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Hi Aries welcome to your November General love reading this is your girl Mermaid skills tarot thank you so much For joining me here this is a general Love reading for the Sun Moon Rising Venus and were any other strong Placement for the sign of Aries this Will not resonate with every Aries that Watches this message and because this Reading is general not every single Message may be for you so please only Take what resonates and leave what Doesn't for someone else who needs to Hear that message and if this reading is Not for you at all Aries I highly Suggest checking out your other signs in Different placements Hi cross Watchers you're very welcome Here if you're interested in the Aries Who wouldn't be I like to remind Aries And cross Watchers that energy is fluid And this simply means me I feel like I'm Describing a certain situation in the Reading where you feel the roles are Flipped or reversed and that's Completely okay you're more than welcome To use your your own discretion to flip Those roles if that resonates with your Specific situation the best All right Aries let's get this reading Started by clearing the space and the Energy for this reading and I do want to Say that if you are listening to this on Headphones or the volume's kind of loud

Right now I do suggest turning it down a Little bit just for this part because I Don't want your ears to hurt So let's tune in All right so let's jump right on in and See what is going on for my Aries and Love and romance at this time Aries Sun Moon Rising and Venus Spirit what can You tell us attraction nice you attract Real Love by enjoying this moment fully You know Sagittarius got this card so I Wonder if you're dealing with the Sagittarius or someone with Sagittarius In your chart and your chart if so check Out the Sagittarius reading to see if There's messages for you there but Different than what I'm feeling from Sagittarius Aries is that you're open Right now wow I feel that there's Something you finally let go of some Sort of pain person heartbreak that was Just blocking you guys from moving on And moving forward to higher vibrating Love that you truly do want to have in Your life and you deserve to have in Your life so I feel this is for my Single Aries who are just out there Trying to feel out the Vibes and let me Just say with the removal of whatever Was blocking you in your heart chakra I'm seeing that with all the green here Maybe you're wearing green right now or Greens or a color Um but it's just whatever was blocking

That acceptance of what happened with a Specific someone or within the past and Love by doing the healing to work it's Opened your vibration to something That's pretty eye-catching Sure you could be very attractive very Handsome very beautiful but your energy Is what really draws people to you and What I just have to say about that is be Very careful about the energy you're Attracting because when you're shining So brightly when you do have this energy Of goodness of warmth of sensuality that A lot of you are kind of giving off Everyone's going to be pulled to it but Not everyone deserves it so I feel that At this time Aries you're gonna get Attention you're gonna get people who Want to get to know you who want your Number your Instagram handle but I would Say Now's the Time for your discernment Who is going to be the one that you can Sense already that will be Worth engaging with and this doesn't Mean you have to be snobby you have to Be you know Petty with certain things That's not what I'm saying here but what I'm saying is that people lie energy Doesn't and the second you're kind of Picking up on an energy that you just Feel won't work for you trust that more Than anything that someone wants to say To you to woo you to get you involved And interested

Because you're looking for something That matches your vibration The letter T is sticking out to me as in Tyler as in Trisha first middle last Initial can mean something to someone But you're definitely an attractive mode Ares you are definitely reeling people In energies in and I think you're not Going to be super selective on just one Person yet I think you're feeling the Room feeling the vibe and that's the Smart thing to do right now with your Specific Journey at this time in love And romance Let's keep going Heart chakra wow yes interesting I Brought up the heart chakra there was a Reason your heart is healing and as your Heart heals more is being drawn into Your life And I think that you guys are going About love and romance right now And I wouldn't say a Carefree way Because of course again you care about The people you engage with that you're Interested in but in a way that's a lot Less I don't know controlling of the Situation I think this time around where maybe in The past you felt some thing for someone And you were so dead set on it you put Your all into it you try to force it to Happen you try to push for it to happen

And it just didn't unfold it just wasn't The right person for you I think now You're just kind of Open to the experience of falling in Love again open to the experience of Seeing who you'll attract But I do feel too Aries there is an Energy around you of someone's heart Chakra that is being activated by you And this feels like a crush it feels Like someone who's just interested in You who is starting to like think about You quite a bit daydream about you look At your social media and just imagine Taking you on a date taking you out to Do what they love to do as a hobby They're someone who's envisioning Themselves being with you But I gotta say congratulations Aries to Those of you that done the heart chakra Healing that didn't hold on to Resentment didn't hold on to bitterness Um as we all do no judgment here at some Period in our life we all have to work Through those experiences that make us a Little bit angry sad as those are normal Emotions but You guys have opened yourself in a way Activated your heart chakra where now You're attracting and one of those Things you're going to attract is going To be someone of your vibration so let's Get into the tarot November is a Beautiful month for you guys in love and

