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[Music] Thank you Hi Aquarius welcome to your December 2022 General love reading this is your Girl mermaid skills tarot thank you so Much for joining me here this is a General love reading for the Sun Moon Rising Venus and or any other strong Placement for the sign of Aquarius this Is a general reading so this may Resonate with you it may not please only Take the messages that resonate and Leave it doesn't for someone else who Needs to hear that message High cross Watchers you're very welcome Here if you're interested in Aquarius Who wouldn't be I liked your mind Aquarius and crosswatchers that energy Is fluid and this means you may feel Like I'm describing a certain situation In the reading where you feel the roles Are flipped or reversed and that's Completely okay you're more than welcome To use your own discretion to flip those Roles if that resonates with your Specific situation at best All right Aquarius let's see what's Going on in your love life at this time In December as December unfolds what do You need to know about your love life And with this reading I am tuning into An energy that's in or around your Energetic field as someone that has Romantic feelings or intentions towards

You at this time whether you are single Or you're in a relationship whether You're connected to this person Currently or you're apart from this Person if you have yet to meet this Person we're already starting to have Feelings let's see who is coming through And why and we have a date here Okay Aquarius and it says meeting Someone new dating get back out there Plan set a date so I wonder if this is Someone who is about to ask you on a Date has asked you on a date who is Interested in you who wants to take you Out maybe you guys are getting back in The dating life reactivating your online Apps Um Tinder Bumble hinge grinder I don't Know but you guys are putting yourselves Back out there to be open today and You're gonna get someone who bites the Bait who wants to reel you in Aquarius The letter D here is really sticking out To me first and last initial as in Derek As in Danielle could mean something to Someone does not have to be the case but Someone's interested in you Aquarius Someone wants to take you out someone Has a crush on you and they may make the First move to ask you out on this I do Feel like they want to treat you to Something Um I do feel you're going to get a text Message very soon about asking what

You're doing this weekend what you're up To so that's pretty exciting let's see Tell me more about this energy what is This Energy want to tell Aquarius but they Haven't told Aquarius What do they want to say to Aquarius if They haven't said the Aquarius Almost I'm trying to move on and it's painful Hmm okay so Aquarius I feel there's Multiple energies coming in to your Reading I see this energy maybe the Letter I may mean something to someone Whether their name starts with I or ends With I Um it's almost as if this person's Seeing that you're moving on or maybe Moving on to someone new maybe being Open to New Opportunities and this Energy may be seeing that through your Social media or just picking that up in Your energy and it's hurting them it's Breaking their heart they really wish They could have had you they would have They wish that they could have made the Right choices but now they have to sleep In the bed that they need right Aquarius Their lack of not doing anything about It now or in the past is going to change Your mind about moving to someone new so I feel Aquarius there's multiple people Around you there's a couple people Specifically two who still have their

Eye on you who still want you but Someone is more much newer giving a new Chapter into your life is a breath of Fresh air while the other is still Trying to hold on to you regretting you Know crying over the spilled milk that Already happened between the two of you So you may even have a choice in December Aquarius of leaving the past Behind moving towards the new or going Back to this person maybe and seeing if You could give them another chance I Don't know let's pull the tarot out Because I'm really intrigued by this Let's see tell me more Let's see whose energy is going to be The most prevalent And with this I'm going to ask how they Feel about you right now Aquarius what Do they think of you what do they like About you what do they not like about You What they like about the connection that They have with you currently and what do They not like about it and what are Their highest hopes and deepest fears in Regards to this connection with you Aquarius what are they really hoping is Going to happen between the two of you And what are they afraid of is going to Unfold Wow okay yeah I have to be honest Aquarius it really Does feel like this person is

Whoever this person is I'm trying to Move on as painful is still Energetically holding on to you Energetically holding on to the Experience they had with you they know They messed up they know they blew it They know that you're moving on that you May have even physically moved to Another city a new apartment a new house Away from them Um and it's really something that They're struggling with It was a tower moment for them seeing That you are dating someone else you're Dating new people it's something they're Really struggling with but with this King of Wands energy I kind of feel this Is the newer energy trying to come in That is more mature that is more serious That is determined to take you out on a Date to show you something new but yeah I it's interesting how both of these Energies are coming into your reading The six of Cups there we go Scorpio energy Queen of cups Wow yeah Okay So bottom of the deck we have the three Of cups Cancer energy you could be dealing with The cancer you could have strong cancer In your chart does not have to be the Case in order for this reading to

