ray Burst Ever Recorded, Gustave Doré, Dantes Inferno & Prophecy, ra castaldo

By | October 26, 2022

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Look at this this is something that raw Had shared with me earlier he said Rex The biggest gamma burst I think is what You called it right gamma burst yep yeah And so I looked you know you sent me the Link and I said wow that’s pretty cool And then you sent me the link to this Artwork and this artwork is from who Gustave Dory And this is like Dante’s Inferno kind of Stuff yeah yeah this is uh well you know Gustavo Dore did illustrations in the 1800s of the older story of Divine Comedy from Dante Alighieri from like The 1200s in Florence From he was from ancient Tuscany Dante Alighieri and um yeah gustavre door is Known for his Dory illustrations he did A lot of these plates these Illustrations of of You know some of these he depicted a lot Of scenes of of some amazing stories That had a lot of mythological and Ancient history and and very interesting Stuff inside the stories man I was Influenced by by The Divine Comedy from A young age for sure and yeah when I First saw this Rex I I don’t know how I Was the first one to point this out Because I haven’t heard anybody else say This yeah my shirt’s dirty I went bike Riding today went rode out to Dolce it Was nice you know um got in some that Gladiator barley in that Boomer boost is

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Actually create this Gladiator barley Now how they sprout it and they use Tesla technology they use probiotics in The water they use all of this Technology combined with Organic ancient Heirloom Seeds it’s fascinating so folks you’ll be glad you did And this is interesting I want to show This let’s jump right into the podcast Now yeah this is uh well you know Gustavo Dore did illustrations in the 1800s of the older story of Divine Comedy from Dante Alighieri from like The 1200s in Florence He’s from he was from ancient Tuscany uh Dante alegari and um yeah Gustavo Dory Is known for his Dory illustrations he Did a lot of these plates of these Illustrations of of you know some of These he depicted a lot of scenes of of Some amazing stories that had a lot of Mythological and ancient history and and Very interesting stuff inside the Stories man I was influenced by by The Divine Comedy from a young age for sure And yeah when I first saw this Rex I I Don’t know how I was the first one to Point this out because I haven’t heard Anybody else say this because Immediately when I saw the picture I Mean there was no denying it I mean I Had a like an epiphany moment because That picture I’ve had posters of that Picture I’ve had posters of this in my

Room when I was younger I mean this Plate is a known plate I’ve had this Book right here since the late 80s this One right here that has one of the main Plates you know is that plate There’s that plate you know I’ve had This for a long time and that’s a known Known picture it’s the Imperium right The light realms and uh A gamma ray burst I guess it can happen Maybe through various ways I I think a Lot of a lot of what they say gamma ray Verse happened from where where stars go Supernova and where when black holes are Formed or even when um neutron stars get Merged And things like that so you know gamma Ray bursts and and in my opinion for me Like because I I’ve been doing viewings Of of the of the universe of different Things in the universe and in my opinion When stars go white no a white dwarf and Go supernova they’re not dying they’re Not expelling all their energy Derek ex Their light is expanding and they’re Going to a higher state of sacred Consciousness beyond the light And all those light codes those Supernova explosions they go out for the Rest of the universe to absorb those Evolutionary codes and we’re going to Get into that later on today because Even the ancient fairy star was about Communicating with those light gamma ray

Verse and absorbing that light radiation Energy Right so That how is that this is incredible so Guys look at this yeah yeah so this is What I wanted to show you guys so I I Mean I’ve been looking at this artwork My whole most of my life since I’m a Young child you know I can’t I can’t Remember the exact year but it had to be At least in the 80s the first time I saw This artwork you know early 80s and I Started reading it you know my aunt Actually has Um Lori Bruno I think I She has it as well one of the old Tuscan Um Ancient Tuscan copies Not the originals but one written in Tuscan Um of the Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri you know those are very old Books it wasn’t the year one of the Originals but one from like the 1700s or Something like that one of the copies so It’s a very very known story especially In Italy especially during that whole You know knowledge Revival in in Tuscany And old Tuscany Uh the Renaissance Um sort of in the in Florence area in Era you know so he was part of that Dante Alighieri was like a Mystic and he Had a lot of knowledge and there’s a lot

Of connections with Cosmic information That we found in the last few decades That’s written right in his right in his Writings that I find even it’s it’s Interesting because he even talks about Like the I think it’s the ninth circle Of hell the lower Circuit of hell this Like this uh you know this this last Circle of hell being a frozen Wasteland And that’s basically what the last Taurus sphere of our solar system is the Oort cloud this Frozen land right so That’s that I always found interesting As well and right here I mean anybody That’s familiar with the work of Gustave Dore and his plates I mean people know About the Dory illustrations right all These plates that he’s made Especially of the Dante Alighieri work And this is one of the most famous Plates it’s known as the Imperium Now on October 9th we had a gamma ray Burst that I think is the the biggest Ever in recorded history And Gamma ray burst they they say happen Basically I think it just to sum it up a Cliff notes version it happens when Explosions happen in the universe so I Guess it can happen various ways like When stars explode they go supernova You know because stars go through Different stages you know from red Giants to White dwarves and these things

Right Um so when a star goes Supernova and When even you know when a black hole is Formed There’s a gamma ray burst so they think On October 9th Somewhere in the distant Cosmos there was a black hole forming or Something like that and this is The Flash picture that they got right so Anybody that’s familiar with the plates Of gustavi Dory has to see the Connection Immediately when they see this picture To me it was Like an epiphany moment incredible and You guys are getting this information Exclusively on League project the only Other people that got this before you Were the people on my patreon yesterday So this is exclusive access to this Information where you hear these Connections first right here on leak Project on Pulsar TV right here and I Mean look at how incredible this is on October night now You can see the flash the explosion in The middle All right look at that around there Remember that and then the circles and Even look look at these grain here very Interesting it almost looks like Angels Flying around literally in the grain Look at that see that

