Betelgeuse Nova, Arrival of the Antichrist, Timeline of Fatima Prophecy & Armageddon

By | October 23, 2022

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The Third Secret of Fatima was alluding To the arrival of the biblical false Prophet who will be a fake Pope who’s Going to lead the masses into the formal Beast worship and then the literal Arrival of the Antichrist was the bear Or big red father Malachi Martin also Alluded because remember I said the Third Secret Fatima is like interesting Because the overall Crux of it is Apostasy in the church loss of Faith a Rival of like the Antichrist Solidification of the One World System But then it gets into apocalyptic stuff So they’re looking at this there’s Beetlejuice star uh and the Benjamin Crime over and over again used to say Look for us a star in the sky or you Know I forget how we were I think the Star in the sky to Herald in But matreya’s arrival and there were CNN Commercials on this I mean go and look That up and trans commercials you’ll see Them over and over again talking about This star sign to show up and it’s going To mimic it’s going to be in during Christmas week it’ll probably happen on Christmas Day and when I looked up the Beetlejuice star the other day they keep Saying So you’ve all heard me brag about Collagen right it’s awesome I’ve been Taking college now from Health athlete For several months I think it’s amazing

But did you know that one of the main Factors of Aging is a protein called Collagen or actually a lack thereof and After the age of 20 your body starts to Produce substantially less every decade Your body’s producing about 10 percent Less collagen think of collagen as the Glue that holds you together the less You have the more visible signs of aging You may have Now if you go to they’re Offering a special right now that is Time sensitive Try it risk-free for 60 days and get Free shipping in the US The excellent to each other everybody be The change you want to see Or right now Ladies and gentlemen Rex fair league Project how the heck are you fantastic Day today Southern Colorado we have the Man the myth the legend Eric with us Tradcat Knight Mr tradcat knight uh the Number one Catholic podcasting Community With some of the biggest names from Alternative media so Mr Eric it is great To see you it has been a long time and I’m sure happy to see your success and How well you’re doing with the platform That you’ve got the Ladies and gentlemen you definitely want To check this out I think Eric does more Podcasts than me how is that humanly Possible I don’t know you have to ask

Eric because I didn’t think it was even With a couple of clones behind me and All around me here it’s tough to do what I do and so Eric I applaud you for that And you’ve introduced me to some great People also the Dual Survivor uh Joe Teda Joe tedai yes yes I just had him on The radio show two weekends ago he’s Great he is he’s so down to earth and And he’s very respectful and if there is A shtf situation I definitely want him On my team now I will say this somebody Made a great Point once though if you’re In a bunker If that’s like if you’ve got a bunker And you’re in a bunker you want to be Careful who’s in the bunker with you Um but if you you know like that dude’s A tough dude man right you know somebody Um all nothing but respect for that guy And and respect for you and today folks We’re going to talk about the Fatima Prophecy the three days of darkness and The parallels of Planet X and the return Of Nibiru is it a planetary body well Let’s find out what the perspective from A a very well versed Catholic is Mr Eric Hey man it’s good to get you back on oh It’s good for to get me on your program My goodness I’m always I’m always used To introducing you on the show I know Now it’s the now it’s a little payback Right yeah but hey kudos to you and all Your success yeah we do an awful lot of

Shows at tradcat night uh typically Anywhere between three and five shows a Day with some of the top names I Mentioned to you off air we had EJ skull Crusher Snyder on the show from Naked And Afraid was a great show yesterday Get to check that on Out so listen for 100 podcasts a month Uh I think it’s well worth the price I Mean there’s just an awful lot of General information my own exclusive Articles go up and I spent an awful lot Of time researching these things you Know what I mean I don’t just go on like YouTube watch what you know that Particular person said is saying I Really kind of sit back reflect know What Catholic esthetology says what Catholic prophecy says I try to Formulate you know a strong opinion that Has a lot of weight behind it I don’t Like to Shoot off at the hip when trying to Piece all this together and it’s a lot Um but yeah I don’t know I don’t know Where you want to start tonight I got to Match your energy buddy you know you’re All uh I gotta raise my level up you got A lot of energy going here tonight I Just finished up working out a little Bit I gotta wake up a little bit well I Was gonna say I mean that’s dedication From your side because yeah you Literally you get done working out you