Resonate but with the three of cups I do Feel a few a few things here so for some Of you you are finally moving on you're Deciding to just hang out with your Friends again go on dates to get Yourself ready to go out on the town to Go to parties to go to bars to go to Events that have a lot of your friends New invitations around you and people Are really feeling your Vibe Aquarius I Wonder if there's some sort of Transformation you went through in November or October where you just were Ready to let go of the Connections and the people that drained You that disappointed you enough is Enough the past can't hold you back Anymore is kind of where you're at right Now and by opening yourself to these new Opportunities you have people who have Been crushing about you who have been Wanting to have you around I even feel Like there's a friend you have that has Like a co-worker or another friend or Even a sibling or a family member who Has a crush on you that wanted to ask Them if you were coming to a certain Event if you're coming to a certain Party to make sure you'd be there Because they want to see you they want To get to know you better But Aquarius it looks like you're just Having a good time and you're taking Every day as it is you are just open to

The Good Vibes around you only open to The people that will Uplift you that will make you Feel good about where you're at right Now with the choices that you've made You're very popular right now Aquarius Energetically you've risen your Vibration and it's just made people want You want to hang out with you want to Hit you up And there's one person from your past Who's starting to see that whether You've been posting more about going out Whether you've been They've seen you somewhere perhaps at The same event at the same friend's House And you were looking good you were Having fun well they were still stuck And others of you this new person this New date you've met through very Recently through interacting with them Going on dates with them meeting them at A party meeting them at a bar meeting Them at a friend's house And so far they like what they see So Aquarius let's dive deep in and Hopefully help you decide what's the Better option here if someone does try To come back or is still energetically Linking onto you is there a reason why Or is it only because they're just Kicking themselves up they're kicking Themselves now for not doing enough when

They had the chance and the opportunity There could be someone from the past Asking you out on a date again we'll see How someone feels about you right now is The Tower and I gotta say it does feel Connotated to this Um seeing that you are maybe in a new Relationship or going on a date has Rocked their world They really still thought you guys are Going to be together again that you guys Would have another chance but seeing That you're truly moving on has Completely demolished the Tower of Security they thought and still feeling Like there was something between the two Of you And for some of them seeing that you are Going out that you are dating made them Really upset really angry there were People who saw them Change Vibes completely They're close members families friends Like they have not been doing well Since you guys stopped talking They've been a lot more impulsive They've been a lot more Angry they've Been a lot more stressed out And they're very upset over this I'm hearing C'est La Vie for some reason I wonder if someone speaks French or Just says that saying a lot but it is What it is And I feel for others of you with this

Date if this is the new opportunity here I do feel Spirit brought this new person Into your life to really bring about a New Chapter a new person so you can finally Let the past go And maybe for some of you guys this was The extra push you needed to finally let Go of the past once and for all I do feel that this person this newer Person when they met you it kind of Shocked them how much they already Started to think about you after you Guys had that first meeting first Conversation And maybe even Aquarius for some of you Guys Um If this newer person Has this x that's still holding on to Them This x is jealous of you they've been Looking at your social media constantly They've been trying to find out who you Are where you work what do you have that This person their ex is so interested in You may start to kind of see that from This person like You're wondering who just added you why Are they watching your stories and you May find out it's this person's ex okay Just saying for some of you guys you may Already know about this There is some sort of third-party

Involvement here but it doesn't feel Like cheating I would pick up on that For sure it feels more like a jealousy Towards you whether it is that you're Moving on from someone or this new Person is moving on with you And it's completely rocked some third Parties World here But again it could just also mean that Spirit placed this new person in your Life so you can really let the Tower of The past fall as it should have What they think of you is the king of Wands Leo energy I do feel this is the date energy here Where they have plans and they want to Impress you They want to show off to you everything That they Need to in order to show you that They're the person you should have an Ion that you should engage with this Person could be very creative you like The way they dress Um I don't know if they have their own Unique Style They Just carry themselves with confidence And maturity and certainty it's not Knight of Wands energy where it's like Playboy play girl energy it's more of Yeah I know that I can give you Everything should you give me the chance To

And this person gets really excited Thinking about you really motivated About going out on dates with you Texting you calling you And they're hungry they're ready to see Where this can go with you how far this Can go with you Because they are looking for something Serious with this king of Wands and the Upright If it was in the reverse they're Unstable they're not certain of Themselves or what they want upright They know what they want and they're Going for it Someone could even have an accent as Well What they like the most about you The devil Capricorn energy and with this Placement here Um of course I don't think that what They like the most about you is toxic Energy now with the cards I feel with This energy some of you could have a Capricorn Venus But If this is the newer person here there's Just this bond to you this pull to you That they feel they're out of control of Do you bring out this intensity within Them that they feel is instinctual A little Savage too almost like Something that they Have this nature of if they're around

