Anunnaki Artifacts, Enki’s Gold Mines, Huge Giants, 300,000 Year Old Civilization, Michael Tellinger

By | October 21, 2022

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Michael Tellinger

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Yeah that’s our famous giant footprint And that’s you know you can see where The toes lifted up the the soft when it Was soft like imagine that being like Cement concrete sludge and some big dude Stepped into it and then the toes lifted It up like it does if you stick stand in Muds attack I have to be These are this is a small guy he’s this Is about 10 meters 30 feet 33 feet Around there I have giant rocks that are Fossilized body parts of claw marks in Them you can see where but other Creatures big creatures were eating Whatever this piece of a giant was and The claw marks are in the teeth marks It’s it’s ridiculous they they be They’re huge it probably weighs you know 100 tons just that piece of rock what You’re looking at there’s Adam’s Calendar as it became known otherwise Known as in Zulu tradition as inzalo Yolanga or birthplace of the Sun and This is a Zulu shamanic tradition that’s A well-known ancient site that was built By the gods according to the shamanic Tradition Is investing in silver a good idea That’s a great question our friend Colin Plume from Noble gold Investments Certainly thinks so he recently Explained on the national desk that There’s been huge sell-offs of silver Because of its low price points right

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Rock or whatever but everybody should go To your site and I’m looking at some of The stuff you’ve been up to Um I I want to get into the one small Town initiative and the umbutu or uh how Do you pronounce it Ubuntu movement and the once more time Initiative yeah yeah the ambuta movement Okay because I’ve had so many people It’s interesting we must have some Parallels with the Matrix because I’ve Talked before about a different type of Society a different type of reality and Everybody’s like Rex you need to go meet Up with Michael tellinger and the Project that he’s doing because that Sounds very similar and I’m like wow Okay yeah he’s definitely uh ahead of The game and you know I’m just so Fascinated with where you’re at and what You do and Jared Murphy was recently on The show and he said that he went out There to meet with you and look at some Of these amazing amazing settlements but The ruins themselves like let’s talk About the ruins themselves because There’s so many different theories uh on The internet after you’ve came out with Your work and people have taken that and Kind of ran with it What are these things like these these Rock settlements and and how do you know They’re 300 000 years old approximately All right that’s uh you know first of

All thank you for bringing this up look The my work in ancient civilizations in South Africa and southern Africa which Is basically South Africa Zimbabwe Botswana Namibia uh Swaziland Mozambique Um and Lesotho as well so it’s it’s Right across and What’s important to realize is that We’re dealing with with a vast subject Here this is this is a huge huge subject That That thousands of people and Scholars Over the last 150 years have put their 160 70 years now have put a lot of Effort into and yet very few people have Actually come to understand what we’re Dealing with here So in a way I feel responsible and and And very happy that I stumbled upon Decoding the ancient ruins of southern Africa Um that started in 2007 when I first Discovered uh when I saw them myself I discovered the ancient ruins of Southern Africa while I was writing Slave species of God Yeah I heard about them before that so This was like 2004 2005. I heard about Them before that but never really had Anything written or it was just you know The odd bad photograph here and there And then um And then I discovered a paper that that It wasn’t a long paper academic paper

That spoke about 20 000 stone stone Ruins of stone circular Stone ruins in South Africa and I went what twenty Thousand to me that was a lot you know And and I thought wow this is like we Live in Indiana Jones land and um yeah That’s probably the best page to go to The the on my website because there you Go a lot of photographs all thrown Together so um and then I started to Look at that so look I I don’t want to Bore you as a long detailed description What you’re looking at there is Adam Skylander as it became known otherwise Known as in in uh in Zulu tradition as Inzalo yolanga or birthplace of the Sun And this is a Zulu shamanic tradition That’s a well-known ancient site that Was built by the gods according to the Shamanic tradition uh built by the gods Where they and this is the site where Humanity was created this is these are Not my words these are the words Who had I had the privilege of meeting Him on several occasions and um I shared Adam’s Calendar Book with him and he Started to weep when I shared the book To him and and he just said you know he Never thought he’d see that special Place again and he told me about it how He used to go and and hold ceremony There and and they explained to me what They would do at the ceremonies and the Processional

Um the path that they went from the Adams calendar site to the the stone Altar where they would then put Offerings because an ancient famous King Important ancient King is buried there And this is all to do with Anunnaki Um Anunnaki history the ancient Anunnaki Gold mines in southern Africa between South Africa and Zimbabwe as probably The the most concentration the highest Concentration of these ancient minds and These ancient structures but I think the Biggest Discovery I made through through My you know out of the box thinking so I Study cymatics I studied sound and and The power of sound and cymatics and Sound frequency resonance uh magnetism And so forth and um After assembly upon the stone circles And realizing that the original Structures had no door entrances which Is well recorded already 500 years ago That was well recorded So This is not Nothing new that’s a great photograph if You go back to the guy carrying that uh That camera That’s actually that’s that’s one of the Earliest photographs where you can see The pyramids down in the valley left Photographer left left of the picture You can see the two pyramids so those Are famous pyramids that are connected To Adam’s calendars this is a view from Adam’s Calendar into the what’s known as

The Barberton impact crater which is one Of the oldest rock formations in the World so you know American and European Geologists here all the time studying These rock formations and and all Mainstream all mainstream Matrix kind of Uh information which is very limited and Very in a very much in a box uh but what What you’re really looking at there is An ancient gold mine Um that was mined for thousands and Thousands of years that entire bottom Part of that crater which is about a Between 700 meters and a kilometer below Where your understanding here with these Camera stands that’s janheiner by the Way who discovered Adam’s Calendar in uh About 2003 2004 and he worked on it he Decoded the alignments the equinoxes the Solstices the fact that it’s aligned to All the cardinal points and uh and Nobody was paying attention to it nobody Is paying attention to him and then I Met him in 2007 and very quickly uh we We made this a global phenomenon I wrote The book and uh released it and you know Now we are 15 14 15 years later and and Here we are and millions of people are Aware of it and thousands and thousands Of people have come to South Africa to See Adam’s Calendar and the stern Circle Ruins but the key thing about the Stone Circle ruins is that that there are many More than just twenty thousand they are

Probably around 10 million of these Stone structures in in southern Africa And and that was just like the big aha Moment for me you know when I calculated How many there were for my second book Uh called them on on these ruins called Uh temples of the African gods Uh it just blew my mind and it’s at that Moment when I realized when the penny Dropped for me if there are more than 10 Million of these and we’re dealing with A completely hidden ancient civilization That nobody knew about Plus the the Stone Circle structures you Look at the aerial photographs they are Very unique uh they each one is Completely unique And the original structures of no doors And entrances which means that they Can’t be built as dwellings for people Or animals so if they’re not built as Dwellings if they don’t have doors and Entrances what are they and on top of That each one of them is connected to All the other Stone circles so you don’t Have just done circles standing uh in Isolation they’re always connected to Each other with these channels or part They look like Pathways from the air Um and um and and and you realize that And that’s just jumping around that’s a Giant footprint we can just touch upon That and the fact that it’s it’s in it’s What is not described as rough Granite