Romance Six of cups Interesting Scorpio energy some of you Can have Scorpio in your chart you could Be dealing with a Scorpio does not have To be the case here Mm-hmm Foreign Yeah you're coming out of fear which is The most important thing Is when you stop feeding your fears Feeding your insecurities feeding your Gouts you're putting more of that energy Into love into positivity Into trusting your intuition more than Those illusions that may come up and That will serve you well Aries Mm-hmm Okay Beautiful I gotta say a lot of you guys are Attracting a soul mate here And what a soul mate is and I've for my Subscribers you know this already I've Given this bill many of times but for Those of you who are newer to my channel What I believe is soul mate is it's not Always the person that is going to be The person you marry have kids with fall In love and spend this happily ever After with although that can happen at Times it's not always the case what a Soulmate is is someone that is meant to Highlight a beautiful experience in her

Life or even a painful one but Regardless of what it does it helps us Heal grow and evolve into a higher state Of being So then we can just continue to Improve love learn those lessons of love And develop and I feel though on this End when I said beautiful and painful With the sun here it's most definitely An experience that is going to be Memorable be fulfilling provide so much Happiness But I do feel for you guys this energy Is already around you Is already interested in you Has been reflecting about what you guys Have done thus far In meeting and getting involved But again I don't feel like you guys Were at that step yet of being mutually Exclusive Um but you're definitely engaging you're Definitely texting Some of you maybe this is all to happen Very soon but with the six of Cups dead Center maybe for some of you guys with This person's introduction it's been Bringing a lot up about Memories or situations from the past That may be starting to kind of make Themselves aware to you of although this May be triggering me into wanting to Retreat and wanting to hide is it Necessary

Am I finally ready and free to let the Past go The hurt from it the experiences from it All of you most of you are on that Process and journey of doing so And a lot of you have already done it And it's it's leading you to this Beautiful Union here of someone that is Going to make you very very happy I'm seeing someone with a great smile That you love that it's cute the closed Mouth smile Um you know what I'm talking about But bottom of the deck is the hierophant Taurus energy I also feel Capricorn Energy with the hierophant but this is Kind of setting it up in Aries I do feel A couple things from this hierophant for Some of you yeah you've been on a Spiritual journey here And that spiritual journey has been Teaching you a lot about yourself Teaching you a lot about your Experiences but how to rise above it And I do feel that there have been People who've been wanting to get your Attention who have been wanting to have You around take you out but there were Some you definitely had to guard Yourself with Because you may have felt they didn't Have the right Vibe you may have felt That they were just in it just for the Sexual gratification

So you turn people down in the recent Past Maybe Um that you just kind of had a cut that You just had to end things with knowing That you know it just wasn't right for Me And that's elevated you into better Understanding What it is that you want to dedicate Yourself to the types of people the Types of relationships and for a lot of You you are looking for something Serious You are looking for someone or something That you could see being with In a way that is not just for temporary Not just Casually but you're looking for that Someone that you could see devoting your Time your love loyalty to and that will Repeat it for you that will give it back To you in the same way Now if for those of you where I'm Picking up on a specific energy here There's someone that could be a teacher Um someone that could be a life coach uh Someone who may be spiritual themselves I feel that they see themselves being With you Exclusively but it's taking some time They may see you're still in the vibe of Being open or just trying to feel the Situation out and they understand that But they're determined here and they'll

Be stubborn about it There could be someone that likes to Wear beanies I don't know why I'm seeing That or maybe the next time you see them The last time you see them they wore a Beanie and that's just confirmation for Someone out there So the dead center this is the six of Cups Scorpio energy Now with the six of cups I I don't feel this is past energy Honestly and I know that a lot of Readers are every time the six of cups Is up Um you know the past the past pass but I Just feel more this is like reminiscing About the time you've already spent with A specific someone Or this is someone that's thinking of These these things with you And this is how you can kind of decipher Which energy as you're in this very Strong attractive stage which one is Going to benefit you and which one you Should repel from when you think of this Certain people right that may be options Or maybe things that you're interested In Um what are the feelings that come up Are they excitement are they love and Not just love like you're in love but You know that heart chakra activation That starts to feel