It literally looks like Little Angels Were wings The way the explosion the light is Right all the particles of light Right now look at this Look at this Of Gustave Dory The light in the middle So must the exam sack flesh Almost to the the to the T Even the angels spinning around in the Circles The ripples of the flesh The particles That’s what we are all the Angels and Demons swirling in the particles the Different kinds of particles I mean if that wasn’t a telepathic Connection into Cosmic truth I don’t Know what is And this was drawn in the 1800s drawing A depiction of something that was Written in the 1200s And we didn’t have this picture Until October 9th 2022. Now how incredible is that You want proof That we have Cosmic knowledge right here within our Free Will and creative frequency Then right here is the proof Right you tap into Cosmic knowledge when You’re creative that’s your free will Because this physical reality is an

Illusion it’s the Maya it’s the illusion Of free will Right everything you choose to do Is an illusion that it’s your free Choice Right You you chose to watch this show tonight Right but guess what It was from The programming of YouTube And and the programming not not I’m not Saying anything but it’s my Conversational hypnosis No no it’s not no it’s it’s the Programming of of of us like Elite Project as well as us right it’s it’s What we chose to present to you guys it Is this truly your choice to what you Wanted to watch tonight no you you’re When you go on TV or when you go on YouTube or when you go on in the Supermarket or where you go anywhere You’re choosing from someone else’s Choices It’s what they’re you know so it’s Actually the illusion of your own free Will because it’s you’re you know even When you go on TV right you’re thinking You’re choosing what show you wanted to Watch but someone else’s programming It’s you’re only choosing from so what What what someone else’s choices are Presenting you know out to you so that That that’s what I’m I’m saying it’s not

It’s nothing against any specific Platform or anything like that that’s What this uh reality is about When you go to the restaurant it’s Someone else’s menu that you’re choosing From It’s not your is that your real choices Because if if there was a different menu You’d possibly would be eating something Else Right so it’s the illusion that this is Your your free will but when we really Have free will it’s in our real in our Minds our creativity Because that’s when you have unlimited Free will And when you actually go completely into That and become weightless that’s when You become you can travel through the Stars you know I even heard recently you Know uh it’s funny because people that Go like on um Uh a lot of people that talk out there Like these different podcasts they they They and millions of people watch Certain podcasts out there like uh you Know like um You guys have seen a different podcasts With some person one guy uh sometimes Comments for a Combat Sports Network and He’s like one of the most famous Podcasts out there and it seems like When he talks about subjects still They’re they’re talking only about one

Percent or two percent of the real truth Of it well it’s true what they say Though about I I just caught up Something the other day they were Talking about sensory deprivation tanks And things like that this guy John Lilly Actually is one of the guys that Invented it but it’s not a modern Invention Uh they were doing this in ancient Egypt Like the the Pharaoh uh Witness Was putting himself in a sarcophagus Chamber and traveling through the cosmos This is not a new technology but when You become weightless you can travel When you forget about your body You can travel through you you travel Through the cosmos you can travel where You want you can go where you want Right it’s that’s part of it and Rex has Even had an experience like that he’s Talked about before all right and it’s When you when your your body is no Longer it’s you’re at that same level With your mind like your body’s not You’re not conscious of your body Anymore it’s your all in your free will You’re all on that frequency that higher Frequency and that’s what sensory Deprivation tanks do I think like the The water is so it’s I think like the Same temperature as your body And uh you know you just like you forget About it your body you become weightless

And this guy John Lilly used to be like A I actually never met John Lilly but I Met one of his really good friends in The 80s um Dr Henry or andraj pulharic And uh John Lilly went crazy actually People people stopped talking about him He wasn’t a legit scientist at once time But um he was he was working with um You know heavy hallucinogenics and Like that he ended up going a little bit Of crazy but he was working with some Really interesting information And and uh experiments what how how to Communicate and talk to dolphins and Things like this so uh that was one of The reasons why he was inventing the Sensory deprivation Chambers was he was Trying to communicate with dolphins and Have dolphins be able to communicate With humans and all this different stuff That he was doing and uh yeah he ended Up going crazy and stuff but he was like A really good friend of Dr polarich And I uh you guys can see this explosion I mean this gamma ray burst these Pictures I mean there’s been artistic Rendictions of of things like this Before but not like this Um I mean how can you not see When you look at this how can you not See that’s almost identical I’ve never Seen something more identical than that I mean to me that’s remarkable Remarkable

And this is called the Imperium Let’s see what they there’s a little Caption that they write in underneath The plate I forget exactly what the Caption says Let me see Yeah that that plate is the Imperium and It says in in fashion then as of a White Snow White Rose displayed itself to me The saintly host And it basically has like these two People looking at it it looks like a Swirling portal but it has like a flash In the middle like as bright as the sun And all those swirling circles are all Angelic beings And it’s like two people standing at the Precipice on a cliff looking at it you Know to To be two people in a cloak I don’t know if that’s Beatrice and Dante or what it I don’t know if that’s uh Because in the story there’s Beatrice And uh It’s a really interesting story if no Nobody’s ever Read The Divine Comedy Uh the Dante’s Divine Comedy I would I Would highly recommend to read that it’s A really interesting story and then Later on they even made like the the Dante’s Inferno and Dante like video Games and all sorts of things that that