Don’t have time to get to the studio so You you just get to you know get to your House real quick so we can do this and I Appreciate that and I’ve been I’ve been Taking shots of C60 so it’s oh all right Put a little bit of C60 in the in the Coffee drink here but let’s talk about The the actual history of Fatima like What what is the prophecy and and how Many people were a part of this yeah It’s good so we’ll do a little refresher Course on this and everyone has to kind Of keep in mind there’s obviously been a Lot of Prophecies within the Catholic church That have been approved by the Catholic Church and that’s very very important I Only uh support and will you know put Out to the public opinions based upon The ones that are approved because There’s an awful lot of ones out there In modern times from like the 1960s on That are really just okey-dokey they Might have like 70 truth but there’s a Lot of air mixed into it from from a Catholic perspective so you just have to Be careful with that but Um Fatima yeah way back in 1917 a Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to uh three Uh saintly children if they’re not Mistaken two of them are already Um you know formerly Saints and I think The third is soon to be a saint in the Church but she came basically with a

Warning like hey Mankind’s uh but Specifically the Catholic you know Catholics were on the wrong path so to Speak and people had to come back and Start praying more and doing you know Making reparation and just waking up to The reality that Humanity was on the Wrong path basically we were moving away From God not closer to God so we always Have like those buzzwords of uh you know Progress and change and we need to Evolve but like from a Catholic Perspective when you’re talking about Theology and spirituality that’s that’s Never a good thing like of course you Know the church supports science it Supports you know if we have the ability To live longer through different Medicines or whatever it is the church Will always support that but we’re kind Of getting into an area now where I mean we’re going to talk about this Later but like Mark of the Beast stuff You know what I mean Beast technology Artificial intelligence rise of the Robots a lot of ethical questions a lot A lot of philosophical ethical questions Obviously theological questions but to Get back to the fat of a message Well she basically warned that most Souls were um going to hell actually I Don’t I don’t know if I if you remember This from the first time uh we talked I Think we did actually like two or three

Shows and I was the you were the first Person on the non-catholic side to Um you know invite me out to the program So kudos to you and I know we had a lot Of successful talks and times past but I Don’t know if you remember this but uh Basically Um West Virgin Mary indicated that most Souls were going to hell and so the the Three uh kids actually got a sneak peek Of what it was like and they actually Saw Souls falling into hell like Snowflakes so just imagine like a great Whiteout storm and those were just Souls Falling into hell just one after another Just repeatedly and they they freaked Out get us out of here we don’t want to Deal with that so they came back and and You know basically told us to the world Okay this you know the Blessed Virgin Mary is basically verifying that message Of humanities on the run the course uh But then the second part deals with uh We’re gonna call him the Great Bear or What do we call it the big red big red Or the bear Big Red Riding the bear out there and and Specifically the West Virgin Mary asked For that country to be consecrated Because according to Heaven’s plan they Were the ones that were going to right The ship so to speak from a Christian Point of view a pro Christian Perspective again I can only speak as a

Catholic and a Christian I know there’s Different people from different walks of Life going to be coming at this uh Differently Um but that she said basically we didn’t Get our act together and a pope didn’t Consecrate the bear or big red Um to the to her Immaculate Heart that Ultimately as a result of that like Disobedience or however you want to put It that Big the bear or big red was going to be Used as a as a means of chastisement for The world and she said various nations Would be annihilated go on and even if You re if you follow it some of the Saints indicated I’m just going to Mention one country in particular that Seems to be pointed to a lot which may Shock some of your listeners but Canada Padre Pio made reference to Canada and For me like I’m sitting back and I’m Thinking how how could all of Canada Like be gone basically type of thing but I’m just saying that’s what certain Saints in the church who are highly Credible Padre appeals like like right Up there Um so you know it hasn’t been done uh The uh the popes of since Vatican 2 Since the 1960s they’ve been you know Kind of goofing around with it and Consecrating the world and doing this or That but they haven’t actually done our