Uh you know that that confuses Geologists completely but that confuses Them because they don’t know enough About True formations of geology and what what We’re looking at we look when we’re Looking at geological formations Actually we’re looking at a lot of Petrification of sediment and and human And animal and plant uh materials that Are all mixed together and then turn to Stone and often not well not often most Of the time our geologists are not aware Of that they’re actually looking at Petrified body parts mixed with sand and Mud and leaves and stuff it’s crazy Um well real quick real quick Michael I Want to jump back if we can and just for A second and I’ve seen this photo of you Before it’s kind of a famous photo but What the heck man what I mean that thing Is talk about Bigfoot yeah yeah that’s Our famous giant footprint and that’s You know you can see where the toes Lifted up the the soft when it was soft Like imagine that being like cement Concrete sludge and some big dude Stepped into it and then the toes lifted It up like it does if you stick stand in Mud so it’s very that’s not a fake or Anything like that that’s a real Footprint of some large person Like I have to be These are this is a small guy he’s this

Is about 10 meters 30 feet 33 feet Around there this is a small guy that we Got the the average size of giant Leftovers of giants that we have here The bones and Scattered throughout the Mountains are between sort of 50 and 80 Meters And then we got on some other bigger Pieces that it looked like they’re like 300 meters and then the really big ones Uh that’s when it becomes very difficult To distinguish body parts of those a Creature or a human humanoid that large We won’t recognize it as a bone or a Body part because it’s too big the scale Is just too big for us Um 100 foot tall people Oh and the little guys that are they’re Not the big ones yeah 100 feet 40 meters 50 meters or whatever that’s 150 feet uh You know I have teeth of giants I have I Have ribs and bones and fingers finger Bones and and and of toes and uh and Other body parts of very large creatures Um and humanoids I’m talking about Humanoids a tooth a tooth in size a Tooth of a humanoid that is probably 80 Meters tall Um and then another part of a of a toe Uh sorry of a small This this this part of of a giant of of A small town of a giant Um And um so the the giant story is you

Know it’s there were giants in history And you know mainstream media and History is obviously done everything to Hide that but the evidence is all around Us if you if you know where to look my Museum is full of evidence so it’s not Even What you’re looking at here is actually A bone that’s a fossilized bone yeah It’s very obvious once you realize we’re Looking at fossils and you look at this You go okay that’s a bone that’s just to Stone and uh and once you get into my Museum everything becomes crystal clear Um that we’re dealing with fossilized Body parts Well so how old are these massive Giants Are they like well if you go if if you Go Um if you go scroll down a bit further And see on the right hand side there Just to get some aerial photographs of The stone circles and uh this is a good Example you can see the circle or the Pathway running out of it and all the Other stuff around it it gives you an Idea how old it is how eroded it is and How destroyed it is and now it looks Like water came and Disturbed it and That’s exactly what we’re dealing with Here there’s very clear evidence that There was a big flood that swept right Across all these stone structures that Were scattered all over large parts of

Southern Africa and I think it was the Flood the the great flood or one of the Floods of the past that destroyed this But um we have various ways of dating This and and estimating the date uh the Ages of these um you know the patina Growth the patina which is the the skin That grows on the Rock it’s like Oxidization and crystallization and Grows on the on the The Rocks the stones And the body parts especially when the Stone breaks and the patina starts to Grow on that break uh so you can see That this was a whole Stone then it Broke and you can see how much patina Has grown in that area and we know this Patina grows really really slowly so you Know when Once even when it’s visible to The naked eye it’s uh it’s already Probably a thousand years old so when You have patina that’s a few millimeters Thick on a break of a bone That gives us an idea how long this has Been lying around And uh millions of years yeah how long This John Circle has it been around but But there’s another big thing Um uh in fact it was when Jared was here With me uh it was just before lockdown Um and uh We we were flying the drones uh and uh And it was the first time that I Realized that the stone circles are Older the stone circles and The Terraces

That hold them together like a giant Spiders would if you keep going down on Those photographs on the side people get A better idea of what I’m talking about You know once again you can see the Pathways um This is a very good example yeah this is Just you can see how complex it is so I Call it I call the stud circles are not Standalone they’re all connected to each Other but then once again they sit in This what what’s what looks like a giant Spider’s web that holds them all Together and you can see the pathways The the channels coming out to one stud Circle coming down and then on the left There’s one sticking out to the left Going slightly up uh and if you just Carry on scrolling down a lot of these Aerial photographs you you’ll see the The channels and and Michael this reminds me of a Petroglyph That there was a bunch of petroglyphs in In Arizona that reminded me of almost Like molecules and math formulas and Stuff yeah and it was by the Bradshaw Ranch and some of them look identical to This Yeah and what’s interesting we have we Have big rocks Rex we have big rocks Here with with um rock art painted Stone Circles painted onto big rocks and they Painted the way they look and also Connected to each other with the

Channels and uh and the fascinating Thing is that these these this rock art Is yeah way more than 50 000 years old Uh who knows how old their rock art is It’s very difficult to date it uh but What we know is that for example uh you Know you’ll notice from these shapes That I put over it is that they’re very They they all these structures have very Strong sacred geometric patterns encoded In them and there’s a very specific Reason for that so let me just jump to The conclusion here every stone circle That you’re looking at is a completely Unique shape and a pattern because it Represents the sound frequencies uh Coming out of the Earth at that specific Point so it’s like cymatic now when you Put sand on a plate you put a sound Frequency through it it gives you these Unique beautiful patterns that appear Because of that sound specific sound Frequency and that’s exactly what we’re Dealing with here except we’re dealing With very low sound frequencies probably Uh around the the human resonance 7.88 Hertz around there Um and and therefore they are very large They they are within a specific size Range and um and and by putting the Stone wall goals on the on the cymatic Shape that would be formed by sand you Know on on the metal plate the the shape That the sound creates in the earth they

Would put the stones on on those shapes Uh and there you have a stunned Circle That is then basically The stone walls and the fact that the Stones resonate they sing they ring like Bells they’ve got very strong acoustic Properties Um and there’s a reason for that we can Come back to that again uh well I might As well throw it in there is because Most of the stones in the walls that we Have found uh are are most likely Petrified uh petrified body parts and This is why they ring so well they have These beautiful ringtones And um yeah so it’s um it’s a it’s a Phenomenal Discovery Um and when we are flying the Drone and I realized that the stone circles The Terraces and the channels have been Washed away by rivers that are formed That come down the mountain which means That the Stone Circle ruins were there Before the rivers were formed And uh so that gave us a very clear Indication that we’re dealing with Something very old Um and in some of these instances we Just have to figure out how long that River has been around and we know the Sun circles were there before that River Appeared And there’s your answer that’s probably The most