Emotions that are of high vibration Passion sensuality Or are they emotions that are fear Are they emotions of stress are they Emotion of obsessions That are not of a healthy vibration but Just constantly worried if they're going To text you back constantly worried and Checking your phone that's already a big Indication of what is meant for you and What is not So I do feel Aries for some of you guys This is someone around you that I do feel you've hung out a few times If you're at a distance you've Definitely had those phone calls And I do feel that they want more from this And they want more from you But they're kind of sensing especially For those of you that are in hangman Energy right here that there still needs To be waiting So whoever's daydreaming here Fantasizing about more It is something that is keeping them in This connection to want them to be more Devoted into it But I also see for some of you guys with This new engagement here there are With the moon in Reverse crowning the Reading which we'll get to in a second Maybe there is someone that you're Starting to have you know take special

Interest in But you're remembering the past of what Happened last time you felt this way So for those of you that are still Putting that final nail in the coffin of The past Know that the past has been holding you Hostage for too long And I think that it is okay to fully Let It Go with the New Perspective a new Idea with a new openness So you can experience new experiences So I feel with the six of cups in the Dead center it is a lesson right now for You Aries in love and romance to move on From anything that is still trying to Hold you back From attracting this beautiful love That's trying to come into your life What's Crossing this is the King of Swords Aquarius energy So regardless of the astrological sign Some of you may be in King of Swords Mode where again you're still analyzing Observing feeling things out Um you're trying to think of What to say what questions to ask how to Have certain conversations So someone could be real with you I do feel when you like are texting a Certain someone or multiple people it's Like How can I pull the truth out of them and

Maybe it's because in the past before You dealt with people who were not so Truthful Not so honest And I think you're looking for someone With more depth and complexity than You've dealt with before You like stimulating conversations you Know like conversations that are outside Of the norm of oh what are you up to Today and this weekend no let's get down To what do you believe in what are you Passionate about what are your goals What are your dreams what is your plan In life what are you looking for Those types of questions And I think those conversations are Important to have for you right now Aries particularly Because those will help discern Truly it will And I feel Aries there's someone around You that feels like you're kind of Putting them through the test And they're hoping they're passing it Because again the interest in you is Real here What is a big turn on for you or uh you Know something that you like to see in Potential Partnerships is intelligence And stimulation I think you like people who are aware of What's going on in the world whether That is within Society within politics

Within Um new ideas that people kind of want to Bring in and talk about people who are Well learned I feel like someone that is Really into philosophy maybe literature Poetry Um and just talking about the Perspectives How do you think of that what do you see In that Now I do feel there's an energy of like A grandmother mother energy I don't know If they're still with you or if they've Passed on and on the other side here but I do feel they're very protective of you And whether you talk to them about your Relationships or maybe even just in Meditation just in prayer or Solitude Reflection I do feel you get a lot of Those messages of how to move forward And guidance from that through this Maternal Feminine energy I'm picking up on around You for some of you guys Um and they may be very strongly Decisive very opinionated About Their feelings on the situation with you I definitely feel like it's good to have That third opinion Aries for sure an Outside perspective but only to you Truly you can make that choice for Yourself And I wonder if for some of you the

Person around you there is like a Overbearing nosy Energy a parent a sibling a friend A roommate even Yours are theirs I don't know Crowning this reading is the moon in Reverse Yeah so I feel for some of you guys you're Really really afraid of falling into the Same trap Of whatever happened that was blocking Your heart chakra in the first place But with the moon crowning This truly Through all the lessons you've learned Up into this point With everything that you have Experienced you truly with the King of Swords have the discernment Aries And that's all you need to decide about Who is right for you and who isn't and If there is someone you're crushing on Engaging with you don't need to Start thinking of all the ways and Things that could go wrong with this if There is no evidence of it With this Moon energy even piscean Energy Um with me as a Pisces Rising We're very imaginative okay and even if You don't have Pisces with this being Here You imagine all sorts of scenarios and Situations The Good The Bad and The Ugly

And I feel that Spirit wants to lift That Veil from some of you guys where With the six of Cups it could be Surfacing from past situations to let You know You can remove those fears You truly can And I feel even with the moon in Reverse Again with that maternal energy that's Coming back again there may be a Maternal wound that or feminine energy Wound that is still kind of Still healing within someone the ability To receive the ability to nurture the Ability to trust I think that is still being worked on Here and that is okay I definitely feel for some of you guys Um You don't want anyone that's messy I Kind of feel Um and I'm already seeing that you had To turn down people in the past that Would go out too much or like try to Text you or call you late at night when They're in a couple drinks and feeling Really lonely and want Aries to come in Just for the night like I feel some of you have already seen That red those red flags in certain People in the recent past that you're Just kind of so done with but I don't Feel Aries with this Energy around you that is the King of

