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[Music] Thank you Hi Aries welcome to your December 2022 General love reading this is your girl Mermaid scales tarot thank you so much For joining me here this is a general Love reading for the Sun Moon Rising Venus and or any other strong placement For the sign of Aries this will not Resonate with every Aries I watched this Message as this reading is General so Please only take what resonates and Leave a doesn't for someone else who Needs to hear that message Hi cross Watchers you're very welcome Here if you're interested in Aries who Wouldn't be I like your mind Aries and Cross Watchers the energy is fluid and This simply means you may feel like I'm Describing a certain situation in the Reading where you feel the roles are Flipped or reversed and that's Completely okay you're more than welcome To use your own discretion to flip those Roles if that resonates with your Specific situation at best All right Aries let's jump right on in And see what's going on in your love Life What Spirit wants you to know about Your love life and with this reading I Am tuning into an energy that's in or Around your energetic field as someone That has romantic feelings or intentions Towards you right now in this moment

Whether you are single this is someone Who's crushing on you someone you've Built a deep connection with whether You're seeing or you're together or Apart let's see who is coming through For your reading and why Aries What message does Spirit have about this Person's energy that's coming in for Your reading Abundance nice it says keep a positive Mindset manifest exactly what you want Gratitude and Bliss okay Aries this is a Nice change for the signs because I've Been reading a lot about karmics about Karmic patterns and cycles and Aries it Seems like you have closed out a cycle Already before December I don't know if This is something you fully healed from Grown from evolved from but there is Someone you're manifesting I'm kind of Feeling I I wonder if this is a crush And you're hoping that this Crush will Ask you out on a date that this Crush Will hit you up I almost feel like it Was very recently you exchanged numbers With someone who you are starting to Check out their social media you have Been telling people about or maybe Aries This is someone who's been showing you Off they said hey I met Aries the other Weekend look they're really cute they Have an awesome personality I feel like someone's been telling other Family members their friends about you

And I feel Aries whatever it is you've Been manifesting hoping for in your love Life whether it's that one person you've Been wanting for a while or someone new Coming into your life it's going to make You feel very happy it's going to make You feel like as if This isn't something that's just gonna Burden me down it doesn't feel heavy it Feels freeing it feels Like a breath of fresh air coming into Your life Aries so it's like a new Chapter a new era a new you and I said That for another sign I forget who maybe It was either gemini or Maybe Aquarius you could be dealing with One of those signs doesn't have to be The case if you're not assigned strongly In your chart so let's see what is this Energy around Aries want to tell Aries Or to say to Aries I don't understand why things are like This okay so this feels like You know similar to aquarius's reading This feels like the energy you just cut Off you saw it wasn't adding to your Well-being it wasn't adding to your Growth whoever this energy that's still Lingering in your space that's like I Don't know why it's like this I don't Know why you left me I don't know why Things had to end you know why Aries This person probably does too but they Don't want to admit it and that was part

Of the problems between the two of you They didn't want to talk about things They didn't want to open up about things And they love you it feels like they Left you with no other choice So I feel that they're watching you now As you've had your glow up as you're Doing you as you're experiencing great Things in your life or you're welcoming Manifesting new things into your life This person's left on social media or Just hearing about all the things that You're accomplishing all the things that You're off to doing and they're feeling A little salty about it they're feeling A little bitter about it But I do feel areas that's just Spirit Wants you to know if you've been feeling This person's energy or if they've been Checking your social media yeah they're Still thinking about you yeah they still Like you even but Spirit does want you To pay attention to the new things Coming into your life the new love the New opportunities because that's where The money's at quite literally maybe This is someone you're even crushing on At work Or you may meet someone at work that is Really attracted to you so let's jump Right on in With the tarot I'm going to ask how they Feel about you right now what do they Think about you what do they like about

You what do they not like about you What they like about the connection that They have with you currently and what do They not like about it and what are Their highest hopes and deepest fears in Regards to this connection with you Aries what are they really hoping is Going to happen and manifest between the Two of you and what are they afraid of Okay Yeah So so far a lot of Um water energy you could be dealing With a water sign a cancer scorpio or Pisces or you can have strong water in Your chart but there's feelings in it With the Page of Cups this is definitely A crush that wants to get to know you That wants to start hanging out with you More and more I feel messages are Starting to build up since you guys Exchange numbers since you exchanged Social medias you guys have been talking Pretty steadily and I feel upcoming in December they're going to ask you out on A date they're going to ask you to stay The night baby for the first night They're definitely interested Aries So let me get all the cards out first And then I'll show you what's falling on The table here All right So bottom of the deck the king of Pentacles