You they have to touch you they have to Whisper something in your ear They have to have you it's something That they're already set in Now if this is the past the person's Energy from the past that You know take it as it resonates it Seems that they're completely fixated on You Aquarius And even though they try to move on they Still feel like they're not going to be Happy until they have you the problem With that is that they're placing their Happiness as your responsibility and It's not your responsibility And I think that was the problem of it All is that You know I feel with this ex-person There is always a hunger there is always A bind uh draw to one another between The two of you but it never satisfied Either of you And it was because someone wasn't ready But they wanted to have their cake and Eat it too But you're not that person Aquarius That's just gonna compromise for less Than what you want And when you started to see that Something was not serving you or taking From you you decided to Release Yourself from that Karma Release Yourself from that stress And they're still stuck in it Aquarius

And I do feel that this past energy is Confusing desire and Lust For Love And they're still fixated on you Obsessed with you to some degree I think you already know this Aquarius By the fact that they still want you They still are on your social media or Energetically you still feel that tense Bond between the two of you But overall if this is the new person They think you're very physically Attractive they tell your friends or Their friends that you're really hot You're really sexy You are alluring And that you're a little dangerous in a Way not a bad way but almost as if they Know that if they pursue this with you They're going to be all in it and it's Something that they can't hide it's Something they can't deny it something They can't control Also with this devil card here Um Again like If you are someone that is like Someone's brother or sister And they're friends with your brother or Sister and they have a crush on you they Know that's going to create problems But they can't help it they're still so Drawn to you or even if it's like a Friend's friend or even if You know your friend's ex may have a

Crush on you I'm just throwing that out There as examples right But even though they may know it's not The best situation the best start into This they They are starting not to care If there's going to be trouble or drama Around it If that is your situation Someone could have a scar on their arm Or like on their forearm around their Wrist Maybe What they don't like about you is the Eight of Cups Pisces energy and again this is drawn to This person who's still watching you Lingering around your energy or on your Social media whatever it is You did tap out of this emotionally Aquarius You did see that there is nothing much More to fulfill in a past situation and You may have been the one to leave or Withdraw and they felt like you did it Very coldly they felt like you did it Out of the blue they felt like you Ghosted them And they feel hurt by it they feel like You just Completely left them in the dark whether That's true or not that is their Perception of what has happened here And they feel like now that you've moved On you emotionally can't come back

You're not wanting to come back And if you have moved to a different City different state different location They are upset about that too Now this is the new person here they may Think you are a little bit emotionally Distant emotionally reserved That you keep your emotions at Bay And they want to dig deeper into that Aquarius because they do find you Mysterious they do find you intriguing So even if they feel like you're Emotionally disconnected at times maybe They're feeling like maybe you're doing That to protect yourself But they want you to be safe with them They want you to know that they'll Protect you that they honor you that They have serious intentions with you Aquarius What they like the most about this Connection is the six of cups Scorpio energy So with the past they feel like you've Had a serious past that can't be Forgotten That both of you may still think about From day to day They're hoping that everything you've Experienced in the past is something That you still hold on to as much as They do Whoever the past is for you and maybe This past person you've known for a very

Long time for years maybe since you were Kids in college whatever it is And they're hoping because you guys have Had that in chemistry for so long that It will still endure Now for those of you this could be a Newer person Who may start to understand your story About what you had to leave behind about Your last relationship Um they're hoping they can move you out Of the past show you they're nothing Like your past they're not going to Treat you like your pastor you're not Going to repeat the past again now for Those of you where The newer person has this toxic X They told you about it or you're Starting to learn about this toxic X You're really helping them move past That Any heartbreak from the past you're Through interactions with you Aquarius And having this connection with you Going on these dates with you you bring Such a lighter energy to love and Romance that they didn't experience Before Their last relationship was very toxic Very draining Um very emotionally Chaotic But you're someone that is healing that Within themselves that may have had a

Wound from a past relationship and They're very appreciative of it That you're showing them a new side of Love That they can move on from Also someone could have kids With another person and someone is Really good with kids Someone has already connected with Someone's children and the kids do Already like them already And that's a big plus for someone Foreign What they don't like about this Connection is the queen of cups Cancer energy So again whether this is how you feel or How they feel about you there is someone Here who does feel like someone's Emotionally distant emotionally reserved Doesn't really talk about their feelings Or is not ready to talk about their Feelings And that is something where this king of Wands that this is the new person just Already wants to start moving ahead with Moving forward let's talk about how we Feel and let's do something about it But maybe they're not understanding what You went through in love and romance Aquarius that when you put your heart Out there before it wasn't honored it Was stomped on it was trampled and You're protecting yourself from that

