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Hi Aquarius welcome to your November Monthly messages from Spirit reading This is your girl mermaid skills tarot Thank you so much for joining me here This is a general reading for the Sun Moon Rising Venus and or any other Strong placement for the sign of Aquarius please keep in mind that this Reading is General it is not a personal One-on-one reading and I'm going to ask Spirit what you need to hear about right Now in the month of November anything That you will be facing in November or May already be facing I hope these Messages will give you Clarity Insight Healing guidance that you're looking for In regards to watching this video I do Want to say really quickly guys please Be aware of the scammers that are going On in the tarot community on YouTube and On Instagram I am not doing personal Readings I'm not giving personal Readings at this time anyone that Messages you or comments below telling You that it's me giving you a personal Reading asking for payment information Is absolutely not me so please protect Yourself do not respond block report so We can get YouTube and Um Instagram to take those scammers down So let's get right on in aquarius so I See that some of you guys have been Going through a certain situation that Has been

A bit defeating on you Aquarius and some Of you have been trying your hardest to Overcome this situation in your life it Could be a relationship in your life but What I have to say about that Aquarius Is that you've done all that you could In regards to trying to fix this Relationship fix this person fix this Job that you're unhappy in or you don't Find yourself being fulfilled in And I gotta say with this five of Michael energy coming through here I do feel Aquarius that for some of you You're being Aware that someone or a situation is Taking advantage of you out of your kind Nature out of your resourcefulness I Mean people see you as having it all and Being the person that could solve any Situation and I feel that people are Dependent on you Aquarius to be that Light in their life to be that Person that they could take their Emotional situations out on their Problems out on almost have you be an Emotional Dumping Ground which isn't Making you feel accomplished isn't Making you feel like even when I do Decide to sit and listen to this Person's issues and problems I give them My honest advice and if it's something They don't want to hear they attack me For it if it's the honest truth all they Want me to do is be that yes man be that

Constant support that is just Not benefiting me anymore and I feel Aquarius that you're looking at certain Situations in your life relationships in Your life that you're seeing you are Outgrowing but some of you whether You're feeling this guilt within Yourself or someone's trying to give you This guilty feeling of outgrowing a Relationship or a situation It by their assertiveness by their need To control it is already a huge red flag And indicating that this is something That is no longer serving you and what Michael has to say is the situation Doesn't serve you release your Attachment to the outcome consider Taking a more uplifting approach so Others of you I could feel from this Card hear that there is something you've Been working at a goal and with the way You've been doing it has not been Working and so spirit is saying maybe Aquarius there's a new way to approach Us there's a new way to go about this That I don't know for some of you Because it hasn't come to fruition or Because it hasn't unfolded you've been Punishing yourself and Spirits saying That is not the solution to this Aquarius You're not seeing the other way but it Will be revealed to you as you take time To

Better understand maybe why something Isn't working maybe if there is anything That you've been approaching that isn't From your authentic self which is a big Indicator of what is not meant for you Anything that makes you compromise your Authentic self silence or dim your Authentic self so you could fit in so it Could be a forceful way to make it Happen that's what Spirit wants to Address in the beginning of the month or Maybe what you're even addressing right Now And spirit is saying to let go of the Things that take from you that Change you in a way that you know isn't What's right with you you know what Isn't fitting of you But for some reason I almost feel like It's the situation or this person Specifically that's trying to convince You otherwise But it's like that saying what looks Like a duck quack like a duck walks like A duck is a duck even if they try to Convince you they're an eagle or a Phoenix It's nothing that you're seeing and Sensing that's actually starting to Prove itself And maybe some of you are beating Yourselves up over taking this person's Word and having it not be Their fulfilled end of the bargain for

Them not to be the other half that Wants to fix the situation going on Between the two of you but Aquarius Spirit is saying let it go let it go and What will be lost in the process will be Replaced with something so so much Better And don't let people make you feel Guilty for making the choices that you Know are right for you Because what we have coming is the six Of Ariel and this is the Six of Pentacles in traditional tarot this is Taurus energy And what it says is material needs get Fulfilled in magical and unexpected ways Acts of kindness giving or receiving With a grateful heart So Aquarius I do feel for some of you you may be Fearful of letting this go because it May be tying to your financial situation To what you need in order to pay the Bills so this could be relating to a job That you're feeling unfulfilled or even A certain role that you know you've Worked hard enough to get a higher pay a Higher status a promotion Um And they're still not using you for your Talents for your skills or even they're You overusing that and not paying you For your talent and your skills So Aquarius spirit is saying even if