Um Unquestionable or solid uh evidence that The stone circles are extremely old It’s now if they didn’t have doorways to Get in there And you can they’ve got these incredible Aerial properties and somatic properties That makes me wonder Are they Like were there beans like flying uh God-like Godly like beans that are you Know coming into this realm and no no no You you you see you’re still thinking That there have to be dwellings or Something no the the energy generating Devices well that’s what I’m saying yeah Were they like were they out there like Creating them from a from like a Hawkeye Point of view to create yeah like energy Or somatics or something because clearly They’re not living in them Yeah no no they they this is not these Are not living quarters these are energy Generating devices that generated huge Amounts of energy and if you look at a Very distinct magnetron shapes that very Perfect flower shape with a sort of Rings the six or eight circles inside a Bigger Circle in case in a big circle And uh and those are very clear Magnetron shapes and magnetrons is what Creates all the energy in your microwave Oven and what creates laser beams and Caesar beams that’s what magnetrons are

Used for it’s very very advanced Technology and here we have Magnetron’s stone circle shaped Magnetrons that are connected to all These if you go now go go down to the Aerial to the next picture that you had There that’s a great example of see the Channel running there yeah you see that Stuff all the walls and you can see that One wall sticking out to the left that’s Where it’s connected to the bigger Channel so they’re all sharing the Energy into these channels that Distribute the energy all over the place And these are entire mountains what You’re not seeing here is that this this Runs this covers the entire Mountain Down the valley up the other side Um so it’s just huge to the the Complexity to construct this is Unimaginable if you think the pyramids Are complex to construct it’s got Nothing compared to this nothing So it’s it’s basically like a Civilization that is using the Earth’s Natural energy properties combining it With Incredible sacred geometry at Specific points and it’s powering their Civilization and probably extending Their lifespans and maybe making them Bigger Well who knows what they were using it For that’s the big question you know What we do know is that when the stone

Circles are built uh there was no it was Grassland all these all these structures Were in grassland and many of the areas That they’re in right here this is not Far from my house uh it’s still Grassland and you know but it’s more and More you got an encroachment of trees And bushes and things like that and and Then suddenly the climate changed and Then suddenly it started to rain and Rivers formed and started to wash some Of these structures away and then lower Down in low-lying areas uh where there’s Just as many Stone circles and channels Just like this but they’re the climate Change so dramatically dramatically that That they’re big trees and giant big Typical they’re African The scenery of the trees the flat top Trees and and Etc there’s a great Example of a magnetron that’s one of the Very powerful magnetrons the energy in There is just insane Um so we’re generating energy for Something and at this stage Um you know we have some ideas and some Thoughts and some guesses and one of Them was that maybe there were Geoengineering the Earth maybe they were Doing something to the atmosphere maybe They were creating a more habitable Planet so it had more rain Um so the planet could be you know Inhabited because all these areas were

Dry just grassland when these transfer When these structures were built that is Absolutely given that cannot be argued With and then the trees and the grass Over grew it and so some of the places Just like in Mexico Etc where you don’t Even see them because they’re completely Covered by trees and vegetation I’m just getting like this ancient Lemurian Vibe combined with uh more of Like an Atlantis civilization but They’re using the Earth’s natural Resources to create these energy fields And then I question that there’s 10 Million of them then where’s all the People but the people that you’re Finding are these Giants and some of These Giants are so big it’s all it Reminds me of Jack and the Beanstalk and I’m wondering Were the giants made Did they get bigger in this type of Environment because of the energy and The somatics or They Hear before all of these structures Because you did say some of these Structures appear to have bones of Giants in them also What are your thoughts Well that’s the never-ending question The questions we keep asking right right Look with a giant situation so the Giants seem to have been on a uh

Probably long before people Uh there may have been the primordial Inhabitants of this planet The Giants and yeah it’s the more I look At it the more I’m okay with that kind Of thought that could be completely Bizarre and insane to many people Uh I found a once again and and again You know the more you know the more Knowledge you have the more information You have the easier it is to string Together wild and crazy ideas like I Believe that mythology is our true History and then our true history is That we get in our history books is is a Edited cleaned up sterile version of Mostly lies that uh that is hiding the True history of the world right because The best to know that there were giants And dragons and and and and Civilizations all over the place that Didn’t need money that didn’t need Electricity that need fossil fuel that Didn’t need any of that because they had Advanced technology and they they didn’t Need money to survive because that’s not What they want us to know right see and So the giant story is a very important One but something you need to deal with And move on And um and and this is really why why The one small town initiative the Ubuntu Movement was born from our Research into All of this stuff when I was studying

All this and realizing that history is Far removed from what we could possibly Imagine Um and there you can see another big you Know piece of a mountain into the Distance as far as I can see it’s just Covered in stone circles as dense as it Is here it just doesn’t stop it’s just This giant mesh of integrated Terraces Channels and stunt circles For for whatever for you know 100 Kilometers 100 kilometer radius just Yeah the size of that 100 kilometer Radius So it’s amazing it it’s like they took It’s it makes me think of they’re taking The Quant or the the micro and making it Macro they’re yeah I mean this is so un overwhelming as far As the the information and the Possibilities and the the very real Possibility of a super high intelligent Species hundreds of thousands of years Ago no that’s this is it now you’re Looking at it and this is with Anunnaki Coming you know all the the stuff we Read about in the Sumerian text the Anunnaki the anuna as they’ve known and Then Zechariah sitchin started to call Them Anunnaki but in the Sumerian text They refer to as the anuna the anuna Gods of enki and Lil Um and any key being the Supreme sort of Commander of the of the Anunnaki and

This is real this is all part of our History Um that mainstream education has been Trying to erase but you can’t erase it Because we have evidence of enki’s gold Mines here all over southern Africa Between South Africa and Great Zimbabwe And all the way around us this is all Ancient gold mining territory and um Here we’ve got some more these are all Fossils so this is what you’re looking At here is all these rocks scattered Around Adam’s Calendar along that Ridge Along that edge looking into the into The Barbers and crater and all these Rocks here uh are just petrified body Parts of large creatures Um what are these markings represent Stars or something no no this is this is These are some petroglyphs outside of Kimberly uh the town famous for diamonds In South Africa it’s about 50 kilometers Inside of Kimberley on very hard rock Uh known as diorite or endocyte Um extremely hard rock very difficult to Erode and yet the erosion on some of These is spectacular So You know we can we can also just look at How some of these these petroglyphs Especially when they have a crack Through them you look at the erosion on The crack and that gives you an idea how Old the Petroglyph is

Um because you see the erosion because When it cracks when the stone cracks Open it’s a nice clean clean cut with Edges sharp edges on the Rock and then Over a long period of time and rain and And so forth it erodes and around the Edges are not so sharp anymore Um so these are all things that you Start to look at and identify But you know mainstream archeology is Just uh they so far off the market it’s Very difficult to talk to those people Um yeah They put they stick their heads in their Books and think they know everything Unfortunately but also you know rex that They can’t imagine They can’t Um it’s very difficult for anyone to put These pieces together unless you Understand cymatics unless you Understand toroidal Fields Taurus energy Toroidal Fields unless you understand Um uh sound resonance and frequency and If you don’t understand that then you’re Lost you can’t how could you possibly Come up with any kind of Sound explanation for any of this you Can’t And I use the word sound Typically right well I mean you could See look this is a Forest Road going Right through they put the road right Through an ancient ruin you know and how

