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Hi Aquarius welcome to your November General love reading this is your girl Mermaid skills tarot thank you so much For joining me here this is a general Love reading for the Sun Moon Rising Venus and or any other strong placement For the sign of Aquarius This will not resonate with every Aquarius that watches this message and Because this reading is general not Every single message may be for you so Please only take our resonates and leave A dozen for someone else who needs to Hear that message And if this reading is not for you at All Aquarius I highly suggest checking Out your other signs of different Placements Hi cross Watchers you're very welcome Here if you're interested in Aquarius Who wouldn't be I'd like to remind Aquarius and crosswalkers that energy is Fluid and this simply means you may feel Like I'm describing a certain situation In the reading where you feel the rules Are flipped or reversed and that's Completely okay you're more than welcome To use your own discretion to flip those Roles if that resonates with your Specific situation the best So let's go ahead and get your reading Started I'm first going to start off Your reading by clearing and set the Energy so if you are listening to this

Using headphones of the volumes kind of Loud right now I do suggest turning it Down a little bit just for this part Because I don't want your ears to hurt So let's tune in [Music] All right so let's see what's going on In the month of November for my Aquarians in love and romance Aquarius Sun Moon Rising Venus anyone dealing With an aquarius what is the energy Surrounding Aquarius and love and Romance at this time Oh okay here we go reconciliation Pisces Had this card so if you're dealing with A Pisces if you have Pisces in your big Three your Venus I suggest checking out The Pisces reading to see if there's Messages for you there but it says Someone from your past is returning to Your life so Aquarius someone wants to Make an entrance back into your life Someone wants to reconnect with you Reconcile with you build something here With you grow something here with you They've missed you they've wanted you And for whatever reason in November is The time to make that reconciliation Happen I feel you're a little apprehensive About letting this person in though I wonder if it's because it's been a While or because the way things ended Didn't end well you felt like there was

No closure there was no explanation So you may be kind of wondering why this Person's coming back Could be another air sign a Gemini Libra Or another Aquarius perhaps Tell me more about this energy An aquarius's wife Well-deserved reward nine of Pentacles Virgo energy Very interesting so I wonder Aquarius For some of you with the nine of Pentacles this is someone that you used To work with I'm kind of picking up on That maybe you left the job since then They have and you guys didn't really Talk for a while Um but I do feel that Someone is They've been waiting to do this for a Few months a few weeks They've been watching you from afar And there's something that maybe you've Accomplished recently in your life or it Looks like you have I don't know if you've had some sort of Glow up some sort of Public thing that you posted online or Talked about where your family members And friends or people that you guys know You're acquainted with has like gotten Back to them about something you've just Earned rewarded from Um but you are standing out big time Aquarius

And I feel that they are coming back for Having you as some sort of completion in Your life They feel ready to they feel like they Can match your energy Um I feel this person has a little bit of a A confidence to them though I think they really do think that when They come back Aquarius you're just Gonna roll out the red carpet for them But from what I was feeling on your side They may be welcomed in a different way Let's see what the tarot has to say Because I'm interested in how this is gonna play Out tell me more About what's going on in aquarius's love Life the king of Wands That's why I picked up on that Confidence Leo energy some of you could Be dealing with a Leo you could have Leo On your chart does not have to be the Case I'm gonna get all the cards out first And then of course I'll show them to you Once they're all complete but wow yeah This has been a long time coming And they weren't ready before they Really weren't And they did feel like you you know Before at the time when they thought About reaching out to you you wouldn't

Want to hear from them Um Okay one second Aquarius that fell on The floor Okay so Aquarius we have the world card This is fixed energy Taurus Leo Aquarius And Scorpio energy so I do feel that There is some sort of completion that Has gone in your life there is some sort Of major achievement that you have now This doesn't have to be something like Graduation a promotion Something that Monumental to Post online But it could also mean just your own Spiritual Awakening your own spiritual Growth that you've been doing and Somehow Psychically telepathically energetically They picked up on that And with the world card it could also Depict that you guys come from different Cultures different backgrounds different Ethnicities and I'm also hearing someone With an accent sounds like a British Accent but it could really be anything Uh but They feel like the last thing they need In their life Aquarius is you And Right now the timing is right With this world card here there is so Much more that they want to achieve and Then they want to accomplish but they Don't feel like they can do it all