Again So I do feel with this queen of Cups Energy That They feel like you're a little bit slow To open emotionally Which is something they'll still be Patient with Um but you know is something that comes Across their mind time to time again Will they ever reveal their feelings for Me how long will this take Well they feel emotionally secure and Safe with me Others of you if this is the person from The past Um they're still in love with you they Still feel like you are haunting them in A lot of ways Energetically emotionally That you'll always have their place in a Place in their heart that isn't going to Be cured isn't going to be healed And you still like haunt their dreams Aquarius or haunt their thoughts haunt Their feelings Foreign Hopes is The nine of cups Pisces energy So new person here is hoping that Everything will work out between the two Of you that as you guys continue to date As you continue to get to know each

Other you really are the person that They've been looking for that they can See themselves being with that they Could be happy with that they could feel Safe and secure with that they can see a Future with Two people want you Aquarius I feel that So strongly here And both of them are hoping that they'll Get you that they'll have you that you Will be theirs Yeah and this past person man What is it about now that they want to Act on is it because you moved on maybe But why they do this when they have the Chance and the opportunity And maybe it's like because they kind of See in some way or feel in some way Energetically that you're moving on That's why they're not acting on it but It's giving you more of a message that Moving on is the right choice But they're still fixated on you they Still daydream about you they still Fantasize about you guys being together Again But in reality they may be facing with The fact that you are moving on you are Made up your mind and you're doing What's best for you With this nine of cups if this is your Energy Aquarius I do feel you're really Hoping that things with this new person This person you're dating or going to go

On a date with very soon is everything That is going to replace everything You've lost from a past Connection and that you can feel Emotionally secure with and emotionally Safe but they do have to work at that They have to show it to you and prove it To you And they're hoping that they can prove It to you Aquarius And you're hoping that you're you're Um hopes aren't too high Because maybe that's how you felt with The past person too But I think there's something special Here with this new energy for sure I Think you're starting to feel it too Aquarius Now deepest fear is the sun card Leo energy This is the past person they're afraid They missed out on the one person that Would have made them happy that they Missed out on a chance of being with Their soul mate Being with the person that always made Them happy That they won't be happy again without You If this is the newer person Um Their deepest fears I feel with this sun Card is that this isn't going to be Successful

That you aren't the one they've been Looking for That you will not illuminate your Feelings to them or it's going to take a Lot of time Or that may be this honeymoon dating Phase that you guys may be going through Currently with one another will come to An end And I do feel This energy if there is an X that's Lingering around that you and this new Person whether this is their ex or your Ex are going to be together in the near Future and you guys are going to be Happy with one another and they can't Stand to see you happy without them or They can't stand to see this person Happy with you That is their worst fear of whatever Third-party energy is trying to come Through this beautiful reading between The two of you All right Aquarius To see what's likely to happen and Unfold in your love life what this date Is gonna happen what they're looking for And what they're likely to do in the Near future we're going to go ahead and Take this civil meal for the extended Reading but before we go I am going to Pull one more card From this deck here and see spirit's Final messages for you guys in regards

To your love life in regards to your Love situation it's in this love Triangle you may be in or something You're trying to leave to welcome a new Love anything else that Aquarius needs To know about their love life spirit Okay And it says If you could be any if you could do Anything what would it be the answer Dwells in your heart not in your mind For the heart is the gateway to the soul So you know guys I do feel you have a Choice in December I do feel that you guys are whether it's The choice where two people are gonna Make their offers to you whether it's The choice to finally move on from the Past to something new or whether it's The choice that I is it time to for me to open up to This is it time for me to feel into this And to trust into this spirit is saying Any questions that you still have Remaining May rely on your heart To follow your heart to follow what Feels good for you what you know is good For you And maybe Aquarius when it says not in Your mind you've been overthinking a Situation maybe it's because you're Picking up on an energy that you're Trying to walk away from But anything that you choose should be

Out of love and anything that could add To your fear or your stress that is Something that Spirit wants to make Aware to you so you can finally walk Away from it so you can enjoy the new Coming into your life So anything that makes your heart feel Fulfilled passionate That activates your heart chakra spirit Is saying pay attention to that because That is what we're trying to lead you to So you can enjoy your love life and Enjoy what may happen in it So listen to your heart Aquarius All right we're going to go ahead and Take this to the extended reading see What's likely to unfold in the upcoming Days and weeks in your love life what This person may likely to do what the Past May likely to do let's dive in and See what you need to know about the near Future if you'd like to join me for the Extended reading open up the description Box and you'll find the link to Vimeo Which will take you to the extended Reading but if this is where we depart Aquarius I really hope that this reading Resonated with you and your love life Your specific situation that you're Going through and if it has please let Me know drop a comment below hit that Like button don't forget to subscribe I love you Aquarius very much and I'll See you next time

Take care Aquarius

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