Development forestry and farming and Town planning has just destroyed Thousands and thousands of these Structures sometimes they just come in They just bulldoz the whole area clean Where they were these structures and It’s it’s just a it’s it’s very Depressing and and heartbreaking Now was water connecting all these also Somehow with energy like were were there Streams that would go around them and Inside of them Yes it’s a good question now look There’s a great example of what I call The spider’s web yeah you can see that Done structure you can see the channel Coming out of it to the right there and Then the rest of it is just like a Spider’s web moving away from it and it Just Um now the amount of work that went into This is unimaginable to to anyone Literally because it’s just how do you Do this we can’t imagine doing this Today simply not possible we can build The pyramids we can replicate the Pyramid okay when people tell you we Can’t rebuild the permit it’s not Necessarily true we can we can rebuild The permit but we’re not going to build It by dragging big Stones up the up the Up ramps we’re going to be much smarter Than that you know we’ll we’ll pull the Concrete and mix it there which is by

The way quite possibly how they built The Pyramid in any case yeah there’s Lots of argument that this the stones in The Great Pyramid actually pour concrete Using the local sand and then it hardens And uh and there’s quite an Evidence uh Regarding that because on two occasions They found human hair when they were Slicing one of those stones found human Hair in one of them and and some plant Material and another and another rock so It’s not a rock it’s poured concrete Yeah so so we could rebuild the pyramid But we can’t do this we can never do This this is impossible for us to do So that’s the question were they using Technology or were people doing it [Music] They needed human slaves to do this okay And there’s a lot of information that I Have from past life regressions from Channelings from Um shamans that that can connect to the Spirits of these uh the Spirit guides And the Guardians of many of these sites Um you know people have amazing Abilities and amazing Um knowledge and what we’ve learned by Keeping an open mind and and bringing All the information that gets presented Bring it all together and extracting the Common areas that I cross and the common Denominators and you start getting a Very cohesive story about what happened

Here You know be great is if you could Actually measure the frequency itself if You could figure out a way to create a Sound and then measure that frequency is It coming out at 432 Hertz what’s the What’s the somatics I I think it’s Brilliant man I mean you are in a very Great this is a perfect location for you For what you do and who you are you were Chosen for this specific spot man that Is so cool yeah look on that so now We’re just talking about the stunt Circles but then we get to the tools and Artifacts this is by the way this is an Entrance to To an old gold mine um these popped up There about Either between seven thousand or seventy Thousand uh difficult to say um how many Of these kind of they’re known as added Gold mines like this they would just dig A hole into the side of the mountain and Just go and and pull out the pull out The stone that’s just filled with gold Um and you know it’s it’s again the Whole thing about gold what is the Obsession with gold why is Humanity Obsessed with gold and it’s very Important for people to realize humanity Is not obsessed with gold We inherited Our obsession with gold from the Anunnaki that’s what we got remember we Were the slaves that worked in their

Gold mines and we were never allowed to Have the gold you know this is why when The when the the Conquistadors and the You know the the Invaders from Europe When they started to invade the the World the free worlds and 500 years ago Wherever they got to And they found huge amounts of gold Pretty much all over the world wherever They arrived the civilizations had gold And they couldn’t understand it and the Answer was always the same oh just stay There I want to tell you a bit about That that um that rock art if you go Back to that previous one yeah and so Whenever they would ask the locals where Did you get all the gold from who’s the Gold belonged to the answer would always Be the gold belongs to the Gods And that’s a very important indicator Gold belongs to the gods this is not our Goal because we were the slaves that Works in the gold mines and this is why Adam scallenter was known as inzalo Yelanga means Um where Um birthplace of the sun where Humanity Was created by the gods to be the slaves In the gold mines This is this is not a hidden thing this Is well known And um but the mainstream media and Education has just shut that stream of Thinking down completely so this is a

Great example to show you the age of These rock this rock art so here’s a Rock painting that’s uh obviously uh Chose a stone circle with various dots In it and this painting is about 15 meters away from the stone circle That looks just like this by the way And um And then we looked at our looks at the Crack through the through the that Painting and you this is not a rock Carving by the way this is not carved This is painted this is paint it’s like Bushman rock art right it’s got special Pigment that they painted this with but Pay attention to this So here’s a crack that appears through The through the this the painting we Have to assume that the crack appeared After the painting was done no no Painter would paint over a crack it Doesn’t make any sense they’d find a Nice flat stone and paint their painting On a few beautiful flat clean surface And then those cracks a bit When the cracks appear in this rock They’re very sharp edged very sharp Edges you can see the patina on top the Little centimeter the you know Millimeter or two or three of patina on The Rock and then the Black Rock Underneath It All smooth and sharp edged And then it starts the patina starts to Grow and the patina grew so much that

It’s actually filled in the crack In some places the patina is so thick That is completely covered and filled With the crack Which tells me that this is potentially A hundred thousand years old But wow let me the what the big for me What the most exciting part of this is Is what paint did they use to withstand Such long periods of time exactly that Paint we need to reverse engineer this Paint what did they use because That’s it your paint your house once and You’ll never ever have to paint your House again or your car or anything else You see see how it destroyed capitalist Uh thinking Uncle Bill get him he’s talking truth Yeah you will eat sea bugs and like it Yeah okay so I’m tripping out Michael Because this looks almost identical To the petroglyphs that I found in Arizona and there’s thousands of them Out there same kind of rock same kind of Shapes and it’s just bizarre so yeah What’s going on with that were they uh It’s it’s all over the world Rex it’s It’s all over the world so that’s it We’re just waking up to it some of us Have woken up to it a long time ago Others are still waking up to it and Some of most of us are still fast asleep They don’t even know this exists so uh We need to carry on moving ahead and

Dragging those that are sleep with us You know that’s what we got to do what Now what is what is this Well you know what does it look like What does that look like I mean you look At the kind of looks like a bone from The top it looks like a skull yeah it Looks like a skull a petrified skull With eye sockets a long elongated skull Like you see the some of the statues of The some of the Pharaohs in Egypt that Are the long elongated heads boys Covered in some sort of a headdress And this looks like a petrified skull of Some creature or a humanoid with a very Elongated giant with very elongated head Wow Now now this is this picture of it there Are better pictures of it that you can Actually see it looks even more like a Skull Now this just reminds me of what I would See like an Anasazi wall or something Out here yeah so this is far more recent Yeah this is done with mud so what this Does uh what what my work shows you it Shows you how civilizations have come And built on top of each other starting With a primordial stunt circles that Were the the machine the energy Generating machine and then how Civilizations have come since then and Then use those structures for their own Needs and their own habitation and and

So forth so Uh it’s it’s just very simple very Obvious once you start recognizing it Um You know you can see the other stones Have been manipulated and um I mean that Whole this hole in that rock you know That’s That’s not that’s not um That sort of stone you’re looking at a Fossil there once again that’s a body Part But when I took this picture in 2008 I Had no idea what I was dealing with I Was just taking photographs of all the Weird anomalies and collecting stones For the museum that ended up turning out To be fossilized body parts Yeah that looks like a bunch of Fossilized body parts and I’m usually Really skeptical about that but it does Yeah look when you look at the stuff in The museum it’s very obvious yeah what I Find fascinating when anyone from the Medical profession comes to my museum And they see everything line they the They go oh my God these are all these Are all fossils so the the medical People get it it’s the non-medical People that are the Skeptics that I Always find that fascinating Yeah that’s well that’s interesting but It makes sense like Um I I know people that have degrees in