You're afraid of how you're gonna make Up for the bills It will fall into place what is meant For you the people the situations that Will pay you rightfully for everything You do now this doesn't have to be Career related at all right it could Just mean what you're gaining out of the Experience of having friendships of Having Partnerships having family Members in your life where for some of You it is out of balance what you give To them isn't what you're receiving from Them And so I have to say that there is Something that is trying to make its way To you Aquarius That will repay you for everything You've been through or try to held out On in this situation that is draining You And for some of you I do feel what's Coming up is an opportunity to Get the things in your life that you've Been craving for that you've been Wanting and hoping for What kind of struck me was Um material needs get fulfilled in Magical and unexpected ways So Aquarius if you it didn't work out With a certain job a certain friendship A certain partnership There will be something that God or the Universe or spirit will replace it with

That will fulfill you even more than What you are expecting Aquarius And some of you may be getting a new job Offer and you're trying to deliberate What path will be best for you I think Aquarius show itself What the offer will be what they'll be Offering to you is something that will Not be comparing to this Five of Swords And maybe you feel like you're betraying This Five of Swords energy you're not it Already betrayed you to begin with I Just have to put that out there But for some of you you may get Unexpected financial gain Um some sort of payback some sort of Someone that finally is coming through To give you what you were owed in a big Way maybe there will be a friend a Family member that will refer you And that will guide you to a payment or Maybe even for some of you that will Finally reveal the struggles you've been Going through financially uh through Your Home life your situation someone will Hear your story and give you something That will be a little booster for you Maybe it will be alone maybe it will be A gift simply and you don't have to pay Them back but they're doing it so you Can get put on the right path And spirit doesn't want you to deny that Aquarius

Um this gift is coming into your life For the reason to uplift you to take you To where you need to go And maybe some of you have been Struggling with finding a new job have Been unemployed for a bit and you just Feel like it's just hard with the Economy the way it is now as a lot of People are losing their jobs there's a Lot of competition in the applications And even with inflation that's going on In our economy in America specifically But It is a A resources are a problem right now and How to pay for the gas that's continuing To go up in the increase in foods Prices and stuff like that has been Affecting someone greatly But spirit is saying release The negativity release the doubt Put your worries and your fears in our Hands and we'll show you Through the 3D something that is going To give you that boost that you've been Needing that you've been wanting but Staying stuck in a situation that's What's going to delay this process That's what's going to block this Process for you Aquarius Because by the end of the month you have The world card With Archangel Michael coming through For you guys

And it says a very happy ending coming Full circle spiritual growth and insight So your problems will be addressed will Be healed or there will be presenting it Something presenting itself to you in The middle of the month that will be a Conclusion for the struggles you've been Going through Maybe for some of you this has nothing To do with finances it just has to do With The constant idea of the grass is Greener on the other side And I could have had more I should have Done more I should have made this choice If only I made this Choice some of you Are just holding yourself to the Past And it's blocking you from seeing what You can do now to make the change in the Situation And as soon as you silence those past Memories those past fears those past Experiences and start being more present With what you can do with your situation Now and use that as fuel I think you're Going to get what you want Aquarius Whether that's a new insight a new Lifestyle a new job a new race a new Opportunity alone this is all in the Cards for you and it's going to leave You very very happy very fulfilled that You chose a different way that you Decide to respond in in a different Course than what you were stuck on for

Such a long time for a lot of you Bottom of the deck the page of Gabriel Fire energy Aries Leo Sagittarius energy And it says energetic Brave optimistic Playful Follow Your Passion you are Ready for any challenge opportunities For excitement and adventure So I do feel for a lot of you Um that these opportunities in small Ways whether you're scrolling through Online and you're seeing these ads or These uh messages that keep occurring About a thing you should apply for a Thing you should try out but then There's that doubt again what if this Fails what if I don't get what I want From it the experience is enough for you To have a better understanding of Yourself of your needs and your wants Honestly and what I mean by that is Even through the bad experiences we Learn something we gain something from That Knowledge from that wisdom And I feel that that Whatever it was closed door failure loss Was meant to stoke that fire back in you Aquarius to make you realize that I Don't want to be stuck in this anymore Stuck in this thought pattern stalking Stuck in this belief of myself or stuck In the situation that I've outgrown And you can make this happen with the Six of Ariel you can find the resources You will find the finances you will find

The support that you've been looking for From the right people from the right Situations that will Propel you to the World card I do feel with whatever situation you've Been struggling with Aquarius is coming To an end in November and it's going to Give you that new drive that new Focus That new determination to carry this Conclusion out and with whatever's Coming out of that conclusion something Very happy rewarding and fulfilling is Coming from it and to carry that on Further to take this advantage in this Opportunity that you'll be getting by The end of the month and fully owning it And using it I don't know for some of You you're fully taking your power back In a lot of ways from something that's Taken from you or even Some certain beliefs that have made you Stuck in this You're coming back out on top Aquarius You never lost in the first place And what I mean by that is that sure There may have been a job loss there may Have been a loss of a friendship But it's really benefiting you in ways That you're gonna see fully by the end Of the month that you didn't even expect To see that you didn't expect to believe And the world card is the last card in The major Arcana So this isn't just a small conclusion

