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[Music] Thank you Hi Aries welcome to your monthly Messages from Spirit reading for December this is your girl running Skills tarot thank you so much for Joining me here this is a general Reading for the Sun Moon Rising Venus or North Node for the sign of Aries this is A general reading not a personal 101 Reading so please keep that in mind it May resonate it may not take only what Resonates and if it doesn't for someone Else who needs to hear that message so I'm going to go ahead and dive deep into What you need to hear right now in this Very moment with everything you're going Through in the month of December Everything that will happen for you in The December and what to remember and be Aware of as this month unfolds for you Guys but man already we have a ton of Fire here which I'm not surprised to see For you my fire signs but this is all About Eight of fire and ate of water If something has left your life accept It It is really propelling you forward into A new chapter and some of you been Wanting to hold on to this person the Situation that has left they've chosen To left Aries and let them walk out let Them leave or let the situation follow

Through because honestly it's closing Out something that's been burdening you Stressing you out For a long time And spirit is saying with whatever is Leaving let go and let God let Spirit The universe Start to replenish you in ways that are Taking you in a different direction in Your life and maybe this whatever ended Was completely unexpected you didn't see It coming you weren't prepared for it But in the background of what you don't See about it Aries is that this was part Of spirit's plan This was part of God's plan that this Situation this era this chapter in your Life is coming to an end but with the Eight of fire being the dead center of Your spread for December I do feel You're starting to feel a new momentum That Spirit by putting this to an end is Pushing you forward into a new beginning Where I feel for a lot of you with the Eight of Wands that could come through Text messages phone calls from people That maybe even you never thought you Were going to hear from again but others Of you I feel that whatever was lost is Being replaced through different Opportunities through new experiences Through people who are going to be there For you through and through

That is kind of what's being replenished In your life And I feel Aries you may have felt Unprepared for this but you're being Catapulted into this new Agenda into this new experience that has Been waiting for you Aries And maybe Spirit God had to kind of rush Things along because you're staying Stagnant for too long Thinking that the person that was Leaving the situation that was fading Out was the one thing you needed to have Truly that wasn't the case at all and You guys are starting to become more and More aware of that as December unfolds You're regaining your sense of power Back Aries from someone that may have Tried to take it away from you or may Have tried to make you feel less than I don't feel that that person that Situation ever had your best interest Aries Oh my goodness and if you're only to see What's to come from all this is the ten Of Pentacles Virgo Energies Yeah I I mean honestly what you've lost Will be restored tenfold quite literally With the ten of Pentacles in the future Here If there was a job that you got laid off From fired from man I I do feel that That was just because they didn't have The resources anymore to pay everyone

Sufficiently I feel that there was a lot that was Going on in a certain situation or Within someone's mental emotional Stability that you weren't aware of Aries That Spirit finally decided it was time For this to end It was time for you to outgrow the Situation to detach from the situation And I do feel that already you've Started to see new people New Opportunities come into your life And some of you are weary of trusting That trusting these people coming in These messages coming through these New opportunities to get out there and To forget about what was lost Because you don't want the past to Repeat itself but it's not going to Aries that's something you need to know About this Ten tens here again it was in Pisces Reading some of you if you have Pisces Strong in your chart as to just check Out the Pisces reading to see if there's Messages for you there your birthday Could be April 10th for some of you guys But as one chapter closes a new one Begins and the new chapter that's Opening and unfolding is setting you up For an amazing 2023 with the tent of Earth Oh my goodness and here's another 10.