Geology and even though they’re supposed To be like it’s one thing to be Open-minded so much your brain falls out On the sidewalk but you know you got to Have an open mind or else it doesn’t Work and if it’s completely closed off And if you’ve already got the answers Then you must you know what are you Doing I mean clearly you’re God and You’ve got it all figured out but uh I Just find it incredible because it is Hard to grasp thinking of a 100 foot Plus giant I mean that’s Those are the little guys those are the Little guys okay remember Enoch tells us that the Giants were 3 000 L’s tall and that’s the logic that We have referenced to in our written Material three thousand that’s what I Know about there could be larger ones But that’s what I know about and most People are aware of this that study Giants and book of enochan so three Thousand L’s would be this is an L from There to there that’s an L right yeah It’s like a mile high okay that’s about Half a meter so so 3000 L will be 1 500 Meters which is just short of a mile So That’s it so the mile high Giants and I Found this one this one Amazing Creation Story and I don’t know where what Civilization it was and I found it and I Lost it and I could not find it again

But what it said is that in the Beginning when God created the heavens And the Earth and uh and and Earth was Just filled with sand and water so That’s all it was it was just this giant Plane And it’s very important to note that it Was a plane Um and let’s not get caught up on that But it was this plane of of uh of sand And water And and he said 144 Giants on the earth To play and they played like babies and Like children play on the beach for a Little while whatever the while was is Immaterial here and the Giants played And they made pushed the sand together And made places for the water to flow And they collected the water here and They pushed the sand together to make Mountains and things and and then the Giants died And they fell over and became part of The landscape And that’s the creation story of this One ancient civilization so I read that And that blew my mind because Uh that is that is a very interesting uh Interesting story and I don’t want to Get stuck on this because this is a you Know we can debate this alone just this Creation story we can debate for hours Because they are There’s so much interesting information

In that well well it is and and just From uh from another standpoint when Sometimes you hear about these ancient Stories of the Giants uh that are passed On through different tribes and and Cultures I’ve questioned okay are they Referring to that as a giant because It’s a giant object and then they’ll Make a story to pass on and turn these Turn these things into anthropomorphic Figures so take a mountain and turn it Into a person that’s a giant but then When I talk to you now I’m kind of going Okay maybe they’re you know maybe it’s Both because obviously there’s a lot of Stories that are passed on where people Talk about you know they’ll turn an Event into a into a story into a play so They can pass that on like a comet Hitting the Earth you know oh the giant The the blue giant came from the heavens And destroyed the Earth as a way to pass That story on but then when you’re Actually in South Africa and you’re Uncovering these artifacts and and You’ve got so much evidence that’s Showing There very well could be like Freaking massive Giants We have giant giant bones if you you Know if you look at my work and go go to My social Pages as well okay go to my Facebook page my telegram page Especially my telegram page is the one I

Use more than anything else these days Because there’s no censorship there and Uh everything else is censored so I have Giant rocks that are fossilized body Parts with claw marks in them you can See where but other creatures big Creatures were eating whatever this Piece of a giant was and the core marks Are in the teeth marks it’s it’s Ridiculous they they be they’re huge it Probably weighs you know probably weighs 100 tons just that piece of Rock Scattered among other pieces that are Also body parts of that creature Whatever creature it was Wow that’s so cool man Jack and the Beanstalk’s real that is it is yeah it Is it is real and remember what it was The the Giants that were up in the sky Were obsessed with gold right right and The dragons the dragons and the Giants Are always obsessed with gold Yeah so what what we didn’t speak about Is the advanced technology because but That’s by far I think the fact that I Discovered that that you know 10 million Or more of these structures the energy Generating devices they have magnetrons Attached to the magnetron technology Connected to it and by the way when you Look at these these reliefs these these Um encoded images of the Anunnaki of Enki and and those those clay whatever You call them those those images that

They create Um you see these flower shapes a lot Lots of the times you see these little Symbols of a flower shape things these They’re like you know teardrops facing The center that’s always an indication Uh to magnetrons or magnetic technology Either magnetron sound resonance or Magnetic technology Um like the winged being with these Wristwatch and that that that’s just a Reference to magnetron technology and Magnetic the mastering of magnetic Fields And um Solex what I discovered obviously the The three the various it’s the Technology that I think I’m most proud Of is being able to figure out that These guys had very Advanced knowledge Of physics the laws of nature that’s the Key thing is don’t use the word physics Here let’s use the word laws of nature That we tried to come to terms of how it All works and why it works and outfits Together because remember we start Talking about physics and the newtonians Law and Newton’s laws and all these this Is all human thinking about the laws of Nature in our in our um infinite uh Um lack of comprehension of how how the Laws of nature actually work but once You discover the toroidal fields and the Fact that everything manifests in in

These beautiful toroidal Fields these Tauruses these donut shapes that vibrate And pulsate and they can get bigger they Can get smaller and uh and the the this That’s an Infinity uh the the toritorial Shape are infinitely small and Infinitely large you know we can see Galaxies in the shape of Tauruses we can See solar systems in the shape of Tourists as we can see Supercross the Galaxies in the shape of tourist systems And so forth so everything is a toroidal Field Um from atoms to electrons every Subatomic particle is just a smaller Version of of uh of a droidal field that Makes up larger larger pieces they are Not fragments of particles that’s a That’s a you know most people when they Talk about quantum mechanics and Particle physics they have this this Concept like they found a fragment of a Particle that makes up you know the the God particle that makes up atoms and That’s all nonsensical absolute rubbish Everything is destroyal Fields he’s Perfectly balanced magnetic fields that That come together and they create Something bigger and then sits within a Larger Droid field and so it’s just a Fractal nature of reality or boss Setting vibrating together Interconnected nothing is separate from Anything else

And um Once you get that then you understand That the donut shaped stones that I’ve Been collecting that are well known in Southern Africa and they’re all over the World and then we started to measure the Energy fields in the donut shape stones And those pictures may be somewhere on On my website but it definitely in my Social media Pages where you see that You hold the donut shop Stone on your Hand and the one side with um with heat Sensitive camera the one side the camera Picks up red about 45 degrees Celsius You turn the stone around and it’s blue 25 degrees Celsius there’s a 25 degrees Celsius difference between the one side And the other which does is that it’s Sucking energy from the one side and Pushing it into pushing it out the other Side it is an energy generating device Because that’s what tourist Fields do They suck in the energy through sucking The surrounding vibrational resonance Feel they suck it in and they amplify it And push it out the other side and so When you get two of those together and They push against each other that’s when You get a perfectly balanced magnetic Toroidal field and that’s the that’s the Stable nature of reality a balanced Taurus field balanced magnetic field That’s spinning and moving and boss Setting and vibrating