This isn't just something to write off As just another day this is going to be Monumental this is going to be profound Whatever it is you're finally Closing out in your life that you're Going to want to celebrate that you're Going to want to share that you're going To want to show off Not in a way to get an ego boost but in A way to say I did this I could always do this I made it happen and I can give myself That credit for it But I do feel there's interest in you Aquarius with the page of Wands and to Take note of that interest that is in You That fire and people see that desire That people see to have you on their Team to have you as a partner to have You as a romantic relationship whatever This is you have potential So let's pull some more cars that dive Deeper into this Tell me more about November for Aquarius Spirits Mountain oh you're beautiful I love this And it says know that you are protected As you face challenges but remain Cautious So Aquarius you are climbing the Mountain right now I felt it with this Five of Michael or maybe some of you Have been climbing this mountain for

Some time since a certain loss has Happened since you've realized the true Colors of the situation of a Relationship But you are getting stronger each and Every day I want you to know that Spirit Wants you to know that as you climb this Mountain some of you could have Capricorn in your chart in your Moon Rising Venus whatever But The Fact that you're taking the first steps Aquarius means something you must know That And for the fact that you've Faced this challenge you're addressing This challenge is something that most People don't do that you're already Doing Some people like to stay stuck Not consciously but because being a Victim in a lot of ways means that They don't have to act on anything that Could change their lives because it's The world's fault you're not putting Your destiny you're not putting your Purpose in the world's hands you're Making it happen So this is a big encouragement from Spirit to keep going even if there's Struggles and challenges that arise Those are meant for you to address it And face it own it and move forward

To finally let those come to the side as You start to become more honest with Yourself about what you need what you Want And what you no longer want in your life And to be okay with that and to accept That Aquarius Spirit is seeing you for your struggles And spirit is Acknowledging that you've been fighting And you've been going at it and for some Of you you're getting discouraged don't Be discouraged you're almost at the top Of this mountain Aquarius you will for Sure be by the end of the month with This world card and the view from the Top is going to be pretty amazing Let's keep going Air Guardian not surprised to see this For my air sign Aquarius shift your Perception Now this is striking striking a chord With me with the Six of Pentacles card Here And we don't consciously do this but This is coming up for me for it to say Aquarius believe in all the beautiful Things you can have in your life believe That you can make it happen that it is Meant for you Even if there were certain struggles to Get this even though it has not been in Full unfolding to your time frame that You've been hoping for

I do feel as you shift your perception As you change your perspective instead Of looking at the glass half empty start To see it being half full Finding the purpose behind these Struggles not to keep you down but to Push you further And to have an idea that this is all Happening for a reason and what shall be Will be nothing that is meant to be mine Shall be prevented from me it will all Unfold in the right time in the right Way And as you're shifting that perspective I do feel something is going to happen In your 3D world that will prove this New Perspective this new idea that you Have to be correct about yourself and What you can achieve For the end of the year in your life Aquarius You have a beautiful mind Powerful mind And I think some of you guys are Starting to see the power in your Thoughts In what happens when you start to direct Your thoughts towards new uplifting Things instead of giving too much Attention to the things that Take from you or discourage you When you shift your perspective shift Your focus how much that will benefit You Aquarius you're learning that in

November this month And I feel for some of you guys it's Hard too because I'm picking up on this Energy of someone feeling like they were The black sheep and their family Um someone that was Always blamed for standing out for Having a new idea for being yourself And maybe by releasing that idea that You're the black sheep turn into the Goat and what I mean by the goat is the Greatest of all time the person that Heals any sort of ancestral or family Patterns around blaming certain people For their own Unfulfilled expectations and instead Using that as an experience to go higher And to prove those people wrong not in a Way that you need to prove anyone went Wrong or show anyone to anything But to say that I can still be me and Still achieve everything I want in my Life I feel a lot of you are learning that Right now in November and coming to Terms with that in November And it's going to free you Aquarius Let's get another card What does Aquarius need to know right Now spirit What does Aquarius need to know right Now about November There we go release and surrender yes That is the main theme of this reading