Taurus energy some of you could be Dealing with the Taurus you could have Strong Taurus in your chart but this Could be you Aries where you have built Up your self-love your self-worth and You're looking for something serious and You have high standards and high Expectations and you're not going to Settle for less because you don't want To waste your time you don't want to be Played you're in this growth that Everyone's kind of noticing you come off As very mature you come off as very Stable grounded and for some of you you Are successful or looking to expand your Career in some way And again with the king of Pentacles for Others of you this could be someone Clearly with all the Pentacles here that You could have met at work that is a Co-worker or someone that you're Collaborating in a project on is helping You expand in some way with your career But Yeah I feel that this is someone who's Around you on a daily basis that Definitely Imagines themselves being with you And they see you're someone to take Seriously they see you're not just Someone who's going to be a one-night Stand a little fling here And they want to commit to you I do feel That both of you are looking for

Something that is going to fulfill each Other that is going to be long lasting That's going to be compatible So I do feel Aries that with this king Of Pentacles here this is someone that Wants to commit that someone Is you guys are maybe starting to date Coming out of the crush coming out of The talking maybe by the end of December You're going to get that solid dating Type of connection here with this person I'm seeing black leather pants for some Reason that may just be a small Confirmation for who I'm talking about Here But let's go ahead and dive into it So we have the nine of Wands Sagittarius Energy So like I said they know you're not just Someone who is going to be easily Impressed who is going to be someone That is just looking for a booty call or A quick second of something hot and Heavy they know you're a strong person They know you're someone that Has been through a lot I don't know if You guys have like briefly talked about I don't know why I'm hearing moving but Maybe you you or this person recently Moved to a new city a new state a new Country and you're just settling in and Getting used to it it has been kind of a Journey for you and they feel like you Are very mature you're very wise with

The growth you've been through or Everything that you've experienced I don't know maybe they've kind of Learned about your childhood about your Past very briefly But there's something about you that Carries this This Grace this strength And they can already tell that you're Someone who will stick up for yourself You're someone who will stick up for Others You're someone that will put in a good Fight If need be and I mean not just like Dramatic in chaos but I mean if there is Something worth fighting for you'll Stick to it And maybe because they've seen you at Work they already understand that about You But I think they just know that's your Character and that's something they feel Really drawn to Someone could have been a veteran I'm Picking up on with this nine of Wands Energy But I feel for most of you this is their Determination to make this work They just have a gut feeling about you Aries that this is something different That this is something to pay attention To and they will be patient they will be Very determined and per and persevere

Through everything that you may put them Through the trials the tests the Tribulations to make sure that this is The king of Pentacles you're looking for Regardless of gender or sex king of Pentacles is masculine energy someone Who will commit devote maintain work on Something that will bring stability and Prosperity in love and romance for the Both of you who will put action to it And valuable action to it This is someone who could have a lot of Money or who be wealthy or who is well Off in some way has their own home has Their own apartment that's paid for has Nice clothes that they dress in What they think about you is the Knight Of Cups Pisces energy So if this is their thoughts about the Situation they're thinking about making A move here A romantic gesture again if they haven't Asked you out on that first date they're Thinking about it and they're thinking About where they can take you to where The first good first place would be a Nice restaurant or some event some sort Of fair I'm hearing I wonder if it's Like a holiday fair for someone out There that's happening in the city you Guys are in But they're thinking about making a Romantic move towards you and they want

It to land they don't want to mess up Now for those of you where they may be Seeing you as this way for some of you You may come off as a bit shy a bit Reserved But very sweet already just the things You say and the things they witnessed You and how you interact with other People You are someone that has a good heart And a big heart And again you could be very physically Attractive sure but it's almost as if They're falling or really liking the Person you are the energy you have the Vibration you have Maybe you're someone that likes to work With Charities you're someone that likes To Give a helping hand to friends or Co-workers or whoever that needs help And they just think you're really sweet Really kind But also with the nine of Wands don't Get it twisted you're not going to get Taken advantage of that's happened Before it's not going to happen again And they know you're not a doormat Aries What they like the most about you is the Page of cups so this is already adding To what I was ex Um expressing about the Knight of Cups You could be younger with this page of Cups