Unless they have you I wonder if for some of you with the World card and the eight of Wands since You guys separated you guys live in Different states different cities Different countries maybe even But even with the distance they still Think they can make this work with you And if you thought Aquarius that they Weren't paying attention to you they Ignored you they weren't looking out for You It's not the case they were thinking About you every day they have been Checking your social media they've been Seeing everything that you've been up to And doing and are even proud of you for What you've been through for what you've Accomplished in your life And I think by your ambition to overcome Or to succeed despite Anything that could ever hold you down Or even thinking that With this person's absence of your life It was going to keep you down they were Wrong And so here they are Aquarius to put Their last claim on it to see if you Will be open to this For them being the king of Wands here I Do feel as if there's been growth There's been maturity I'm not picking up On anyone that Um you know was abusive in any way so if

That's your case this reading is not for You But I did a sense in the past they were Immature they were a bit aloof they Didn't know what they want but they knew They liked hanging out with you but you Wanted more So maybe that's where you guys had to go Your separate ways because you knew at The time in the past they couldn't give You what you wanted But they're coming back a whole Different person because of you So let's get right on into it At the center of this is the king of Wands Leo energy So yeah I feel Aquarius that they're Coming back to stay They've made a decision they've made up Their mind And even when you guys were apart they Still had this Desire and feeling for you that never Left For whatever reason they thought keeping Distance was best until things kind of Cooled out until you guys went on your Own Journeys and had to do your own Healing how to do your own work With this Knight of wanza there's a Hunger in them that's stronger now There's something that they're also Taking accountability for Which maybe is even depicting this

Well-deserved reward here I think you Guys when they come back and you see Hear their story hear what they've been Doing up until this point you're going To be pretty impressed and maybe even Proud of them as well With this king of Wands energy this is Someone who is very charismatic Who is very Charming But who also fights for what they want And maybe something about that Aquarius Was always something that attracted you To them I feel As if with what they have to share with You whatever messages they send you that Explains their reasoning for the past They are genuine And I do think that even if you are a Bit standoffish with them They'll accept it And they'll hold on to this as long as They can because they don't want to give Up on this with you they don't want to Give up on what you guys have Foreign Of Pentacles Taurus energy So a couple different messages for some Of you this is just saying why you may Be kind of apprehensive or suspicious Why now you know it's been so much time Since We've last spoken

It's been We've changed a lot I feel you're going To recognize when this person returns Maybe the challenge of the connection When this all ended between the two of You was that it wasn't going anywhere it Was staying the same for too long And someone was comfortable with it Where it was at but Aquarius you wanted More you wanted more affection you Wanted more stability you wanted more Attention you wanted more Durability that they weren't ready to Give And I think you were tired of things Remaining the same And you weren't seeing any Improvement You weren't seeing any change And that's where you had to decide that You needed To back away from this pull back from This Okay Crowning this is the eight of Wands Sagittarius energy so I do feel when They come back you're going to get a Text message you're going to get a Direct message maybe even an email From this person it feels all electronic Communication coming in And I think everything they have to tell You they can't wait to say to you face To face So I feel like they're gonna spill it

All out through text message Through email through DM And I feel it's for the reason because They can see this going somewhere now With the growth with the separation what They didn't see before they get now And they want to take this to new places For some of you they're going to bring Up you know if you guys live at a Distance but Are from the same Area neighborhood State country they may Be coming back for the holidays and Hitting you up to see what you're up to Wanting to hang out with you wanting to Catch up with you Others of you I I do feel that they want To travel they will make that option Once you kind of open up the Communication they might they might Start to discuss hey I let's see each Other I'll come and fly out and see you I'll drive out and see you whatever the Form of transportation is But rooting this is the two of swords So this is Libra energy That's where I was feeling the suspicion And apprehension you still don't feel Like you could fully open up to this you Could fully trust this And that's where I think what the king Of Wands this person is going to realize That they need to get and hold Accountability for