Swords that is the sun here is anything Like that They would have shown it by now is what This moon in Reverse is telling me And some of you Deep down know there's something Different about this energy or person Around you this Crush Um but Again just the experiences of everything That's happened is still trying to throw A certain smoke screens at you But I with the moon in Reverse too Honestly this person has nothing to hide They're very real they are as you see Them What's reading this is the seven of Pentacles Taurus energy An Airy Spirit wants you to know it's Okay to take your time to enjoy the Moment now to see and observe and watch The people who will be patient with you During this process are the ones to keep Around And I do feel again you are looking for The person that yes can go out but can Also come over and watch a movie And not just with coming over thinking That there's going to be some sexual Event that happens and push for it But be able to be your friend be able to Be someone that can just Chill with you

And be okay with that and not try to Rush not try to push See what will happen and grow from this Because I do think you guys are So far for some of you with the specific Person already liking what you're seeing But yeah I mean It's okay to take your time It's okay to feel things out And I feel with the seven of Pentacles Rooting the situation too for those of You who are still looking The right person will be persistent the Right person will wait to see until the Fruition comes about for you to open up And to trust I do feel you know if there is an energy Around you that's interested in you they Love Pulling you in when you kiss or when You're hugging and making you like not Making you but like if you're like okay Hugs over they hold on to you a little Bit longer I'm seeing that there I'm also for someone not all obviously But I'm seeing a hairy chest which may Indicate something for someone letting Them know who this person is or What energy I'm picking up on So your energy right now Aries is the Hangman Pisces energy Strong Pisces energy in this reading Um

But I do feel With the being accepting Of the attraction process Accepting of the Stillness within this Choosing not to rush anything choosing Not to make rash decisions choosing to Stay within the vibration long enough For you to decide if this is meant for Me or it is not is bringing you into a New perspective of love and honestly Adding to this activation of your heart Chakra If you know some of you are looking to Remain single that is fine And spirit is even saying that may be Something that will help you shift Processes or perspective is of well To better understand The energies that are coming into your Life right now I do see someone that may be taller than The average man or woman here Um someone may have really nice long Legs as well I'm seeing But even as you are on your journey on Your process finding the right person Feeling out the right vibes Yeah for a lot of you there is still Someone that has their eye on you And they'll wait until you're ready They'll wait till you make the Initiative but they are focused and Lasered in

The energy around you Aries is the Sun Leo energy So for those of you that are still in That attraction mode that going on dates Or just sitting and Attracting the right people to you one Of these people at this time will be Someone that will make you very happy Make you feel very alive Excited to see their call excited to see Their text message and will follow Through taking you on those dates making Sure that you're happy making sure that You're cared for I do see that the love you're attracting At this time is going to be very Successful and if this is someone by Everything I've been describing they've Been coming in your third eye chakra you Know who I'm talking about envisioning This person that you have extra interest In you are picking up on has extra Interest in you They're excited that they got to meet You they're excited that they got your Phone number that you guys are talking They feel that through you they found Something very special here There's a warmth to you and someone may Have warm hands But Aries What's around you is excitement Fulfillment and happiness

And it's by remaining in the present Moment it's by taking things as it is Accepting things as it is whether it's Something you want to further engage in Or you don't Want to it's leading you to the right Person Look out for people with Amazing Smiles Look out for people that make you smile Just seeing their message seeing their Pictures And those are the right ones Aries And I do feel this person Um you know indicating who this is or When you meet them how will you know There's a strong Solar plexus chakra activation that You'll feel right in the pit of your Stomach That will feed passions feed desires and A high Vibrance All right Aries we're gonna go ahead and Extend this reading in Vimeo and with This I'm going to overturn this card Here and see what the likely outcome in The near future is going to be for you In love and romance within the next Couple of weeks what is going to happen Who's going to pursue you how they're Going to pursue you dive deeper into That with these oracle cards as well so If you like to see in the very new Future what's going to happen who's Coming in what they want to do go ahead

And join me in the extended reading open Up the description box and you'll find a Link to Vimeo which will take you to the Extended reading but if this is where You depart Aries I really hope that this Reading has resonated with you I hope it Provides you with Clarity Insight Healing guidance regardless of what's Going on in your love life at this time What's opening up in your love life at This time and if it has please let me Know drop a comment below hit that like Button don't forget to subscribe I love You Aries very much and I'll see you Next time Take care Aries

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