And they find that to be Attractive maybe you even look younger Than what your age is people have always Complimented that someone could have Like a baby face I kind of feel Or really cute cheeks when they smile Maybe even dimples with those cheeks But you have a good heart with good Intentions and for others of you with This page of cups they like the fact That you may be crushing back and They're picking up on that That I don't know if it is at the Workforce or even in public with friends There's a way you look at each other That they catch up on even if it's very Subtle Or maybe you guys have like slightly Held hands before that was a little bit Under the table let's just say play Footsie grab a thigh You guys flirt with each other and that Flirtation is what's keeping their Interest and Intrigue on high and you're A good flirt Aries you're also a good Kisser I'm picking up on as well with This page of cups if you guys have Exchanged a kiss I'm even seeing like a kiss on the cheek For someone What they don't like about you is the World in reverse I wonder if some of you if when I was Picking up on that moving okay if you

Haven't made that move But you're thinking about it and it Would be moving away from the city or The town that they're in They wouldn't be happy about that Because that would make this connection A long-distance relationship that they Don't want to have Now for others of you I gotta say There's something about you that reminds This person of their ex I don't know if It's the way you look I don't know if It's some of your behaviors or maybe You and their ex are from like the same Culture background ethnicity But that is something that kind of bugs Them and maybe Aries there's something About this person that is like your ex In some way you can always flip the Roles if need be Foreign But I also feel with this world in Reverse card here I feel as if maybe you are as much as They want to already kind of get going As far as taking this to the next level Moving fast in this maybe you have Suggested that you're going to go a bit Slow And that could be something that Frustrates with them a bit But the right person will understand That Aries and I think this person will Have being the king of Pentacles in the

Upright if that is their energy But they already have Dreams and plans about what you two can Achieve because what they like the most About this connection here is the ten of Pentacles Virgo energy So they again see you as being the Husband wife material someone that they Could see having a long-term Relationship with a marriage with a Family with down the road even if it's Just been recent you give off that Energy of having something serious and Being someone serious For some of you maybe Everyone in their close area whether It's their fellow co-workers their Family members their friends you've made A good impression on them If you have met them and they do like You And again for some of you when I was Picking up on that abundance card They've been telling everyone about you They can't help it they're so excited About it all and maybe your family Members or their family members want to Meet you Just to see what all this talk is about But they tell people like I think I Found something here I think I found the One here Now others of you if you're both

Successful in your careers you guys have The The financial well-being to Start off on a very solid foundation Whether that is to move in together buy A home together You guys definitely both are ambitious Both of you have Big Dreams big plans Big goals and you guys could be that Power couple That others just wish to be There's not anyone that would be paying For the bills 100 of the time no one That has to loan money to the other you Guys are both financially pretty Independent pretty secure And merging that together you guys would Be pretty set I feel with this ten of Pentacles as Well That Because you guys may work together and You see each other at the workforce that Makes it easy for you guys to always Connect to always Flirt whether that is so outwardly or Even subtly If they work with you they get the Chance to see you every day and that's Something that they enjoy What they don't like about this Connection is the Two of Pentacles and This could also correlate with the world In Reverse for some of you where you

Still may want to take it slow sometimes Maybe because of the speed this is going At they're not sure of what you want You kind of go back and forth maybe There is someone that Because they're so busy with work career With getting something into motion They may not always stick to their plans About going on these dates or they may Have a lot on their plate that they have To get done So maybe you know as far as for some of You even if you see each other at work a Lot it's not really outside of work But for most of you yeah I feel with This Two of Pentacles They wonder if you are if you do have Other options that you're considering If you are kind of weighing out if this Is the right person versus just Continuing to be single or to look at Other things They feel sometimes like they don't have A direct answer with you Aries For some And I feel for others of you if this is not Your message then don't take it but they Wonder if You see this anything anytime soon Despite everything they see you as being Someone to take seriously this Connection is an opportunity to have a Long-term relationship whatever they