Here and it's a hard process to go Through it's detoxifying it's Reprogramming ourselves into Implementing new ideas Concepts ideas It is a process that is challenging But it's reminding me of the process of When the caterpillar is in the Cocoon Before they become the butterfly I mean They're what they're doing in that Cocoon is not an easy relaxing Um situation they're in they they are Literally breaking themselves down into A gel and reforming themselves back up Into the form of a butterfly and I feel That's what you guys are doing with your Programming at an early age programming From society programming that you may Have taken upon yourself that you're Unlearning And be easy on yourself Aquarius give Compassion to yourself It's an everyday process It's not going to change overnight and That's okay You are on your journey on your own path In your own way that is meant to be Designed for you And as you release those old beliefs old Patterns old situations that you're Starting to outgrow you'll start to see The new come in because you're holding More space But what this card says is We shower you with blessings of our

Radiant love open your arms and release The challenges that you've held tightly Gripped within your hands Open your hands arms and heart to our Love and assistance So help is on the way Aquarius Some of you are already starting to see That from offers opportunities Um certain messages that keep on Repeating itself that are guiding you to Make decisions But some of you are most definitely Going to start to see that in November The love oh being open to that love Don't block it out because of certain People that prove themselves to be Unworthy of Your Love Being Closed off unopened is not meant for you Aquarius it's not meant to be a part of Your path You're meant to overcome that and you Will overcome that Spirit is going to send you that reward That Opportunity that resource to finally Leave this Five of Swords behind and Your climb to the top will all be worth An Aquarius I think you're the first in your family That is doing this type of work Healing work Whether that is getting like a degree That you're the first in your family to

Get that degree to get that job Opportunity to make more of yourself Than what was Maybe what you felt was doomed for you a Long time ago whether that's family Related or not But I do feel you're doing the work that Is healing the family line that is Healing yourself And you're gonna be like this Angel Pictured in this card on the other side Of it a light A vessel of love a vessel of Hope A vessel of opportunity And I think as you're more open to the New experiences in your life to the new Perceptions of yourself the perceptions Of what you can have in your life it's All going to be evident to you as time Goes on and this isn't something that's Just only going to happen in November This is going to have a Rippling effect For you as you go into 2023 even All right Aquarius let's go ahead and Get one more card from this deck here And I hope that this message will serve As anything that will confirm anything For you that I've already stated within The reading or maybe add a last minute Message that you need to hear that I Didn't touch up on but then they're Reading anything else that we can tell Aquarius about what they're going Through in November

But they're healing in November what to Expect in November Anything else for Aquarius spirit One second my goodness Aquarius spirit Is in the house all those cards I don't Know if you kind of saw it because the Vision's blocking a little bit but all These cards just flew into my lap and When that happens for me as a reader it Is Spirit saying I'm here these are your Messages I want to tell you everything And I have so much more to share so Maybe Aquarius there's even more Spirit wants to tell you outside of this Tarot reading that you're going to start To see through your own pull of your own Cards through other messages that you May find on YouTube But there's more Spirit wants to tell You that maybe in private Confidentiality between you and spirit That will soon reveal itself to you as Well Yes final messages for Aquarius So what we have for you is laugh it out Laughing is such a powerful medicine it Really really is Just finding the optimism the humor in Some things in life even through the Hardest things Often will provide some sort of healing Just by accepting Just by seeing maybe certain situations That repeat itself

How have I stayed in this too long why Have I chosen this day in this too long I'm ready to move out of this peace out I'm ready for a new chapter maybe some Flowers resonate with you guys very Specifically on a personal level but What this says is Laughter untangles the knot of Difficulties before despair can settle In Even serious situations are under Divine Management To laugh is to feel good again by Accepting the mysterious way of things Ease up in order to gain a fresh Perspective No matter how it looks know this Everything at is as it should be the Divine has assigned a spiritual Guardian To watch over you oh And guardian came up very strongly in Sagittarius's reading so if he has Sagittarius strongly in your chart I Suggest checking out the Sagittarius Reading to see if there's messages for You there but Aquarius yes This situation you're going through was Never meant to discourage you to keep You down it was meant to show you There's a better way there's more you Can have And there may be some work around Getting this new lifestyle this new way Of living this new way of understanding

That you'll have to go through but Don't be so hard on yourself Aquarius Don't be so hard on the process This is all happening maybe even some of This was completely out of your control And that's just what you may have to Understand and accept from this But there always will be a change in the End that whatever situation you're in is Not going to remain forever it is only Temporary And as you undergo the weather now find Some light in it find some hope in it Because you guys do have that ability You do have that purpose of being that Light And now you just have to find it in Yourself And once you find it within yourself There's nothing you won't be able to Overcome So thank you so much Aquarius for Joining me here for this reading I Really hope it resonated with you I hope It provided you with the healing inside Clarity and guidance that you're looking For by watching this message and if it Has please let me know drop a comment Below hit that like button don't forget To subscribe I love you Aquarius very much and I'll See you next time Take care Aquarius

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