Once that Penny drops for anyone you can Explain everything in creation Everything in physics science chemistry Everything becomes very simple to Understand and that also explains the Everything to do with our Earth the the Magnetic fields around the earth the the Various levels of the magnetic fields The the Wobble uh what we call the Processional wobbles uh the potential Flip of the magnetic fields how is it Possible with the magnetic fields could Flip you’re going to explain all of this Stuff once you’ve embraced the Importance of the royal fields and Vortex Mass that’s the other thing Remember toroidal Fields is all to do With Vortex mats for 369 as Nikola Tesla Shared with us so You know I’ve had to study all this and I’ve discovered all these things so that Sucked me into that that bottomless bit Of discovering toroidal fields and that All works and now it’s just so simple to Understand anything you know throw me a Problem throw me a chemistry problem Throw me a any kind of problem the Moment you plug it into the the droidal Field magnetic tutorial Fields you can Explain everything in anything That’s really cool it reminds me of Recently I was invited to be a part of a Kind of like a think tank with Artificial intelligence that is like at

The Cutting Edge and it was it gave me a Chance to ask it some questions and I Had to ask questions in a certain way so I asked it about the Multiverse and then It said it saw a donut verse and then it Started talking about the donut verse And the people were shaped like donuts And the the capital was glazed City and Then I said well can I go talk to him And it’s like sure and and then it says You go talk to them but they realize You’re not from here because you’re way Too linear and I was like wait a second Are you joking you’ve poking a joke at Me but then later on I left a comment About that um interaction I had with the The AI and and somebody said Rex the Donut verse well think about it Rex a Taurus filled a shape like a donut so This artificial intelligence was playing With me it was so far ahead of me that It was actually joking with me talking About the donut verse being in the Fifth Dimension and not you know you’re Talking about Taurus Fields that’s what It was describing I’m like whoa this Thing so the Taurus fields are you know That’s amazing and and the the sacred Geometry and the and let’s let’s take This to what you’re doing right now with The Ubuntu movement and the uh the small Town initiative or what do you refer to It as one small town one small town That’s that’s brilliant so with with

This movement with the society that is Is going to be built without monetary Means without monies per se like how do You do that do you incorporate this Sacred geometry and these toroid fields And somatics I mean because it’s it’s Brilliant Well look the one small town idea came From you know researching the origins of Humankind and this is why I have to Always explain to people everything is Connected I didn’t just wake up one day And say oh I’m going to create a new Structure for civilization and to uh Well why would I think that because I I Used to you have to every thought you Have is driven by something else right So remember we’re we’re creators a Thought is a you’ve you’ve created Something because the thought is a Vibrational frequency So the moment you you think something You’ve already created the donut the Donut shape the vibrational frequency of Of that thing so it’s ready you’ve Created it now if you know how to turn That thought into physical Reality by Attracting Um the matter to that vibrational Frequency then you can manifest stuff And we all have that capacity to Manifest with our thoughts at three of That used to be called Magic and Magicians and witches and and those

People were real in the past and there Was a huge cleanse and perch to get rid Of all those people from our world and To tell us it’s all nonsense and it’s Rubbish because when people start to Realize that your mind has the capacity To create you can create with your Thoughts I think Green Lantern is a Great movie to watch just to remind you Of that right Um And how we can create with our thoughts And and we’ve forgotten how to do that Because our DNA has been messed with Upper nail gland has been messed with Our entire physiology probably parts of Our body that we don’t even know should Be helping us with this manifestation Capacity that we have as conscious Beings connected to the entire the Creation we are part of creation we have One with creation you know for those That you know like to read the Bible and And and paraphrase from the Bible which Is you know something I like to do Myself because it is a lot of critical Information in there some fundamental Facts of the laws of nature you know When Jesus says you know God is God is Within you you are one with God it means You’re one with the Creator you are part Of the creation you too can move Mountains with faith you can move Mountain what is faith faith is a belief

Belief is a thought a thought is Vibration resonance so you can move Mountains with faith you can move Mountains by focusing your your thoughts And and we have lost all that So the the fact that I came up with a One small town initiative uh or a you Know in those days I was talking about Creating a world without money to take Money out of the system because now I Realized that money was introduced some Six thousand years ago uh by the first Sumerian priest kings that built their Big temples they appeared out of the Blue they were very powerful they had They had these Fierce weapons with which I could Smite people and they did and That’s why people would obey them and Listen to them otherwise they would get Smited Otherwise why would you listen to some sitting on a hill say you better Do this unless they can hurt you you’re Not going to listen to them and so Suddenly these first priest kings that That descended from Earth to Earth from Heaven they were appointed by the gods According to the Samir Became the overlords of humanity and What did these first priest Kings do They built their temples they were Impenetrable to human beings they ruled The world from their temples Um they were scattered all over the

World and they they started to issue Money from those temples in the form of Gray tablets And these little Sumerian or ancient Clay tablets it could have been even Pre-sumerian days it’s difficult to say When it started but these clay tablets Literally became the first forms of Money or promissory notes and the the Temples of these priest Kings became the First Banks where these clay tablets Were minted and printed like we print Money or or Stock Exchange certificates And they would ask people to bring in Their gold and their silver to the Temple and in return they’d give them a Piece of clay and this goes back 6 000 Years ago and I’ve most people aren’t Aware of this so every other story we’ve Been told about how money evolved and How banking was created is an absolute Lie it all evolved from these early Priest Kings and their temples where They started to issue these clay tablets And would collect gold and silver Uh from the people around them So I realized I realized then that you Know money was created as a tool of Enslavement and that the banks today do Exactly the same thing except we don’t Use clay we use pieces of paper to Create promissory notes and bills of Exchange and negotiable instruments and And that’s how Banks work they create

Money out of thin air and they have Enslaved the entire world through a few Extremely powerful banking families that Run all the banks and run all the Countries and run all the central banks They fund all the armies fund all the Wars and they keep us in Perpetual Conflict and Sergo so it was that Discovery that made me move towards Realizing that we have to move out of The slavery system and I started to Develop what today is known as the one Small town initiative that is just Catching on like a wildfire around the World so we we almost we’re actually Struggling to keep up now already With uh with with more and more towns And Villages and people with land and Farms and factories and schools and Churches that all want to start the the One small town initiative wherever they Are Let me show this real quick tell is There a website called That’s that’s our main website one yeah let me show this off Man I’m telling you we are so in The Matrix because I have been thinking About similar things like micro Communities starting off with with towns And then you know cities and and Building up but if you did break away And you you said this brilliantly man You said it brilliantly I took notes The

Babylon bankers and the Annunaki space Priests what do you think of that that’s A cool title right edunaki spacecraft Very good because that’s what they’re Doing they’re taking over entire planets That way think about it how many planets Have they done this to That that is an interesting thing um Someone somewhere told me Um in a past life regression when they Were talking or and or in a channeling Session or something like that they were Talking to um do some of these et’s uh These other beings uh and and they told Them about money where does money come From how does that work and they they Said very proudly oh that is by far the Most brilliant pool of enslavement that We have ever concocted the whole system Of money yeah wow money Yeah Yeah so so just for the people that Don’t know that and you two one small Town it’s it’s a global phenomenon now It took me it only took me 17 years to To get to where we are today started 2005 talking about you know taking money Out of the world removing money and then That started me down a bath of how do You we remove money from the system what Would happen if we removed money from The system and I started to realize that It makes everything a lot easier Everything functions a lot easier