Have that Concept in it And How incredible is that Gustave Dory Literally drew a gamma-ray burst Of light in the 1800s I mean to me that Is That is uh truly telepathic connection To Cosmic truth really amazing And you know we we have ways to tap into Cosmic truth that’s why I’ve been you Know when when I talk about crystals and And copper and all those things it’s not Because Um You know it it’s not only a I have these Items because I want to make money or Things like that I I did it for a living Because I truly love it you know I used To do something I hate for a living for Like over 20 years working for someone Else’s job and I started to think like How can I be like preaching one end not Preaching but like you know talking and Presenting information on one end about Things and then on the other end I’m Sort of like a slave for a company Right so I I decided one day like you Know that’s it you know I when I went in To ask for like basically a race To say Hey you know if I’m gonna still Do this for a living I need more money For this because this is ridiculous Right and then they were like no so like I kind of had it out with my boss and

They threw me out basically I that was Like The Universe telling me hey this is The time to do what you love for a Living So this that’s the reason why I do this For a living when working with crystals And copper and all of that because it’s About changing the collective Consciousness of humanity it’s not just About myself and what I want to do for a Living but collectively we need a change For all of us and if I want my daughter Even to have a better place to live To even have a remnants of a of a of a Decent life and we collectively all have To change it doesn’t just affect all of Us what’s happening on the planet But all of us all of us need to change Collectively Right there’s just a there’s just a uh So much negativity on the planet Problems just keep snowballing and Snowballing and snowballing well we have The answers within us Right we should think about it Technology pretty much has ruined us Right in many many ways Technology’s Cool but also it’s ruined us so if we’re Such a smart species how come we can’t Have a technology That Also can live in harmony with nature Why can’t we have that because that that That should be ultimately where the

Society should be working for You know it seems alien to not do that Doesn’t it So if anyone’s the aliens on this planet It’s us Because we’re the ones out of balance With nature we’re the ones not in Harmony with nature And it’s very sad that Just because just to make money And people could get more power and more Control and more domination more this And more of that more materials that We’re willing to Sacrifice our Harmony And balance with nature and the universe Think about that Wow Now ultimately for a race to to thrive They should be able to be intellectual And harmoniously evolving and at the Same time be technological But the technology should also be in Harmony with the collective Consciousness and in harmony with the Universe Not out of balance with it And that’s why we’ve come to this point That’s why and most of the knowledge That that has been That has trickled down still over the Ages has been used to manipulate people Not to benefit the collective Foreign

[Music] But uh yeah I mean it’s really Incredible really incredible when you Think about it And I you know I’ve been talking about Different things in Crystal Skull last Last week we talked about the crystal Skulls and um I didn’t get to continue With that but since we’re talking about Even with the you know I’ll get into That in a little bit because even Rex Was talking about things that You know Can help with Clarity and things like This as well We can we can get into that a little Later because not only can you take Certain Um Products that can help with Clarity and It’s real science with ancient knowledge And that’s exactly what I do with the Copper and the crystals it’s real Ancient knowledge and real science with Real minerals and and objects from Earth Right and even when We have these gamma-ray bursts and these Explosions of light you see somebody Being able to tap into that Cosmic Knowledge in the 1800s Before we had the technology to take the Pictures of something like that right This is why they always say in ancient

Times when you’re reaching for knowledge Of what you’re reaching for to achieve Something they even use the term Reaching for the Stars right because You’re reaching for that knowledge that Cosmic knowledge right that’s that’s That’s why they even use that term you Know and the the FAE if you want to say Or the Elven races the higher Dimensional races on this planet that Are members of this planet that exists At higher frequencies than us different Frequencies than those they are not Aliens There’s other worlds within our world At different frequencies there’s Elven Races if you want to say And they’re not aliens You know people call them nordics and These and that no they’re actually other Dimensionals That are part of our planet And there’s ways in the ancient times They they call them star beings because They carry star knowledge Just like we are it’s not because They’re aliens right but you’re reaching For that Cosmic higher dimensional Knowledge Right It’s a higher frequency And you could see Um various ways in the ancient writings And ancient symbolism where they’re

Talking about even absorbing That gamma ray light The explosions of supernovas and it’s Represented in what they call the face Star and the septogram sometimes And I’ll show you guys right here so This is what’s called the septogram Right and a lot of times in Italian Mysticism Especially in European mysticisms they Would use this symbol all right and this Symbol is the literally absorb Star Energy Explosions of the stars as well Right so this is a really really uh A Core teaching of some of those Elven Races And Elven beings that exist within our Higher dimensional system the octaves Within our planet Right so let me share a screen So you guys can see this So this is The face star the septogram Right so this is an ancient star that’s Used in in Europe and ancient Italian Mysticism And this is to absorb Cosmic knowledge Explosions in the universe star Knowledge absorbs star it’s some people Would say star magic if you want to use That word that word has been demonized As well the word magic right but this is A septogram a seven-pointed star this is

The face star Right the Elven star A higher dimensional star octaves of our Planet Right this has to do with that right Because when you go there’s octaves so It’s the seven before the octaves even The septogram right With these are these are the seven Points before the octave switch Basically this is absorbing Cosmic and Knowledge Right the pulsating star exploding all Right spiraling Right and this is called the septogram a Lot of times you would see even see the Star used in uh fairy tales where uh Somebody would have a wand with this Star on top right used a lot of times Like that even in the real Cinderella Story I think it was uh yeah Cinderella They there it that that that Um That uh It was her dead mother who came back to Help her as a fairy And and and and do that and help her In that story originally it was the Dead The the spirit of the dead mother who Became a fairy You know sort of like a higher Dimensional being That was Represented as the spirit of her dead