Bottom of the deck the Ten of cups Pisces energy So yeah Aries I feel what left your life With something you felt you were so safe With so secure with that was always Going to be there But I do feel Aries that this ten of Cups was more of the fantasy that you Projected onto this than the reality it Presented itself For a lot of you I feel like this was a Relationship whether that's romantic Friendship or platonic It feels like this was someone that you Idealized that you fantasized about that You thought was going to give you your Happily ever after But with the Eight of Cups crowding this Reading they left Unannounced unexpectedly And I do feel for a lot of you it broke Your heart and this could have been in October for some of you guys I'm feeling Could have been a Libra or a Scorpio That you were dealing with But Pisces I do feel that You are kind of regaining yourself a Sense your sense of self back from this Person leaving your life And I do feel you've been doing a lot of Healing within yourself to understand What happened when they couldn't give You the answers when they were were not Courageous enough to give you the

Answers I do feel for some of you guys maybe This is involving family very Specifically Maybe someone that you've had to Create boundaries with or maybe even go Into contact with And I do feel that as hard as it was for You to do that if you were the one that Had to walk away you've been seeing how Much more How much lighter your life has been from Not carrying someone else's Crap with you all the time it kind of Feels that way quite honestly and some Of you didn't even realize this or see This until they were gone And with this ten of Cups here Aries I Want to say that the worst is over truly For you guys And there has been a lot that you've Learned from all this But I feel what spirit is setting up for Is the Ten of Cups and the ten of Pentacles I mean What's to come is something that you've Never even imagined could happen for you How happier you will feel without that Energy in your life how much happier you Feel that you can rely on yourself rely On what you do have that people will Love appreciate want to build and grow With

And what left your life areas that you Thought was the only thing that was Making you so happy you're realizing That wasn't the case That truly happiness comes from within And when you reach that certain mindset Of Law of Attraction of understanding And accepting life's twists and turns as An unexpected as they can be as Unprepared for them as we are sometimes That there's always something to come Out of it and usually it's always better Than what we could have thought of or Imagined for ourselves So with this ten of cups in the Background of what Spirit kind of wants To put the overall tone to this Aries is That you will still have your blessings What has ended is not the final chapter Of your life in regards to your Happiness your fulfillment and your Success You're actually right now in December Learning what makes you truly happy What makes you feel truly fulfilled And I feel by giving that priority is Really what's opening up to these new Experiences coming in your life that is Showing you all along that this was Always waiting for you But maybe you're attached to certain Things that was just blocking you from Seeing all this Seeing the beauty the blessings the love

That surrounds you in your life And maybe it had to take new experiences And new people to make you fully aware Of that Aries And a lot of you this has to do with Self-love Loving yourself holy and fully even when People couldn't accept you when you felt Situations or groups of people rejected You how you could still be so attuned With yourself that no matter what you've Been through of someone walking away From you you still own and love every Part of yourself even when someone Couldn't And that's true happiness Aries honestly So let's jump right on in At the center of this we have the eight Of Fire Sagittarius energy so if things have Been a little bit dry stale stagnant in Your life that's all about to change and It's going to change fast I do feel for some of you guys you're Already already starting to see the text Messages the emails the offers come in Of people wanting to Hang out with you of people wanting to Do more things with you for some of you With this eight of Wands I'm seeing a Short trip so maybe you live a few hours Away of where you grew up from but You're coming back That's why I saw the Sagittarius and I

Believe Capricorn as well you could have The signs in your chart if so check out That reading to see if there's messages For you there But with the eight of Wands I feel that This is where you are starting to gain Momentum back in your life Aries Where you're starting to be more active More evolved more action oriented Towards moving on towards moving to Newer and better By the first step you're taking of Making it happen everything will fall Into place By making that an intention set that's Where everything will start to take off Some of you are in the process of taking That first step in others of you are Starting to see even in the little ways How much that has already helped by Going in this new Direction I do feel if some of you guys that this Is romance related you're going on more Dates You guys are opening and reactivating Your dating apps again and you're seeing How already people are already wanting To ask you out to buy you a drink to Take you to dinner You're gaining momentum back in your Life Aries What's Crossing this is the Ten of Wands Sagittarius energy So if this is a challenge in your life