And I think though for you Aquarius it's Going to take more than a sorry though It's nice that they said it it's nice That they recognize it but just because They say sorry doesn't mean That everything's gonna go back to the Way it was They're gonna have to show you more than Just speaking these words that you want To hear And it may be difficult for them Because again I think they had a Different perspective of how this Reunion was gonna go But it makes sense With this two of Swords someone could be Bilingual even Just throwing that out there of Confirmation of who this could be for Someone But yeah I do feel they realize it's Going to take you a bit to open up Aquarius To be warm again to trust in this again But they're going to work at it to Impress you They want to they want to show you Everything that they've done everything They've learned And I think Even though they may get a little bit Discouraged at first If they play their cards right if they Really prove it to you you would be a

Little open to it That's what they're hoping for at least Your energy in this is the six of Wands Leo energy some of you could have Leo Rising or Leo moon you know what I heard When I picked this card up you're Everything I want And that's how this person sees you I mean you still look good that's for Sure They think that Um you know you've always been very Attractive very beautiful very handsome Something to show off something to brag About to their friends Their family members But I'm also kind of getting from this You're you're gonna play a little bit Hard to get Aquarius it's not going to Be that easy this time around And that's just reiterating everything I've been kind of seeing in the cards Here But you're the one to impress you're not Going to over exert yourself you're not Going to over prove yourself because you Know that's not your role to play with Everything that happened and unfolded Within this You are very talented at whatever it is You do for your career or maybe as a Hobby And some of you may have been getting That attention through your skills

Through your talents through your Projects Community wise maybe internet wise maybe Further than that And so they're seeing how you know the Attention you're getting And they want to congratulate you too But I think it's more to that and maybe They start out as texting you is like Congratulations I heard this I saw that But it's really just a loophole to get Back in How they are in this or how you may see Them as the fool card Aquarius energy Aries energy So what I do feel for some of you with This fool card here it is always about New Beginnings brand new beginnings Major Arcana New Beginnings I really do Feel that you're seeing this person in a Brand new light in a brand new way And you will if you choose to open up to This and to be more Trustful of this as time goes on if they Prove it to you I think you're going to See all the change that they've made And I do feel Aquarius that if they want To reconcile they're going to have to Come to meet you I think you're going to Make that pretty clear and I think they Are willing to travel if travel is Needed I do feel though once you decide to kind Of give this a chance

It's going to be that new chapter you've Been wanting And maybe you know while this person had To figure out their own stuff You were also in that process of healing Of growth and even accomplishing things That I think A few years ago you never thought you Would accomplish And I think with this full card here This is an opportunity to begin a brand New Whether that for you means with this Person or not Maybe this person the purpose of them Returning is just to give you the Closure you needed to hear And different than the other signs I Picked up on this time around Aquarius The ball will be in your court not to Act or to prove but to decide if this is An opportunity that you want to take a Leap of faith on that you want to trust And you want to go for it Or if it's just best to learn the Lessons from the past and move on it's Really up to you in your different Circumstances But I do think this person always made You laugh this person was really funny This person the way they texted you made You smile They'd send you some selfies that would Make you laugh

And I think overall this person's energy Is one that You do like to be around but would you Give your heart up for it to go for Another shot again that's the question That Still Remains All right Aquarius to see the likely Outcome of this situation what is likely To happen in the upcoming days weeks When this reconciliation reconciliation Happens what do you have to look out for What do you need to know about what are How are they going to reconcile what are They going to say we're going to go Ahead and take this to Vimeo for the Extended reading I'm going to overturn This card here to show you the likely Outcome of this and I'm also going to Pull oracle cards as well so if there's Still unanswered questions about this Situation we'll hope spirit gives us More insight into this whole thing so You can make up the best choice with Whatever happens But if this is where we depart Aquarius I really hope that this reading Resonated with you I hope it gave you The clarity Insight healing guidance in Regards to whatever's going on in your Love life and if it has please let me Know drop a comment below hit that like Button don't forget to subscribe I love you Aquarius very much and I'll See you next time

Take care Aquarius

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