Lady specifically has said most recently With Francis who initially said yes I Will consecrate big red the bear here to My Immaculate Heart and then three days Later he said he was going to consecrate The world and then started shifting it And doing all kinds of different prayers That were not asked for or not needed or Whatever so it really kind of deflated a Lot of Catholics on that level and then The third the third secret man and by The way We’ll get into this later but I’ve got a Movie out on the three days of darkness Which I know we’ll get into later on Vimeo the reason why I mention that is I’m thinking about doing two new movies On Vimeo or documentaries I want to put It and it’s one of them is going to be On the Third Secret of Fatima so because There’s there’s an awful lot of you know Hearsay there’s an awful lot of people Like Father Malachi Martin talking about It my former uh spiritual director Father Kramer talking about what does it Essentially entail and the nuts and Bolts of it is The apostasy in the church because as You remember from our previous talks I Believe the Catholic church is Essentially underground right now [Music] Um you know the nuts and bolts of it is A loss of loss of faith in the world but

The kicker and all this and this is what I hope to represent in the movie the Documentary that I’m hoping to do it’ll Probably be out early 2023 is this when My former spiritual director father Kramer went to Father Malachi Martin who Read the real certain Secret of Fatima And said uh father since you’ve read the Third Secret is is there’s an aspect to The Third Secret that talks about a you Know wannabe Pope a pope and air quotes Under the control of Satan that would Lead the masses astray basically right And father Malachi Martin’s response was Word only about that now you have to Piece together all of his interviews and One of one of the guys I bring on the Show Bernard Jansen again get behind the Paywall with us I tracking it to you can listen to all the Archive podcasts about this uh because Bernard was a close friend with Father Malika Martin when you put all these Interviews together it’s quite clear What he’s getting at because he even Gives a timeline at one point with Bernard and with Art Bell and he talks About The solidification basically of the One World system that we’re dealing with so He mentioned in the late 90s that you Know the fruition of the Fatima message Wasn’t 100 years away it’s not 50 years Away it was around 20 years away he’s

Been a little bit off because I was in The late 90s here we are in what Whatever 2022. it’s about 20 something 20 something years away and I humbly Think that the Antichrist is right Around the corner I’m sure you know that That’s my opinion so that’s what I’m Getting at is that ultimately the Third Secret of Fatima was alluding to the Arrival of the biblical false prophet Who will be a fake Pope who’s going to Lead the masses into the formal Beast Worship and then the literal arrival of The Antichrist and so father Malachi Martin kept talking about this interview After interview in the late 90s he kept Saying the Antichrist is alive now but He’s not yet active like everything’s Being staged for his arrival you know Two years ago with everything that Happened with whatever whatever you want To call that and then the subsequent Result of You know What’s interesting Is you just made me think about Something The if you look at the stars and you Connect the Stars to Revelation which You can connect September 23rd 2017 the Alignments of certain planets uh behind The stars or in front of the Stars based Upon our perception you can link that to I think it’s Revelation 13 but I’ll have

To go back and end so people have said That only happened one person said that Only happens every 5 000 years and then They actually did the star charts on it And you can see that it’s happened Several times over the past couple of Thousand years so it seems to take place Every 200 and something years but where I’m Going with this is if there are very Intelligent If there’s people that know how the Stars align and how the planets align And that will mimic oftentimes what we See in what we see in the heavens can Mimic here on Earth So are there cycles of the Antichrist That’s where I’m going with this are There does the Antichrist actually have A time a certain amount of time Set On Earth every x amount of years and now I’m thinking 2030 and I’m thinking Whatever it is that these Super Rich Believe in or worship and this timeline Of 2030 it’s like they think something’s Going to return and there’s supposed to Be some prophecy about 2031 so if there Is a return in 2030 is that the return That is referred to As the Antichrist and is it actually Like is this what some people think of As the the alien Invasion