Mother who came back as a fairy to help Her in that story Even in Pinocchio I mean the original Story of Pinocchio he actually came from Sacred wood from Sardinia in the Original Italian story So those stories all have Cosmic Knowledge in it but the septagram is is That Elven star and it’s literally the Uh uh a very sacred teaching with this Star that’s used in a lot of a lot of Different families and a lot of Different Um societies used to start throughout The years as well and you even see some Of uh these Stars being put on Obelisk By the church as well sometimes they’re Very similar Stars even the star of Ishtar looks very similar to this I Don’t think it has it’s the septagram Though but it looks very similar but Basically the star is about a Metaphorical way of representing things As well right and it’s talked about Light that emanates That’s emanating from a higher plane of Consciousness a higher octave All right and the first point that we See here is the Sun And it’s how it’s things are are Literally Sent into our plane into this physical Mortal world right and then star point Two

Right it’s like that’s when the things Come into this mortal world Right where is it Right here to the moon right because you Got the sun right here which is Basically the light that’s exploding You know and and emanating and coming Down to the our world and then you got The two is how it’s channeled into our World Right and then the light of the moon is Then reflected into the Mortal Realm by The sea and the waters And that Waters gives driving force Through the many tides And that goes through point Uh three right and then the wind It’s it it rises off of the waters And the tides and Carries that Divine Light across the realm of moral kind To four Right And then [Music] Um From four The trees they catch the light on the Breeze of the Wind And they literally gather it For all those people Who want to absorb That knowledge And come into the woods on point five Right

And then the light That’s absorbed within the trees And literally is a waiting The Awakening Of the knowledge Right which is brought about by the Magic of six right and then the magic Opens the portal of the doorway of the Knowledge That allows access to the source Information At Star 0.7 Right the door And that is the way that you connect the Source knowledge through the Elven star And that’s what they would do in the Mystery teachings With the Elven star Of absorbing knowledge right And that’s how you would absorb a cosmic Explosions as well The light the the the the absorbing Light that’s coming down From the cosmos from the Suns from the Stars It absorbs and sends down down to our Planet and channeled through the moon Right like I went through I don’t have To go through it again but you guys you Guys see what I’m saying and this is how That that pulse singing spiraling Cosmic Star is used for Cosmic teachings and Spiraling teachings Very very interesting knowledge right There

Right and this is very relevant to the The the painting that we see I mean the The drawing that we see here right the Star explosion it almost looks like that When you even see it in the center Right It almost looks like the septagram Very similar as well And uh to me this is incredible and I Think literally a new black hole was Formed within the universe and from Actually my remote viewings I was shown That Beetlejuice The the supernova Is gonna go supernova during a lion’s Gate and during like August 8th probably Even maybe even on that date we’re gonna Be able to see that probably in our Lifetimes maybe hopefully even Uh and um we’ll be seeing it we’ll be Seeing the the actually the ACT close of It but Uh we’ll still be able to see it at Least But yeah so uh be the in in Orion Beetlejuice is going to go supernova And From my viewings I was actually showing That it’s going to happen during Alliance gate I I actually did like uh I Was at a special sacred spot that we’ve Talked about in past shows during a Lion’s gate and I was shown that so Um that’s going to be an amazing moment

As well I think uh because there’s going To be a lot of Knowledge absorbed from that explosion That’s already Rippling throughout the Cosmos When we people think that stars I I Don’t like that astrophysicists and Astronomers all say that Um That one stars explode that they’re Dying or when they like they go to Because I that this is not the truth In my opinion of course it’s only my Opinion but I know it’s Cosmic truth I Literally I don’t know if I would die for it Because I have a family to worry about But I would stand by that you know and Fight because I know I can’t prove it But part of me knows that that’s that’s That’s the truth of it all that when Stars explode it’s the same thing like Us when we die The light goes somewhere else like we go Somewhere else it’s the same thing with Stars and Suns when they go supernova And these gamma-ray bursts of light They’re not dying and going out of Existence they’re expanding to a higher Level of sacred consciousness They’re becoming part of source You know so I don’t think it’s it’s considered dying I consider it going to a higher level of

Consciousness beyond the light Moving beyond the light And maybe that’s how a new universes Form Maybe how there maybe there’s other Universes out there Maybe it’s just not this universe maybe There’s other universes if there’s one Why couldn’t there be more One time we thought there was just one Solar system One Planet I mean people still think the Earth is flat for Christ’s sakes I don’t know how that’s possible but They do Um That’s the one one topic I won’t ever Discuss on the show because it becomes An argument and you can no side can Never prove it So I mean I guess it’s fun for some People to debate but I don’t really like Having that debate Not at all But we were talking about last week some Very interesting things even related to Giordano Bruno when it comes to Knowledge of the cosmos accessing Knowledge of the cosmos and standing Firm like a tribal tree For what you believe in and that that’s More important nowadays than ever Right and one of my ancestors was Giordano Bruno he died in the 1600s in

The year 1600 for this and for those That don’t know he was kept in a dungeon For eight years For what he believed in because he knew There were other worlds out there he saw It he traveled to them He was a man that was astral project Projecting an astral traveling And he even did this during his cap Captivity eight years in a dungeon and You know when he actually was sentenced To death He even said to them that you’re more Afraid of what what like of what I’m Gonna say and of my words than I am of Your sentence Right they sent them seems to be burned Alive then when they burned him alive at The stake they brought him to the Campo Fiori Right where the pope uses still to this Day They stripped him naked tied him to a Stake and burned him alive but you know What they were so scared of my ancestors Words to the crowd That they put a clamp over his tongue so He couldn’t speak While he was burned alive Because he did they did not want him to Influence the crowd Something that we would even call Informing Right where you couldn’t project a

Mental imagery a thought form Into your words Into a sphere And send that sphere into an object into A person into anything Will imagine The generated energy after eight years Of mental imagery and and thought Projection in a dungeon from somebody That already had that knowledge and Abilities This is what we had with Giordano Bruno And they knew Right before he died he was going to Speak words in that very breath coming Out of his mouth carrying those words Was going to carry such weight With the crowd It was going to be a vibrating force That would change Humanity forever And it did he didn’t even have to speak Still to this day People are dedicated to him and and Write books about him Talk about him Think they’re reincarnated people of uh Versions of him Well I’m telling you right now I have Part of his DNA you win within me I Don’t need to be a reincarnated And when you have that power like the Like what some would call the odic Energy the odic force the odic breath Right this is when you can actually