Right now it's fully closing out any old Cycles patterns or contracts that you Need to come to peace with Come to acceptance with I do feel with this ten of Wands it's Something that some of you are still Carrying The responsibility of why it failed Honestly Aries with most things it takes Two to tango And maybe you're only feeling like you Were the Reason for everything falling apart in a Certain aspect of your life is because This someone made you feel that way and They didn't take accountability they Didn't take responsibility or even for Those of you where I'm feeling a Ghosting situation you had to kind of Fill in all the answers that this person Couldn't give you and you put that on Yourself But spirit is saying for the challenge Of this to let the past be the past Anything that you may still be holding On to let it go let it die let it burn Because what was lost will be restored And I do feel if there's anyone that's Trying to put obligations on to you that You don't feel you should take upon Be okay with saying no be okay with Setting boundaries even these new Opportunities that may come in if Someone doesn't feel compatible if

Something doesn't feel right trust that And be okay with turning it down Aries I do feel for some of you guys With this ten of Wands here that you put A lot of blame on yourself where it Wasn't rightfully placed Now if this is enhancing the reading Spirit is saying that trust what's Ending even if it's hard even if it is Something that you struggle with it's Coming to an ending to lift away certain Karma from your life To lift away certain patterns that You've outgrown So accept everything that is ending Accept everything that's coming to a Close because it's actually uplifting You far more than you may realize In This Moment but you'll soon see for sure By the end of the month What's crowning this is the Eight of Cups Pisces energy So yeah this is that moment of what About me or why did they leave me why Did this situation not follow through it Really does feel like you felt you Weren't good enough Aries or that you Couldn't do enough to save this Situation to save the relationship Maybe even Aries if you were the one to Walk away from this and there's someone Who's still maybe even trying to hold on To you They may still blame you for everything

That went wrong they may still Be angry that you've decided to move on And that may be the challenge of fully Just Although you may still care for this Person you may still have care for this Situation kind of really realizing when Something has been The same for too long or something that You finally outgrown and be okay with That growth But yeah I do feel this element of Grieving a little bit Grieving what you've had to move on from Grieving what has left you But you know what this person doesn't Realize is the treasure chest that's Still with them That even if someone couldn't love you And honor you for everything you have That doesn't mean you don't have Anything Maybe someone was just not ready to Accept the love that you could have Given except the support that you were So abundant and But I do want to say Aries that There's more you gain from this than you Realize and there's more and you gain From this than you lost this whole Experience And if you feel pulled to going in a New Direction in a new chapter but you feel Stuck because you don't want to hurt

Anyone's feelings you matter too Aries That's what Spirit wants you to remind Yourself of Foreign This is the nine of Wands Sagittarius Energy again Yeah and this is a whole Lesson of reclaiming your power back of Re-establishing your strength Remembering Who You Are Regardless of what's been taken Regardless of what's unexpectedly Happened Or been happening in your life You are still a fighter You are still a warrior you are still a Pillar of Strength And I feel Aries this is one of those Times in your life that you've had to Gone through or have to go through to Re-tap with that fire in you To re-motivate yourself Despite everything that's happened Despite everything you've already been Through I do feel Spirit wants to lift you back Up again Aries Spirit wants you to know that Even okay so if this was in regards to Love and romance for an example Just because it didn't work out with a Certain someone doesn't mean it's not Meant to happen for you And to remind yourself that you are

Someone That has been through so much already This isn't going to take you down you've Been through much worse than you made it Out And spirit does want to remind you of The Essential foundation for this whole card Rooting your reading of Who You Are Someone who doesn't give up someone who Fights Someone who brings the light back into The life even when there is Darkness You are that pillar of light for Yourself Aries and you always will be With the universe's assistance with Spirits assistant God's assistance Whatever you want to call it Maybe it took something leaving your Life to remember something about Yourself or to regain a part of yourself That this person or the situation tried To take with them In the recent past we have the three of Pentacles Capricorn energy So if some of you this is involving a Job maybe some of you have been looking For a new job have been trying to put Yourself back out there on a new Platform have been trying to open up Your new business and people are Starting to notice you But this is still the very beginning