Yeah I actually think it’s going to Happen a lot sooner than that with Agenda 2030 as far as my research uh you Know indicates that’s when they want to Have everything solidified So even when the Antichrist gets here It’s going to be a process so work back From 2030 and you can see where my Thesis is going based upon what some of These top talmudic rabbis are indicating Again from a Christian perspective the Antichrist is going to rebuild the Third Temple which is everything I mean we’re Dangerously getting close to that they Got in the five red heifers now uh from Some Zionist out in Texas they’re They’re beefing up the Ben geeron uh Airport out in Jerusalem getting ready For the 70 you know Nations you know get Together we know the early church Fathers indicated that uh Jerusalem Which is the Harlot uh if you will it’s It’s the common opinion of the early Church fathers was falling away Rome not Catholic Rome keep that in mind because Again for my my humble opinion Rome is Not Catholic anymore it’s modernist it’s Made Sonic it’s anything but Catholic These days Um that I believe because the top time You to grab I keep saying 2023. so That’s where I’m going at with this is I Really think that this guy is probably Going to show up next year I’ve been

Saying this now for about five years Just not again not off the cuff of my Hip but based upon what these people are Saying who are awaiting this false Messiah from a Christian perspective Right so as a matter of fact I’ll give You one and circle back to Nostradamus Write that down for me so there’s Actually some prophecies of his Um that are interesting and I’ve been Meaning to try to get that John O guy on My show but man because I want to talk To him there’s an interesting prophecy About I think Benedict is 16 and him Fleeing Rome that I kind of wanted to Pick John’s uh brain with uh and also About the Antichrist too but Um Uh what was I gonna say here remember How we did our original shows like I Don’t know how many years ago that was And I said you got the Vatican Observatory looking at the sky you’ve Got uh the the Um what is that thing called the Lucifer Telescope out there on Mount Graham Which is partially owned by the Vatican Out in Arizona then you got project Wormwood uh telescope out there in Australia kind of looking at the skies Or whatever and you often looked this up For yourself you go to YouTube and just Type in Father Malachi Martin Planet X You’ll actually see like a three to five

Minute video of him talking about pay Attention to the skies because as you Said the people on the other side of the Fence who are trying to put together This new world ordered together are very Much all about these sign sky or Sky Signs excuse me I said that backward Sky Sign so I’m very much with you there now Now my new research over this last year Is is different now and yeah I’m not Saying that Planet X doesn’t exist or Whatever I mean Planet X is in Catholic Prophecy it is in scripture it’s called The Sign of the son of man Um but here’s here’s what I’m gonna Throw at you pay attention to this you Know that Beetlejuice star that they’ve Been talking about yeah okay that is What they’re looking for Now here’s here’s why everything that The Antichrist Has to do has to mimic the true Christ Right so what’s basically the first Story that we know about the heralding And of Christ The star of the Magi right Remember the star up in the sky yeah Okay so if you follow again in my humble Estimation this matreya character is our Guy that’s not going to be his real name When he shows up I have no idea it’s not Any of the world leaders right now I Mean everyone’s throwing out zielinsky Is it you know who whoever Trump or

Whoever is it’s not any of them it’s not Anyone that we see on the world stage Right now he’s going to show up in What’s called the day of Declaration a United States TV for the first time We’re all gonna see him you know that One hour the whole world and apparently He’s going to speak to the world quote Unquote telepathically uh and that ties In with the other agenda that we just Talked about so they’re looking at this There’s Beetlejuice star uh and the Benjamin kram over and over again used To say look for us Um a star in the sky or you know I Forget how we were I think the star in The sky to Herald in The matreya’s arrival and there were CNN Commercials on this I mean go and look That up betrays commercials you’ll see Them over and over again talking about This star sign to show up and it’s going To mimic it’s going to be in during Christmas week it’ll probably happen on Christmas Day and when I looked up the Beetlejuice star the other day they keep Saying That they’re waiting to see what’s going To happen this year in terms of like how Visible is it going to be because Apparently Venus is supposed to step out Of the way a little bit and then this Beetlejuice starts supposed to be seen Basically during the daytime and at

Night and it’s supposed to be up there For a while again I’m not you probably Know more about the astronomy side than I do buddy but I’m just telling you what They’re they’re saying in this Beetlejuice starting again when you Break down the word Beetlejuice That it also has from a Christian Standpoint a negative connotation when We’re talking about Satan so this is That this is a Herald day right Venus You know the Morning Star now we’re Dealing with Beetlejuice you know Ultimately Satan type of thing so this Is going to get interesting this is why I pay attention there’s every day I Always try to get an update on the Beetlejuice star because what this means Is if they’re going to promote this in The mainstream and we know that this Thing is going to happen this December That means it is going to be nuts before Then a lot of tragedies have to happen To get the world to say oh we need a Savior we need help economically from This economic collapse oh we need help From the bird flu or whatever you know What I’m saying like there’s got to be a Lot of tragic stuff happening like world War three all that stuff so I’m not sold Completely on it that’s going to be this Year at maybe it’s next year but I don’t Know I would just say keep an eye on That that Beetlejuice star because