Accumulate an energy in your blood in Your body That’s imprinted the mental imagery That you’re generated is transported Into the blood Into your lungs and it’s breathed out And the mental imagery is encoded within Your very breath Within the very words you speak it’s Encoded it’s informed with it Right The the otic the odic energy the otic Force if you want to call it It’s that uh etheric substance that’s Very subtle and refined This is a very powerful powerful And uh [Music] Um I’ll res it’s a it’s a great Responsibility comes with this knowledge Right it’s like being Spider-Man If you know how to do things like this There’s a great responsibility that Comes with it And Um Great prices to pay for doing things Like this and there’s great evils on the Planet right now I’ll just telling one Of my friends before this And it’s a modern day Thing that’s coming out more on this Planet it’s actually ancient methylene

Knowledge that’s Reawakening ancient Vedic knowledge that’s Reawakening and Being used again once again and it Disappeared for a long time You would think it would be some Primitive ancient custom that these that These places are holding on to and That’s why it’s still in the community But no just in the last decade or two There’s been ritual sacrifices that have Re-emerged all over the planet places Like Tanzania and stuff like that And why are these sacrifices happening So peoples can have uh flourish their Business or flourish their homes and and And and and and get bigger uh get more Things you know get more Have a successful business in a pot in a Published neighborhood otherwise where It wouldn’t happen Right well people are doing this they’ll Do like child sacrifices at a location So that place can flourish and it can be A successful business And then what they don’t realize is that The generating force behind their Successful that that that the blood will Dry up after a while and I’ll have to do It again But the next time it’ll have to be even More than one And then it’ll snowball Snowball right Places like in Tanzania that’s happening Right right now to this day there’s

There’s Shaman in which doctor is Carrying out things like that getting Paid a lot of money to do these Sacrifices This is what we should be battling Against on the planet instead of Fighting each other Over over the most ridiculous things Arguing on Twitter and Instagram and Places like that what are you people Doing out there That’s just so ridiculous to the things That some of us are are interested in And that we use to To uh Waste our days away The collective Consciousness needs to be Changed and we can do this by working With crystals and copper and and all Sorts of things like that even the blood And water in your body right Now water is an interest in fluid and Even oils right because because oils can The charge can maintain in the charge For a long time right it stays in it Doesn’t evaporate like water right even Forming an energy sphere you can you can I don’t know if I’ve ever said it before On this show but if you form an energies Here you can put in mental imagery into That sphere and then you can send that Sphere into something and charge it with That mental imagery you know you could Change things for the good of the

Collective that way but also that’s a a Responsible power that you have right There being able to do that And there’s something in Shamanism that Or mysticism that they call informing Right this is basically when you’re Transferring a mental image Through the willpower of your own mind Your own abilities Right your own free will frequency is Being imprinted into something And that’s very powerful you do that When you make art I know it sounds like Witchcraft to some people but yeah it Can be if you’re using it to manipulate The forces and not going in with the Harmony of nature But it could be a powerful a powerful Ability That we all have you know and when You’re able to transfer Your art What do I mean by Art your mental images Your mental art your mental thoughts Right if you’re able to transfer those Thoughts you have those images you have Through the own power of your mind into Specific targeted objects Or Substance substances things like this Just like Um Anything anything you basically could do It too right living or higher or not

So We basically Depending on how strong Your Willpower is for that image Depends on how strong The materialization of that Will be when you transfer it into the Object or how how much it will Alter The vibration of the object that you Send it to so if you have a strong Desire or that mental image That you’re transferring into an object Or a specific Target it can alter that Target in very very strongly if your Desire is very very strong But if it’s a weak little desire a week It depends how strong your willpower is For it you know and how strong you want It people could cure cancer this way Instantly They’ll call it a miracle of of a Medical miracle Like people can live you can literally Imagine a small little craft That’ll come through your window scan Your body and literally take out all the Cancer And if you can imagine it literally Taking out the the the the black cells Or the dead cell or the cancerous cells And all literally imagine it happening You go open your window up and watch it

And literally imagine a little thing Coming in over your body people cannot Actually have that and they’ll swear They had a UFO experience Oh my God a UFO came in and healed me When literally it was their own bio System That it was like a psychic mechanism For healing for mental imagery and for Me Oted force that we all have that we’ve Forgotten about this this knowledge We’ve forgotten about this It’s been taken from us they’re Liberally We’ve been dumbed down All right and what’s Unfortunate is that Most Mystics and most shaman Most spiritualists They’ll actually think the only way to Generate this energy as well is through Sexual Energy when it it a lot of times Spiritual energy and Sexual Energy they Get confused Because Sexual Energy is one of the Easiest way to stimulate that breath Right when you have when you’re Translating that breath to the lungs and It comes out that informing with a Mental imagery the heavy breathing of The sexual energy that is a way of Generating that Force as well But people think it’s the most effective

Method to it that’s why it’s used in Sex Magic as well and different things like That but it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s a Confusion that’s that that can be a way Of generating but a lot of times that’ll Be Detrimental to to to it all like because Usually your Sexual Energy will will Become confused with your spiritual Energy and sometimes people aren’t ready For that kind of Kundalini experience You know and um it could be it could be It could be prematurely Activated certain things And uh You know your blood it becomes like Electromagnetically Charged up And You have what they call vedics like the Shakti power that Vedic power that Spiritual power it’s literally like a uh Uh a spiritual fire a metaphysical heat Right And uh That is is is basically like the psychic Energy too as well it’s very similar to Psychic energy Right so that is another way of of using That breath that that generating that You know and uh once this the blood is Is is literally magically stimulated and Heated up with that fire Then the mind infuses it with a sort of