Without money because then we actually Do what we’re good at and what we’re Supposed to do and we do it as well as We possibly can so it lasts forever if We build something we build it once if We build a bridge we build it once so it Lasts forever we build a car we’ll build A car that’ll last as long as it Possibly can because there are no Corporate vested interests or financial Benefits to anyone if there’s no money So very quickly I became a very exciting Idea that if we don’t if we remove money From society life gets a lot better And those that are running the world Through control of money lose their Control That’s it just remove the money and they Lose control and then obviously it Became you know well how do we how do we Do that you can’t just remove money from Society you have to you have to do it in The in a stage in a face don’t get stuck On that that’s a that’s a very old That’s very very old Um so right now we are in uh we are in We’ve got two major once more Town Activities one in Lebanon in a town Called Russ El mutton you need to go to The newspage with us this is all Historic stuff when you go to the news Page you you get all the latest updates Because this is just on the home page You just get all the the back the

Background the the initiative where it Came from and so forth so Um man how cool is that You’re actually getting people to sign On to this like you’re doing it well not Only sign on it’s it’s going it’s going Nuts um so we have uh Russell Martin Lebanon was a town of about 10 000 People In South Africa we have a town of Kuruman which is much bigger it’s it’s a Large area of 27 000 square kilometers And um we have about 300 000 people in Three different municipalities so that’s A bit of a monster to manage And um And um And now we’re launching uh in Croatia We’re launching in the Eastern Cape in South Africa the beautiful Eastern Cape And we’re launching in um the Isle of Man and we’re launching the first school Project which is the most exciting thing Actually our very first school project As a prototype for all schools so what The schools get is we come in and we set Up our seeds treatment technology so we Got this technology that treat seeds so They turn into Super seeds and it Neutralizes all the GMO crap in them And it turns him into these super seeds That just grow bigger faster better and With less water needed and less Pampering needed and they give a much

Bigger yield Um so we’ve just started our first trial Run with the seeds uh two three days ago So we’re literally at that edge right Now Um this very very Leading Age of Research this is all stuff that’s been Done in the past the inventor of this Technology was killed because he Proposed a huge threat the global food Supply controllers Um can you imagine if you suddenly Tripled or quadrupled or quintupled the The output of the the farmers out there In the world Um with very little efforts and that’s That’s the technology that’s available So we’re going to a school we do a deal With the school the same as we do with a Small town all the students um and the Teachers and the parents Association They create a co-op but they then own That Co-op it’s their Co-op and we come And help them set it up we bring our Seed technology to them we start Treating their seeds they start growing The seeds Making growing a lot of food selling the Food and uh and uh then on top of that We’re bringing this other very advanced Technology Um it’s sort of A greenhouse energy generating Technology that I’ll release the

Information about it in the next week or So as soon as we signed our MOA with our Our strategic partner there And uh they then come in they create This greenhouse that creates a super Compost super nutrients and then the School also sells that in bags that but Not just the food then they that they Grow but the compost itself can can can Generate them a million dollars or more For Adam And on top of that they get free Electricity like electricity from this Very unique Greenhouse that generates Electricity for the school which is free Electricity So it’s a it’s a you know it’s an offer That no school Could refuse we believe so we’re about To launch it in one school And um as a prototype and then after That I think um this is going to be um A very exciting journey and who knows it Might end up that the schools become our Main focus because it’s so easy to do it In a school then worrying to do it in a Town and then the mayor and then the People wanted to convince the people to Sign up and and all that so it might be That we find the schools in the towns And the school becomes a spearhead for The once more time initiative in that Town and in that community Um that’s what I’m thinking may happen

Um And then as you noticed uh scrolling Through that news news page we released Our own um cryptocurrency um yeah called The city token yeah I saw that yeah tell Me about it yeah that that belongs to The community that belongs to the Members of the one small town initiative So the Ubuntu Planet mince those tokens We minted on the cardano blockchain And then we bring it into our secure uh Blockchain servers and we and we turn Those tokens into nfts And everyone every member of every once More time initiative has to contribute Three hours a week And uh every time they contribute three Hours a week they receive one of these Infinity tokens so the infinity token is A community token that represents three Hours of work So we can attach real value to that it’s Three hours of Sweat Equity as far as we Know it’s the only cryptocurrency in the World today that represents actual Tangible physical value it represents People’s work labor and Sweat Equity Whether you’re cleaning the streets or Looking after the elderly or working in A clinic or you know filling potholes or Mowing the lawn in the park Or you’re working in a factory or Building laptops or bicycles or bottling Water doesn’t matter what you do as long

As you’re working to uplift your Community you are working you are Contributing to the well-being of your Community sometimes it’s the well-being Of the business owned by the community So it makes profits for the community And grows food for the community so Every time we contribute three hours you Get an Infinity token So this is the ultimate leveling uh that You know with levels of playing field Doesn’t matter if you’re a surgeon and You’re doing surgery for three hours Then that’s fine you’ll get a token if That surgery is what you’re contributing To your community so that’s a bit of a Weird example but um Is great now the question is it depends On the the person that’s going to Provide that three hours that’s gonna Equate to value that coin and I’m joking But at the same time I think that when Somebody takes this type of initiative And and wants to be a part of something Like this they’re going to put three Hours of Sweat Equity into it they’re Not going to be the kind of person that Most likely I mean there’s always Exceptions but I think that’s brilliant That is absolutely brilliant take Physical work and connect it with the Crypto coin beautiful yeah and it’s only It’s uh we don’t know of any other Cryptocurrency that does that so we’ve

Launched our Infinity token it’s Available anyone can go to our website Uh go to go under menu go to tokens and Then open an account on the one small Town platform it’s a blockchain very High secure solid platform our own Blockchain and um and you open an Account and then you can go buy tokens Go buy the infinity tokens So we launched it at one dollar each but But the value of the token is is at About four it’s about forty dollars Forty US dollars because it’s it’s three Hours of Labor so if you take the Minimum wage the maximum wage and Average wage you average it out it comes To about forty dollars for three hours Of work so that’s what we are aiming at That’s where the value of the token is Going to be rising to over the next two Years So the next two years The value is going to go and eventually Land up at around forty dollars after That There’ll be no more tokens available so Whatever tokens we sell in the next two Years will be the only tokens that we Sell and we’ve only allocated 24 million Infinity tokens to this So Um wow there’s a big flying uh a praying Mantis it just flew in that’s awesome Just a big praying mantis had landed on

The table here I wonder if I can grab it Put it in my hand you know that’s a sign For sure man come here buddy that is Really cool praying mantis are awesome Yeah I have like a wasp community in my Garage here that I’ve learned to live With it’s getting cold here it is let me See him there it’s in my shoulder look Yeah Hey buddy come show yourself Man that’s a beauty There he goes he’s camera shy This is a sign from the gods if that Isn’t an Annunaki sign I guess if you Would have had a little gold bar then it Would have been even cooler but that was Really cool man Yeah so so look as far as we’re not Concerned we have a very stable uh Community-owned token and uh so Obviously issuing uh 24 million tokens Uh started at one dollar each and that’s Really a fundraising for the Ubuntu and The one small town office so we got we Got you know operating Capital to run These offices all over the world that is Bringing up that we have to we have to Pay people to be there and manage and Run this so it’s a very costly thing so We really need help from patrons and People to buy the tokens those tokens Are going to be worth a lot of money Could be thousands of dollars uh in the Next two years so now go out there and