That’s that’s actually what why they’re Looking Up at the stars it’s actually I’m not Going to say it has nothing to do with Planet X it has more to do with this This Beetlejuice star and they’re really Trying to time the the arrival of this Star being very vibrantly seen in the Sky for quite a while once they know That that’s when they can roll out the Script you know what I mean to prepare The world for this guy but Um yeah it’s it’s it’s very interesting So yeah my opinions changed on that a Little bit You know it’s interesting back in 2011 Also there was news about how in the Future we would see what looked like a Second sun because of Beetlejuice and That was 10 years ago so talk about Predictive programming and putting that Out there so this this is very Interesting and it makes me think about Like the the cosmic Uh influence the is there going to be Some type of radiation that’s going to Reach us that could that could affect us From that star and is it going Nova did It go I don’t know will it cause Understanding it’s going to go no yeah They’re saying that it’s going to go Nova that’s what they’re saying I I mean Again I don’t know Um but yeah like how is it going to

Affect the sun too because there’s uh Prophecy in scripture uh apocalypse Eight seven which talks about a third of The earth and the trees and everything Being burnt up and this is found in Catholic prophecy going back centuries Ago like our lady of good success talked About this we’ve got most recently Our Lady of Akita talking about it in 1917 These are all approved by the church What in the world am I talking about go And watch the movie The Knowing with Nicholas Cage remember when the CME and The solar flare comes down and roasts The Earth that’s exactly what’s found in Catholic prophecy and how they go Underground I mean it’s very much what They’re doing right now in part the main Reason why they are building these Underground cities is not necessary for World War III I mean it’s a part of it But it’s more what they know is about to Happen with the sun uh and specifically Which is really interesting we’ve tied This into Fatima in part how big red big Red or the bear Um this is in part how they will convert After the consecration is done because Our lady revealed to blessed sister Ayo In the 1960s that Russia was going to be Largely burnt up you all know how big Russia is just imagine like only a third Of Russia remaining after that so they Basically kind of get their act together

After that punishment but it’s not just Going to be them I mean well that thing Comes down from the Sun I mean my gosh I Mean a good portion of the earth I mean Our our lady said this in Akita she said She said it will be such an unusual Chastisement that the Those who survive it will Envy the dead That’s that’s her literal words so like We’re talking like Book of Eli like now Like we’re talking like who’s gonna be Around type of thing like that’s that’s Scary you know so I like that movie The Knowing doesn’t even really fully Represented because I think it just kind Of shows like was it like New York or Maybe like the East Coast sort of kind Of getting hit just imagine like At least a third of the Earth being Burnt up Um that’s not something that’s not That’s not going to be a fun day after At the after days not gonna be too fun With that one so Um yeah man there’s gonna be a lot of Stuff Happening Here in a short period Of time but Um yeah keep you keep your eyes peeled On the skies for sure it reminds me the Younger driest event The younger driest event you had North America on fire for years it was bad What is that I I’m that’s new to me what Is that it happened that was what

Happened about 12 000 years ago and There was an event that basically burnt Up about a third of the earth and it’s Related okay you know people think it’s A solar flare Scientists and geologists and there Could be more to it but that sounds much Like what you’re describing so if it’s a Cyclical event Now you know that is interesting to Think about and it’s like you’ve got This battle for synthetic intelligence Versus organic intelligence and it’s Merging but will synthetic and well Synthetic intelligence Is it reaching for a specific level and The there’s a reset a universal reset That stops IT from taking control it’s Like uh just a defense mechanism in Place that God put in the universe to Stop it solar flare as an example I Don’t know yeah yeah I know that’s That’s interesting yeah I mean if the Thesis is that the Antichrist does show Up and this is an interesting uh point That I’ve raised to my followers uh my Followers got the first access to this Of course to find the paywall but if we If we know like when the Antichrist Shows up on the day of Declaration and This is where he’s going to have all his Ascended masters around him he’s going To say hey here’s my buddy in Brussels Here’s my buddy in this city you all