Uh that mental imprint that mental image And then it’s Basically it’s You know The stronger your fire is is the Stronger the images that you send So people even use those spheres like When you when you you know if you form a Sphere of energy with your hands they’ll They’ll send the mental image into the Sphere and then they’ll send the sphere Out that’s exactly what is familiar is As well it’s like a thought form Familiar Right so that’s the same thing when you Work with crystals All right when you you can you can Actually use the crystal To put mental images into them as well Right and it’s very very powerful when You do that it’s very interesting as Well that’s how you build psychic Shields like we talked about last time Last time I didn’t even get to show you Guys Um this one as well this is a very Powerful guy This is orange calcite This is human sized About 10 pounds Really really high grade orange calcite You guys can see Really amazing This one is really powerful as well

It changes the whole energy of the room Really uplifting energy And Just like when our our brain on our our Skull has different areas that has Information same with the crystal skulls And we actually have a spot in the back Of our head that in ancient Hebrew they Call the loots bone I talked about it Once a couple of years ago here on the Leak project the loot’s bone Is spelled l-u-z loose which actually Means like Um I think like hazelnut tree Or hazelnut the hazelnut the hazelnut or Something like that because the the the The the loots bone is actually the shape Of like a little hazelnut Right and it’s right at the back of your Spine the top of your spine Right at the bottom of the Earth the Base of your brain like the bottom of Your head right here underneath your Your uh Your what is that the occipital whatever That is over there The underneath there right in the back Of your underneath your your skull the The base of your your spine the base of Your brain at the top of your spine There’s a little spot right there That’s called the loots bone And supposedly in ancient Hebrew

Mysticism and and Kabbalah they actually Believe that that bone can never be Destroyed That even in the body and when it’s in The grave that it contains An imprint of the life of that person That that’s that’s the bone where your Life can be cloned from like you can be Cloned from that spot that’s your loot’s Bone that’s the gateway to light All right that’s the spot Of uh Where where like you could be cloned From literally And they believe that there’s different Levels in the soul and Kabbalah like in The fish and the the other day so they Believe that The the lower level of the stove stays With the bones and the grave and it’s Contained within that loots bone And that at the end times people would Be re-animated from the dead from that Loots bone as well And The loot’s bone is at a 45 degree angle To our pineal gland right So a lot of kabbalistic rabbinical Circles especially the ones that are Created to the Lithuanian Rabbi the Vilnagon from the 1700s those Lithuanian Families Um That’s connected to uh Eli who Ben

Shalomo which was his name was his Nickname was the Ville nagon which means Like the Jill The Genius of gon which is A Lithuanian and an old Lithuanian Rabbi Who was like a genius I mean this guy Was doing mental gymnastics all day long With the Torah and memorizing it front Way sideways every ways you know he was Forget about geometry he was doing that On us on a serious level And he actually had this Um this one Bible that he used that was Split and Rose And he would do this Basically like a divining with the with With the not with the whole Bible just The first the first books of the first Few books of Moses right the Torah first Five books so Um he uh He would Like if somebody wanted to Divine a Question like say they wanted to have an Answer of uh of something in life they Wanted to know if they were going to get Married or this or that they needed an Answer they would go to the vilnigon and He would pull out his special Bible and They would ask their question and then He would open the Bible up Um he would have a uh he would use the 777 code so he would go seven pages he Would turn like he would like he would Like do was like

Something where he would open up seven Seven pages or go look down seven lines And seven words Comes or there was some way he would Look by just opening up the book and Looking down seven rows that’s what he Would yeah he would open up the book and Then he would look down the first seven Look to the seventh word on the seventh Line in the seventh row or whatever some Something like that and that’s how he Would Divine his answer and he was Getting remarkable Um answers about people’s life even like Um people were testing him on this And they were asking him when did my Father die He would open up the Bible look down the Seventh rows it would literally say uh Like it would give the date or something Like this Some you know things like that And this guy was remarkable in many Other ways too he was a super genius The Ville nagon that’s why we’re talking About him still to this day and he’s Still known most Jewish families If you say the word the name vilnigon They know who the Villa nagone is Um you know so he he was one of the ones His family is one of the ones that Believe In the lutzpawn and the power of the Loots ball

And the doorway of the loot’s bone To bring you to higher dimensional Knowledge that within the back of our Skull in that little bone is imprinted All of our Lives the knowledge of our existence and Of our DNA that we can be cloned and Replicated from that little bone the Knowledge can be downloaded like it’s a Little chip that can be taken out and Put into a computer almost like or Replicated All right and what’s interesting that I Found that even with crystal skulls And this back area is a powerful area Very powerful area of crystal skulls and I found that to be very powerful as well Especially when you touch the Crystal Skull to your Pine Island with that Pineal gland that also can be very Powerful and that’s not just symbolic It’s it’s very powerful Um And uh Basically The loots bone as well Was used people don’t know the ancient City of Bethel was literally called Loots Right in that spot The the spot of the city of Lutz was the Spot of Um where the Dome of the Rock is where The The Well of solzo where that that