Wonder if for now you're just keeping it Casual keeping it cool I'm also picking up I don't know if this Is a friend of yours that you co-work With or just a friend of yours in General Maybe a sibling That they find very annoying and they Know that you're very close with this Person In that they may always be around but They find whoever it is that's your Friend family member co-worker that You're always with to be extremely Cringy And it annoys them Maybe it's like a best friend type of Thing Foreign Highest hopes is The Wheel of Fortune Sagittarius energy Pisces energy for me As a reader that they've hit the jackpot With you but they found the person that They are looking for that the search is Over that You guys by meeting and by talking by Exchanging messages or even going on Your first dates has set something in Motion That is going to change out of this era Of being single or not finding the right One To an upward motion of finally starting To build something serious he'll hear

Growing something serious here They feel like you guys met for a reason And again with the wheel of fortunate Upright they feel very optimistic about This hopeful about this excited about This excited about meeting you Aries And they're hoping there is something to Be fulfilled out of this that can be Long lasting between the two of you and That this is it So I felt something touch my pinkies Very slightly I wonder if someone has Like an injured pinky right now or Where's like has a pinky tattoo or wear Something on their pinky like a pinky Ring I don't know why I felt that or Maybe like a birthmark around there but I felt like a slight touch On my pinky Maybe the letter P resonates for someone As in Priscilla as in Preston first Middle last initial could mean something To someone Deepest fears is the eight of Pentacles Virgo energy So for someone that does have a lot on Their plate a lot of goals dreams they May the biggest fear is that they're Someone's putting career first wanting To get something done first is focused On that and tell their dreams until Their finances are accomplished they're Not looking for love they're not looking To move forward in love they have things

That they have to get settled first and This is not like something like the Other signs where I saw is like such a Heart-wretching fear But again someone's just already so Excited to have met you so excited to Already connect with you they just want To get the ball rolling now they don't Want anything to distract Either of you from getting this Others of you that your fear is that Yeah you know Maybe from what you haven't discussed or Haven't told this person that you're not Ready to dedicate yourself yet you're Not ready to Commit to just one person or one thing Right now Whether that's true or whether that's Just something you haven't really Revealed yet because this could be also New But their fear is that it's just not the Right time right now there's something I Have to do first there's something I Want to fulfill first before I give in To this as a serious commitment here Others of you there's fear of office Gossip about you two And that may be YouTube being together In the workforce would provide a Distraction Anyway Aries to see what's likely to Happen and unfold in the upcoming days

Weeks of this all Unfolding for you guys in December we're Gonna go ahead and take this to Vimeo For the extended reading but before we Go I'm going to go ahead and pull one More card from this deck here And see if there's anything else Spirit Wants to tell you about this connection About this person about your love life In general that could just be a final Message for you guys in regards to this Reading Anything else that Aries needs to know About this connection Oh Okay this is the same card Libra got so If you're dealing with the Libra have a Strong Libra in your chart check out the Libra reading to see if there's messages For you there but it says When it comes to matters of the heart There is no right or wrong every choice You make expands your understanding of Life and of love so I do feel in general Different than what I was picking up on For Libra with this reading is to I don't know not everything can has to Be taken so seriously I mean you can have your fun and you can Have a serious date and it doesn't I wonder if someone has such high Expectations that it's kind of Preventing someone from being fully open Into the present moment of everything

That's happening now maybe worrying if The other she's gonna drop maybe Worrying if There is something that someone's hiding Is this too good to be true I mean even If you've went through some crappy Experiences and love and romance Aries It's all LED you to the present moment Now all everything you've learned Everything you've grown from and I think If you guys are worried about the past Repeating itself There is this card here saying that There's a lot of work you've done to Heal there's a lot of work you've done To grow so why not enjoy it without Thinking if there is something that Could go wrong I feel that way with this Card for someone here And if there is a nervousness if there Is a shyness if there is a closing out Be careful with that because if this is Someone you're interested in and really Want to work on things with you may be Shutting them out accidentally All right Aries we're gonna go ahead and Take this to Vimeo for the extended Reading where I'm going to explain What's like that happened in the Upcoming days weeks will you go on the Date will they ask you out what is going To happen here and pull some oracle Cards as well to dive deeper into this If you'd like to join me for the

Extended reading open up the description Box and you'll find the link to Vimeo Which will take you to the extended Reading but if this is very depart Aries I really hope that this reading has Resonated with you I hope it's provide You with the clarity inside healing Guidance that you're looking for by Watching this message and if it has Please let me know Drop a comment below hit that like Button don't forget to subscribe I love you Aries very much and I'll see You next time Take care Aries

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