Gotta like basically follow him like his Inner circle you know kind of type of Thing once we know that date that he Shows up Scripture makes it very clear that we’re Dealing with a seven year period So you actually can determine like if You’re really good with calendars and I’m not like I didn’t you know I’m not Going to sit around probably one of Those trying to figure it out but if if You actually were very skilled at that You could actually pan ahead and see When the Antichrist would die Because you have to you have to remember He’s going to be here seven years the Three and a half year mark is when he Quits playing the nice guy so he’s going To show up he’s going to be the Mother Teresa type he’s going to be handing out Clothes he’s going to be put people in You know smart cities uh he’s going to Be you know taking care of everyone on The health side or the food side to it This is why he got he has to get across The whole sharing slash socialist scheme I put it legitimate redistribution of Wealth you know if Rex you got 10 apples And your neighbors only got one the Government’s basically going to tell you You have to give it over so it’s no Longer a choice on your part no more Free will on your part nope you gotta You gotta redistribute it uh type of

Thing and it’ll be forced down through United Nations and my my research matres Says he’s going to have a special Division in the U.N that’s going to do It on the macro level with countries and Then each particular country you know on The micro level will have to you know Follow suit uh what was I talking about I lost my train of thought there you eat Sea bugs and we will like it Nothing and we would like it we’re Talking about Fatima we’re talking about The Antichrist and the cyclical oh the Uh the day the day that I might die so Okay like day declaration That’d be day one of his arrival so then We could go three and a half years ahead Pan ahead to when we know he’s going to Turn bad guy if it’s a seven year period Three and a half year period starts the Great Tribulation this is where he pulls No more punches he’s not the nice guy Anymore and he says bow down worship my Feet you got to take the mark which is You know still down the road it’s not You know that area we can’t talk about Today it’ll tie in with the microchip And ID 2020 an actual formal a formal Um Pledge to Lucifer this is what people Are missing on the religious side of Things like it’s going to get far worse On the One World religion side there’s Actually going to be a formal pledge to

The Antichrist and Lucifer that you’re Going to have to take in order to get That Mark that’s why we call it the Great apostasy because the vast majority Of quote unquote Christians are actually Going to turn their back on Jesus and go The way to the Antichrist two-thirds of Them actually to be more specific which Is crazy to think about uh not Surprising really though I guess in this Hour but Um that so if we go from that time you Know that time period right the Beginning of the Great Tribulation Scripture makes it clear you’re dealing With the three and a half year period of The Great Tribulation so then you could Use that marker to literally find out Like when the Antichrist is going to die Literally on that day we could look Ahead and be like oh he’s going to die On you know August the 21st so and so And so and so and by the way scripture Does make it clear to that we take that Literal because you’re gonna have some People say oh it’s not like a little Thing no that’s when you read the early Church fathers they say it’s a very Literal thing Great Tribulation is three And a half years and Jesus actually is Even more precise well not even more Precise but he he obviously adds to that Matthew 24 where he says if I didn’t Shorten the days no one would survive

Now one person would survive so a lot of People will take that and they’ll say is He talking about like a shortening of The day like it could only be like eight Hours a day or something no he’s Actually talking about the three and a Half year period If he if he would allow That to go on four years let’s say Another half year not one person what’s Your survive that’s what he’s saying if I didn’t shorten the days not one person Would live and again this is what Catholic prophets just over and over Again few people get through this few People get through this it’s not even a Minority of people get through it it’s Few people get through it and again this Is why I recommend to everyone that you Get to prepping this is why I bring on Preppers and survivalists and oh by the Way EJ you know I mean he’s not Catholic He’s a self-professed Christian but he Agrees with everything I said he knows What’s about to happen and he was Stressing urgency on my show yesterday Again get to to listen To that and he’s like get it going now You know same thing with Joe get it Going out don’t wait you know so Um yeah And then yeah just when you go here this Is your genre list but then you can go Click here and then basically yeah you Can see how everything’s yeah you can