Steps And some of you are still maybe a little Bit frustrated that hasn't gone all the Way yet But what you're on is the right path you Are skilled you are talented you have The resources Others of you with this three of Pentacles I do feel like you're Connecting with people who are giving You that support you've been looking for That have been cheering you up certain Family members are friends And others of you with the aid of fire And the three of Pentacles you may have Been going on dates Where you're starting to see a little Bit of potential with certain people you Can see yourself being with slowly but Surely though You want to see more you want to feel Like there's more to invest yourself in Before you put your all out there So you don't go through the same Heartbreak you went through in the past But I do feel rebuilding here with this Three of Pentacles you're rebuilding Your sense of self you're rebuilding Your sense of security And you're showing off what you have and People are starting to notice Aries know That In the near future we have the ten of Pentacles

Virgo energy So for some of you guys again with the Holidays coming through you're going to Be surrounded by family or maybe for Others of you like I said if you don't Have that great relationship with your Family it's Soul tribe people who you Choose to be a part of your family blood Related or not And I do feel with this ten of Pentacles For others of you guys if you've been Looking for a job you've been looking For that big break in your career you're Going to have it by the end of the month A big opportunity that is going to pay Well that is from a great company is From a amazing platform that's going to Set you off Others of you with this ten of Pentacles If it's not even by the end of December You're setting yourself up to get the Ten of Pentacles in 2023 by Understanding the Fundamentals by Rebuilding yourself rebuilding your Sense of self This ten of Pentacles and by the way ten Of cups is something you shall have is Meant for you in this lifetime And as you work on it as you develop it Grow it learn from the past and regain New skills for the future I do feel Aries you have success and Happiness coming your way And I do feel this is coming from

Finances this is coming from support and Others of you you may find the person That you can see yourself being in a Long-term relationship with by the end Of this month you'll meet the person You'll be in a relationship with in 2023 Maybe you're going to start to meet if You're already dating this person They're family members they're a close Network of friends and they're going to Really like you And they're going to see that there's Potential between the two of you to be That couple that everyone's been waiting For this person to find and they found It within you Aries But I do feel for a lot of you that may Feel discouraged that may feel down Right now about what has left your life You're getting the ton of Pentacles out Of this you're going to hit the jackpot Out of this situation And I even feel Aries if someone Rejected you on a romantic level They're gonna regret it I know that may Not mean anything to you I know that may Just be a side note But for those of you that felt like you Were the person that was in the wrong For everything I feel like they couldn't handle Everything you had to give Aries simple As that we all have different wounds we All have different paths for why we kind

Of react certain ways respond to certain Things In situations that end up sabotaging Ourselves But what I do see is eight nine ten There is progression in your life that's Happening there is progression moving Forward and with the eight of Wands Being the dead center of this Act now Aries go for it take those Chances take those opportunities that Are starting to pour in because one of Them is going to land you in the ten of Pentacles So pay attention to what makes you feel Excited motivated leave behind anything That makes you sad stressed heartbroken Because I do feel that there's amazing Things unfolding here with whatever You're going through right now in your Life Just go ahead and pull some oracle cards Follow your vision with number 35 which Breaks down to another eight April 8th April 18th maybe March 28th Are your birthdays maybe you've been Seeing 888 which is all about success Growth And it says never lose sight of what is Really important So yeah Aries Maybe some of you guys really resonate With wolf energy wolf totem energy But I do feel sometimes we have to walk

On our paths alone for a little bit To kind of relearn restabilize regroup And reconnect with a part of ourselves That we may have lost by trying to give It to something else give it too much to Someone else That never was enough So Aries I feel that whatever left your Life is re focusing your vision Is not making you feel like you can't do It you can't be enough for someone you Aren't good enough for someone but make You focus on the right people who will See your light as it is and not be Afraid of it not retract from it But be drawn to it Allured by it I do feel you're gonna find that partner Aries Business partner friendship romantic Partner Some of you this person is becoming a Parent in December others of you you are Just kind of playing Go Fish here in the Dating world and seeing who can bite the Bait there is one specific person that You will take up on that date you'll Take up on that phone call that text Message and I think you're gonna really See why it couldn't have worked out with Anyone else The letter V is sticking out to me as in Victoria as in Victor first middle last Initial could mean something to someone