Get some get some Infinity tokens now to Be a very smart thing to do and remember One thing that that our tokens cannot do They can never be crashed like you know Bitcoin or any of these other Cryptocurrencies that are being traded On these open trading platforms where Somebody can come and dump stuff and Sell and crash the entire Market well We’ve we’ve created a situation that That cannot happen and for a very Important reason because our tokens are Actually earned by the people that work For them so we can’t radar token on open Trading platforms that have that are Vulnerable to Reckless trading and Dumping and crashing and all that so our Tokens are available on our platform Only under one small time platform that Belongs to the Once Upon communities Around the world So that no one can come and crash the Value of your hard-earned labor We control the value up to a certain Point and that’s where we keep it Anything above that is up to the market Value we determine what the values it’s Forty dollars anything more than that is Then based on the following Every month every member contributes you Know three hours a week at the end of The month once they’ve contributed their Four four sessions per week four shifts They can then go and get their food and

Their basket of goods basket of food Basket of goods at the once more time Store in town so all the food we grow Everything we do we export we package we Manufacture we sell but we have enough Boys for ourselves to distribute to all Our members every month so every month You get food and anything else that we Do whether it’s a laptop you’ll get a Laptop obviously not gonna get a laptop Every month but you’re gonna get one Laptop when we start manufacturing Laptops right and so it goes so the Value of the token is not just the three Hours of Labor you’re putting But also the basket of goods that you Get at the end of the month So you can imagine if if it’s just if It’s just a bag of corn and some bread And milk and cheese and suddenly add a Bicycle to it or a washing machine or a Or a or a box of beer or some wine that We’re making or bricks for your house to Build a house with That’s all part and the value of the Token of the infinity token because That’s what you’re getting as a member Who’s earned your tokens for the month So we don’t know what the value after Forty dollars the value could go to you Know five hundred thousand dollars who Knows Whatever the values of that basket that Our members receive at the end of the

Month plus all the dividends the cash Dividends from the dozens and hundreds And thousands of businesses that our Members are working in So now imagine if we have one small town And they’re 20 or 30 or 40 businesses in The one town we multiply that about ten None suddenly we have 400 businesses you Multiply that by a hundred we have four Thousand businesses you multiply it by a Thousand it gets stupid So suddenly the token Infinity token Represents not just thousands but Millions of people working three hours a Week for free For free To create something to grow something to Build something to invent something To help the ages to help the orphans to To run soup kitchens we’re uplifting our World update uplifting our towns in our Societies and we’re making money while We’re doing it and this is why the Infinity token is I believe going to Become a highly sought after token in The next 12 to 24 months To infinity and beyond I like that yeah That’s really cool I love what you’re Doing I think it’s amazing and I would Um I would like to leave links in the Video description box to the the Different Um programs that you’re doing right now And the different projects so we’ve got

Your website uh Michael tellinger but Would you please shout just do a quick Shout out for all the websites and this Has been awesome man I really appreciate It yeah so the my my website deals with The origins of humankind ancient Civilizations at Michael But the main thing and what what’s Really occupying all my time at the Moment and that’s the one small town Initiative And that’s and go there Sign up uh get on our new news database And and buy an Infinity buy some Infinity tokens you’re not gonna you’re Not gonna be sorry Um it’s gonna plus also what I didn’t Tell you Rex is you know you can’t lose Our tokens Um you can’t lose our tokens our tokens Are uh in your digital wallet so when You open your account and you buy your Tokens they go into your digital wallet And from there you can send them to Anyone else who’s got a once all-time Digital wallet free of charge They go from your wallet directly to the To whoever you’re sending it to there’s No charge that’s outside of the banking Industry outside of any Bank control uh It’s between you and whoever you’re Sending your tokens to and if you lose Your cell phone or you can’t lose your Tokens because they they’re on the on

The blockchain under your name under Your wallet So you just open your account and your Tokens are still there you know if you Have a flash drive for the digital Wallet with Bitcoins on it you lose your Flash drive you’re screwed that’s They’re gone Uh So we’ve prevented that from happening I Lost some Litecoin from putting uh I had A like one of those Um hard wallets and I lost the code and Then I tried too many times to get in it And then it shut me out and then right After that happened I found the code so I’ve got like yeah three or four grand Probably more than that worth a Litecoin That just went And I was like ah but hey it was it was A lesson I learned and that’s okay I got Infinity coins now I’m gonna get some Yeah I like the name too yeah that’s Great really just you know anyone that’s Tries to get into the crypto Market my Answer Mark you don’t don’t waste your Time don’t waste your money don’t waste Your energy putting your money and your Life earnings into fresh air into the Volatility of trading markets no no no No no you’re just buying into the BS of Global Financial systems because the way That that all the cryptocurrencies being Traded is no different from the

Financial system what we’ve graded with The infinity token is completely Different and completely controlled by The people in their towns in their Communities and it’s owned by the people Controlled by the people and remember Once we sold the first 24 million tokens After that there’ll be no more tokens Available the only Infinity tokens that Will be available will be from the People that have worked for three hours To earn that token Right now those people may not want to Give their token away they might not Want to share that token so unless you Get your tokens now you might have to Get into a one small town and start Working there to earn your tokens or Turn your factory or your school or your Town into a Once More Time initiative so You can start earning the tokens Why are you running your businesses at The same time so you’re scoring on both Sides you you’re making cash from your Businesses and you’re getting tokens That belong to your community That if the Global Financial Market Should Crash We have the infinity token on our Digital wallets And that’s no one can take that away And nothing that nothing’s going to Affect us we just carry on as usual Carry on as normal

Right on Well I would be honored if we could do This again and it’s been way too long I Will send you the link when I upload This on YouTube and I’m going to upload It on several other platforms as well And any other words of wisdom you can Share with us before we finish up this Awesome podcast Michael Yeah just um I want to tell people you Know don’t don’t be freaked out by What’s going on in the world you know This is just a journey in the end and we Are the makers of our own reality start Thinking positive thoughts become Proactive don’t sit on the fence don’t Wait for someone to come and save you or To help you get off the fence do Something join the one small town Initiative get hold of us go on to our Website sign up as a volunteer so we Know you’re there when I say volunteers If people sign up with their special Skills and abilities so when we need Them we reach out to them bring them in And and and contact us if you want to Become an ambassador of your country or Your state in the USA uh USA is huge we Need like you know 50 ambassadors there So uh in each one in each state and um And do something don’t be scared don’t Listen to the fear-mongering we’re the Makers of our own reality once more time Is here we’re no longer talking about it

We are doing it We are doing it that’s what I’m talking About and yeah I’ll I’ll just I’ll just Leave you all with this folks until next Time Be excellent to each other And be the change you want to see Thank you Michael you’re a legend Man legend Amongst Legends Foreign

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