See how everything’s buying a payload You just got to click that first link There it says become a member click that First green link you know the screen Pops up you put in your information and You you come join us uh but again about 100 podcasts a month uh again with some Of the top names I bring out some of the Top Um You know doctors uh Dr Malone Dr McCullough is a friend I Dr Kendra Becker on today So we’re keeping it we’re keeping it Moving we’re trying to stay ahead of the Curve you know and uh With the third seat it says we’re on the Third Secret of Fatima two um with the Bear or big red father Malachi Martin Also alluded because remember I said the Third Secret Fatima is like interesting Because the overall Crux of it is Apostasy in the church loss of Faith Arrival of like the Antichrist Solidification of the One World System But then it gets into apocalyptic stuff And it talks about how there’s even Going to be a pandemic which is going to Wipe out whole Nations overnight so Think about that waking up and you know All cube is gone or all Czechoslovakia Is gone like a big one when you read Other Catholic prophecies too by the way Um Marburg is the one you really got to

Keep your eye on for that one Marie Julie Jenny the one that did movie on if You go to I type in three days Of darkness you’ll see more about her But she weren’t about a burning plague To come which was going to wipe out a Greater portion of humanity and when you Read the symptoms it’s it’s Ebola it’s It’s marburg-like and I’ve run this by Doctors who are certainly more astute Than me when reading these symptoms and They’re like yeah it’s something Ebola Like hemorrhagic fever or something uh Like there’s another one Crimean Congo Fever going around there’s like a whole Bunch of different offshoots to it the One to pay attention to bird flu though Watch the fifth wave you like these Movies right the fifth wave you remember That one the third wave was what bird Flu Remember remember that the third wave Where you know millions or billions of People were wiped out and everyone was Being sent to the FEMA camps and all That stuff so that’s the one I keep keep My eye on come on down to Camp FEMA Right exactly yeah a lot of a lot of Volleyball a lot of volleyball playing a Lot of hot dog cooking down there yeah The bug hot dog these are crickets Oh it’s just I I gotta say man it is so Fun to watch one of the richest people In the world say

We need more equality You’ll own nothing and we will like it You’ll eat the bugs and we will eat the Lobster tails as we laugh at you Right we’re useless leaders to them yep Yep and people are like see they want Equality see it’s like right what is Wrong with people dude and that’s that’s What most people are really Underestimating because we even talk About you know War what about the Starvation side when the economic Collapse happens I mean I mean there’s So many different pieces that are going To come together very quickly and this Is why you know I say you know come join Us you’ll get prepared some of the top Prefers and survivalists do my show Always looking for new guests and uh I Don’t know we try to have fun with it Man I mean you know all the stuff that We’re talking about you know people Accuse me of being a Debbie Downer and You know Doom and Gloom and cause stuff Anyone who knows me man I I think I have Like a good sense of humor you gotta Laugh about it I mean tonight could be My last night doesn’t matter if I die Tonight or whatever 10 years from now 20 Years from now we just got to get the Word out try to educate people and and Be ready to transition you know what I Mean that’s that’s what I feel like my Role is to help people here in the West

In America if we prepare for this Transition because The people who aren’t prepared for this Transition It’s going to be one of those days where They wake up after the collapse and They’re gonna they’re gonna know just Instantaneously like You know we’re outside of the arc so to Speak we’re in trouble then the rain has Fallen you know what I mean there’s Another way of putting it so Um yeah man a lot of good stuff Well I appreciate you and I definitely Want to leave all the links in the video Description box and any any other words Of wisdom you can share with us before We finish up this podcast and thank you Brother Yeah no just yet just come join us at uh Tracking again I don’t know Who we got on the show tomorrow I know Uh Jason Charles the angry prepper is Going to be on the show tomorrow so we Got another prepper coming on uh but Yeah we have a blast I get usually two Plus hours worth of uh podcasting on a Daily basis my exclusive articles uh go Up uh every day as a matter of fact I’m Working on another one here tonight Which will be up tomorrow Uh yeah just come join us we appreciate It appreciate the time absolutely thank You Eric have a beautiful evening and

Thank you everybody for being here with Us be the change you want to see [Music] Thank you [Music]

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