That Capstone is Right that is where the Capstone was put On the loot’s bone of the Earth Right and what’s interesting is our Loots bone is 45 degree angle to our Pineal gland right well that Capstone Underneath the Dome of the Rock is 45 Degree angle to the Wailing Wall In Jerusalem So they look at that like one’s the Loot’s bone and one’s the pineal gland Of of Of of Israel of Jerusalem and that’s Going to bring them to a higher Dimensional knowledge and literally that Capstone beneath the Dome of the Rock is Going to be removed and the Living Waters of Leviathan And the the Techno serpent is going to Arise with Cosmic knowledge Out of that area And spread across the planet like a skin All right So That’s very interesting information I Just shared with you that and a lot of Lithuanian rabbis and kabbalism and the Kabbalah the camel Lithuanian they they Have been working towards that coming to Fruition And we have a lot of a lot of things That we are battling on the planet on The planet and people don’t realize that And I’m one of these people that can see

Different energies out there that have Been battling different energies my Whole life That’s why I work with crystals and Copper because they’re powerful tools Powerful Shields Eamon Right and um some of them you know People just get because they’re nice Pretty minerals but they also can be Employed for powerful powerful work That’s why I get the rarest and most Ethically sourced And Most high quality crystals that you Could find on the planet And we you get that exclusively the Copper and the crystals right here on Lee Project you get first access to it And also on my patreon the Mystical spiral so first thing same Thing here at leap project It goes same thing on my patreon anyone That wants products you’ll get first Access to it here before it even goes on My website you know and I can even show You guys some recent things that I got In real quick before we close tonight Have Um what they call citrine natural Citrine I’ve talked about before how there’s This there’s heat treated citrine this Is an actually high grade amethyst AAA grade amethyst either fire and

Crackle almost inside of it that Beautiful inclusions this is actually a Very high grade amethyst that was given An alchemical change by heat being added To it to make it that yellow hue Right so some people sell this as Natural citrine But it’s actually not natural citrine This is actually amethyst I but I do because natural citrine is Much more rare and much more expensive So people will sell this and be like hey Look how cheap this is it’s natural Citrine and people like wow that’s such A good price for natural citrine But it’s actually a really good high It’s it’s still a great Crystal and Expensive Crystal but it’s an amethyst And it should be sold as an amethyst so I have this on my website actually as Well but this is sold as AAA grade Amethyst and I have that written on my Website but I also have natural citrine Natural stitching will actually test as A seven on the hard test if you have one Of the testers Um and you can also tell natural citrine Doesn’t have that neon Hue to it because There is yellow citrine That’s also yellow like that but it Doesn’t have the deeper yellow neon to It like that they do have a yellow That’s similar to that natural citrine But you could tell the difference in

Person and um also some of the natural Citrine can look like a smoky quartz Even really nice you know I even have Some natural citrine that even has a Little garden Quartz in them which is Very rare Um so And you know Rex was talking about Earlier Rex was talking about clarity now taking Some of those products are going to Really help with your clarity as well Because that’s a real science well guess What crystals and copper are real Science as well especially the copper I Mean we’re using Royal Cuban Measurements It’s it it has a certain harmonic Frequency that emits from it and it’s Real science it’s a real explosion of Electrons that happen with the tensor Copper right and with low right and Certain certain crystal balls and Certain crystals you can actually help Bring clarity as well fluoride is one of Those new newer crystals that people Have come out more in the last few Decades right let me turn on the this Light here Might help look with a high grade Fluorite looks like this is a fluorite You guys can see The Chevron shape it’s like two pyramids Fused together on the inside

The high grade The high grade uh Chlorite You guys can see it has like two Pyramids fused on the inside together That pattern Really amazing this is a really amazing Crystal ball the fluorite in person it Is so transparent beautiful colors And fluorite really helps with Clarity And all my crystal balls come with Amazing stands either a gold stand or a Wood stand or silver stand or whatever Kind of stand I even have copper stands So We got these copper These beautiful copper stands And uh Yeah look at that Beautiful floor right look at that This is over 12 ounces as well this is a Beautiful piece On this copper stand Yeah if without the poor without the Lighting you can’t even tell how Beautiful this is it has rainbow glows Rainbow inclusions and all that has that Beautiful fluorite Amazing So let me show you what some of the Citrine that we have I got all sorts of fluoride the fluorite We have we got like all sizes of Fluoride as well too so if that ball is

Just one of many but the citrine we Actually have natural citrine that we Had my buddy Orlando custom made Wooden stands to specifically fit each Piece of citrine like that wouldn’t Stand they won’t fit any other piece of Citrine but that piece it’s made Specifically custom for that let me show You what I mean and these are one of a Kind unique pieces that will be mantles On your mantle a centerpiece for your Home they’re like trophies really Amazing Yeah check this one out so this is the Wooden stand that was made specifically For that piece For the piece right let me show you And this is natural citrine See this this piece of natural citrine Right here really amazing you can see The difference between that other piece I showed you this is natural citrine Really incredible and then it’s custom Made To fit in the stand like a trophy see Look at that Incredible natural citrine this is not Even up on my website yet So people watching this live stream Right now you can get this at a Discounted rate I even have 20 off still on my on my Website for people Look at this and this is this is custom

Made stand Incredible look at that natural citrine Really amazing And then we got Let me show you something else real Quick This is these are actually very Expensive as well this is really really High grade highest quality you can find Malachite Just like Rex’s Malachi tree so Rex’s Malachi tree that’s a good thing that we We showed that today check this So Yeah so Rex’s Malachi tree came from This these A raw specimen of malachite Little pieces of the Malachi came from This these are Ross specimen like this So each one of Rex’s tree that he opened Up at the beginning of the show each one Of the branches has a little piece of This malachite these raw specimens and Malachite is very expensive this is a Raw specimen of Malachite and this is a Very very high quality malachite Tower Very big as well look at this Incredible I even have a piece of malachite that Looks like Gumby check this out Look at no crap this is Gumby look at Look good one eye two eyes and nose and The mouth and then even the head look at Gumby