Doesn't have to be the case let's keep Going Thank you Wow Mr Keeler Yeah healing energy through flows Through you And this is coming after that Eight of Cups that may still haunt you that may Still come about as an intrusive thought From time to time of what didn't work Out what failed what didn't happen Every time you think of yourself in that Lower vibrational energy Of that heartbreak that someone may have Given to you Spirit wants to flow Through you to help you heal from it Once and for all So it can't hold you in hostage any more Aries so it can't make you doubt Yourself I do feel for a lot of you guys You are a Healer you are an empath maybe Some of you are psychic And through this experience of loss You've gained an Awakening or an upgrade In your intuition in your psychic Abilities in your connection with the Spiritual world and your ancestors and Maybe this loss was the Catalyst to your Spiritual awakening And you are so much more aware now Energetically psychically intuitively Than you were before But I do feel your healing from this

Once and for all Aries in a way you Couldn't or didn't feel you were ready To heal from Let's keep going Tell me more about Aries you got two Cards here so let's see We have new beginnings Yes Master number 44 and the Butterfly May mean something To you guys on a personal level And it says let this magic in my spell Clear the space in which I dwell So I do feel up until this point you Guys have been doing a lot of releasing A lot of learning a lot of filling in The blanks where you didn't know how to Fill them in But after all this is said and done it's Catapulting you into these new Beginnings that are opening in your life And you can trust these new beginnings Energy they're coming from a high place A high intention a high vibration And then romance number 23 yeah I was Feeling romance very strongly And the rose you may be seeing Rose Symbology in your everyday life you may Have a rose tattoo know someone that has One that's in your life but it says Romance it is a sacred power let it come To me this hour so new beginnings and Love are happening new beginnings and Love that are coming from a much higher Vibrational State than what left you is Coming into your life

And you can be assured that spirit is Almost for some of you welcoming in a Soul mate into your life right now or You're falling for a soul mate currently But the only thing that's keeping you From going all into this is afraid of Being heartbroken again I feel different energy entirely with This new energy that is in your life Aries and I think it's something that You can trust The romance is in the air Aries And I do feel this is the time now to Put yourself out there to attract High Vibrational love that I feel is meant For you Without kind of saying with this wolf Energy you may be meeting that person You've been looking for All right Aries let's go ahead and pull One more card And get a final message from Spirit and Your last minute advice of what to Remember from all this let's see Puffin partnership Wow and it says accept yourself and your Colorful personality feel confident About being you you are a joy bringer Let your community nourish and protect You ask for help teamwork will give you The best results So yeah Again by surrounding yourself With the people that uplift you that Heal you that make you feel accepted for

As you are spend more time around those People Aries and if you need to open up About something you know who to trust I Feel that with this psychic empathic Energy that you're kind of exuding that I feel within this reading if you need To open up to someone about something I Do feel there's a safe ear for you to Trust to be opened up to And I want you to know it's okay to Trust those feelings And to feel safe I I mean again like Through the Awakening you went through Spiritually psychically from someone That left you I think it really has Grown your discernment here And you can pick up on this energy you Can pick up on this person that I feel Brings you so much happiness already Just by talking to them on the phone Text messaging them meeting them up on The dates they ask you out to There's something very special being Formed and bonded here And I feel that this person that may Start to enter your life after whatever Had to close out you're going to see why It never could have worked with that Person in the past like I said And there's so much more to be gained From this new energy this new chapter Unfolding than anything from the past Could ever give you And I'm excited for you to find this

Person Aries because you deserve Beautiful high vibrating love Whether this is romantic or even if it's Friendship platonic You are someone that is very deserving Of love so be open to it and see what You receive Thank you so much Aries for joining me For this reading I really hope it Resonated with you I hope it provides You with the clarity Insight healing Guidance you're looking for in regards To your month in December if it has Please let me know drop a comment below Hit that like button don't forget to Subscribe I love you Aries very much and I'll see You next time Take care Aries

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