Look at that Gumby and it’s even a steer Stone like you look through the eyes It’s a sear Stone how incredible is that The Gumby malachite freeform Incredible we even got appetite blue Appetite Really cool Um you ever see Aura quartz this is a Oracord specimen Let me show you this is Aura course Ocean Jasper We got all sorts of things I’m actually Gonna put this this new skull up on the Website tonight And this is a Ocean Jasper This is over a pound as well look at That high quality quartz and ocean Jasper in there Oh my God Incredible Really amazing guy right here really Unique look at the green on the one side Really unique it’s hard not to keep These all from myself Even got the bigger on the the smaller Arm this is a big guy too but not as big As my other one but this is orange Calcite Really amazing orange cows like We got fire courts The golden healer Fire Quartz ones Really incredible So

We even got Some interesting smoky quartz even some Moss agate Crystals uh crystal balls look at this Moss Agate with the Jersey on there Let me show you guys that Jersey Look at that Incredible druzy in there look at the Natural geode and druzy look at that Shine and druzy in there Moss Agate Comes with the wooden stand Really cool And then Some mind-blowing stuff you guys got to See the energy on this Check this out This is a super super high quality smoky Quartz tower With rainbow inclusions and Phantoms This is a light smoky quartz really Amazing Tower weighs about three pounds Or so Really incredible Look at that The energy on this is amazing Just amazing you could feel it oh man Just insane Love this Not sure if you guys know about the pink Amethyst But We got some pink animators we even got This oh yeah this ocean Jasper There’s elephant Jasper crystal ball is

Really nice as well look at this big one It’s like it’s like Jupiter look at it It’s really like Jupiter Incredible It’s got geodes on it little geodes It really looks like Jupiter It’s incredible this would go good on The copper stand Yeah this looks good with this Yeah maybe I like it with the Maybe I like it with the gold stand Better Let me see Yeah I think it looks better like this Yep looks dope like this this is gonna Come with the gold stand Yeah look at that badass Really badass Yeah this is another fluorite one look At this one Look at that rainbow flash on it oh my God sick Yeah Rex Rex got a a Himalayan cluster You got a druzy cluster like these ones Really cool This one is of a Himalayan pineapple Quartz Yeah so this also is a Natural Ruby Tower If anybody’s interested in Ruby This is real sparkling honeycomb natural Ruby And this is uh strawberry quartz we got Strawberry quartz as well

Really rare strawberry quartz a lot of Fakes out there strawberry quartz this Is real strawberry quartz We also got free forms of flour Agate That stand up by themselves and the most Insane labradorite you’ve ever seen I’ll Share it with you guys Let me show you this is just one of them So I don’t have to do no more digging Because I have the most put away here’s Just one of them just to show you the Insane labradorite flash on these look At that Look at that Flash oh my God and it’s Both sides look Usually both sides I usually have both Sides full with it let me see if there’s On this side as well oh yeah this side Has it as well you just got to turn it To this way look it yeah look at that Oh man look at that flash on that boom Bang and then the other side look at That oh incredible and these stand up by This is a free form that stands up by Itself Look at that on your nightstand what Cosmic Flash coming in the stone look at That you can get 20 off of this that Leak project right tonight at the Mystical Use the code special 20. And you could get two of these for Twenty percent off They come as a set

Use the coupon code Special 20 for League project listeners Really amazing look at that that is so Incredible that labradorite What else do we got here Look at that anybody Tonight that spends 300 on my website Will receive this very high quality Dream amethyst heart that is very huge Is actually really thick so I’m doing a Special deal tonight for elite project Listeners who’s watching this if someone Wants to spend 300 or more on my website They will get this fifty dollar value Dream amethyst rainbow inclusions heart Very thick very rare Look at that incredible This is at least the 50 value right here Very rare and this weighs let me see What this weighs And you get 20 off on my website too This is Um 3.41 ounces so this is a huge like Palm Stone nice Palm stone look at that Really nice it’s really look how thick That is That’s what she said And if you want to spend 350 I’ll send The little brother to this with it There’s a little there’s a smaller one That goes with it Look at that Yeah this this one is let me see how

Much this one is 2.31 ounces so one is 3.41 And the other one is a little less a Really amazing set they have Rainbow on Them as well So really amazing guys Incredible information tonight and once Again look at this Once again before we close I’ll make my background screen look at This So that is the October 9th 20 20 2022 Gamma-ray burst I mean incredible that Dante Alighieri wrote The Divine Comedy In the 1200s and then Gustavo Dore Draws his illustrations of it in the 1800s and one of his illustrations Is this it’s almost exactly Now if that doesn’t prove in that we Have Cosmic knowledge within our source Right within us right within our Creativity and our Free Will I don’t Know what does so if that doesn’t Inspire you everybody to be creative And to realize that you have Source Within you I don’t know what will Because that should give you Goosebumps Really Goosebumps and once again Um look at what Gustavo vedori’s illustration looked Like And now look what’s behind me

And then look at that Incredible Really incredible So thank you everybody be the change you Want to see and spiral ow look at this Look at this uh picture when we get into It we’ll get into it in a moment but Rex Is about to do this we’ll get back into It but for that guy Drew those Depictions in the 1800s and it’s the Exact picture from October 9th 2022. Yeah you could fix the uh fix the tree Up a little bit the branches and uh it Gets it got a little crushed you can Make it a little bit better Yeah you could fix the branches up nice Do it your own ways and stuff but yeah Dude that’s that’s some awesome Malachite on there man Look at that and it’s on flower agate Yeah yeah you could stand it up even Straight straight Yep look at that man that’s awesome Buddy and look at that Yeah that’s flower Agate on the bottom Yep so thank you I I was the first one To get this type thank you yeah yeah That’s awesome thank you dude yeah dude Somebody just got the uh the copper and Rose quartz one I made too Foreign [Music]

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