Antarctica, Top Secret Projects, Underground Bases & Ice Tunnels, Brad Olsen

By | November 1, 2022

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Once we got down there though it was Calm sailing and on the voyage back we Did not get C6 so that was very grateful For that but in the meantime What I didn’t find uh led me to what I Did find and what I did find is that There is definitely a big no-fly zone Right near the South Pole where Eric Hecker was stationed although he didn’t Know anything about the big hole under The ice that is presumably where it’s Located right over the snowfly Zone with A massive hole in the ice that was first Spotted by Admiral Byrd himself who was Also a very famous Aviator and flew over The South Pole first Aviator to fly over it and saw this Gaping hole and salt was so big that he Was confident enough to drop his plane Down into it Circle around And come back out and what he saw was Another world down there is investing in Silver a good idea that’s a great Question our friend Colin plume from Noble gold Investments certainly thinks So he recently explained on the national Desk that there’s been huge sell-offs of Silver because of its low price points Right now silver is the most useful Industrial metal out there and demand is Soaring for electronics and electric Cars solar panel circuits and the green Agenda is speeding up now industries

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Circuit and went out to Orlando Florida Last weekend for the spiritual informers Conference and that was really fantastic Great conference one more to go uh in Santa Rosa this Sunday at the Oakmont Symposium and then uh I’ve rounded out a Dozen conferences this year and uh The big Hollywood street fair so it’s Been a busy year but uh picking it right Back up in February with the conscious Life Expo and two conferences in March a Cruise in April and contacting the Desert in May and a whole lot more so 2023 has already shaping up to be Another busy year That’s what I’m talking about and I was Looking at I really wanted to make it Down there but I do like two podcasts a Day usually so I wasn’t able to I had Them already scheduled otherwise I would Have scheduled around next year I’d like To go out there and actually yeah I’d Really like to go out there next year I Was thinking maybe do some live streams And you know have some fun but I noticed You had DJ diesel Yeah What stages you know that guy dude Who doesn’t know I mean if you’re in it Electronic music he’s one of the legends Of Legends in electronic music Well you’re up on things Rex cause I Didn’t know he was such a big name I Knew he’s a headliner and we’re glad to Have him out but uh all our stages had

Their version of Headliners with house Music break beats psychedelic trance so It was a great big party out there it Was so much fun Dude you’re super awesome but all right Let’s enough about that I could talk to You about that forever I’m already Getting like I want to start doing some Rave Dandy [Laughter] Um what have you like what have you been Up to as far as the research that you’re Doing um let’s get into The Cutting Edge The the latest and greatest with your Research Well gosh I’m just uh looking at stuff On Google Earth and you’re the one That’s going out to those sites and uh Thanks for heading out to the Grand Canyon to check out that uh rock Formation it turned out to be but boy it Sure looked different on Google Earth so I’m glad you got to the bottom of it Saved me a trip out there in March to go And try to find uh what the heck that Thing was I thought it was it looked to Me like uh Abu symbol Egyptian temple on The side of the wall and you and I both Know that there’s a lot of evidence for Egyptian artifacts caves what have you Down in the Grand Canyon so you’re the Real boots on the ground there Rex you Did a great job uncovering what that Really was well Brad I gotta say I give

You the credit because you posted it on Facebook and I saw that so you gave me The excuse to go out there and even Though it wasn’t a temple like I still Got hair standing up on the back of my Neck because it was such a spiritual and Beautiful and amazing experience and What is interesting when you go to the Grand Canyon even if something’s a Thousand feet away It could be almost like a whole other Planet away because it’s so difficult to Get to and even finding that with the With the aerial camera Um you could it was like finding a Needle out of a haystack and I’m so glad I went out there and we do have evidence Like I’ve got photographs of concrete Uh platforms by The Ridge of the you Know right by the rim of the Grand Canyon and I’ll be happy to share that Or whatever via email but there’s Definitely a lot of stuff going on out There I don’t know exactly how far back It goes but the spiritual aspect of Stuff out there is is amazing Um what I did want to get into with with The Beyond esoteric Is you write a lot about this technology That’s like a Almost a future reading Tech he called The yellow Cube And we’ve talked about this a bit before But I was wanting I was hoping you could

Get into more detail on it and if you’ve Heard anything new since we talked last Yeah sure and and in fact this is uh Artists rendition of the yellow Cube on The cover of Beyond esoteric it’s some Of the Chapters in the book that we represented And also what Egypt would look like uh Pre-sands when the Egyptian temples and Pyramids were in full function and had The original casing stones on them that This is definitely some high technology A long long time ago I’m doing a lot of Research on the early mapping of Antarctica where you can see the Antarctica continent long before it was Even discovered in 1821 by wheeler Whalers and sealers that went down there And also the polygonal and megalithic Architecture around the world showing That there was a high-tech civilization On this planet a worldwide civilization Because truly these artifacts can be Found around the world and even under The ocean so these this is my latest uh Presentation at conferences that I’ll be Giving in 2023 Showing this uh anti-diluvian Civilization Was here a long time ago and as you know Rex everything keeps getting dated older And older and older and they’re still Finding these out of place artifacts That sometimes are in a seam of coal

That are dated at a million years old And other artifacts found around the World these little orb or balls these Like ball bearing balls those are also Found around the world sometimes the Megalithic balls found in Costa Rica and Elsewhere too so the Mysteries are all Out there they’re they’re still being Uncovered at a rapid pace and as you Know you cover a lot of these things too They just make everything a lot stranger But also a lot older that there were High-tech civilizations on this planet a Long long time ago well before the Sumerians or even the Egyptians uh came On the scene and gave us what they gave Us but uh can be found in places that You wouldn’t even think and the Americas In uh in Asia southeast Asia or Siberia Where some of these gears and other upas Were found in these uh million year old Cold seams No Antarctica is so difficult to get to And there’s so much speculation about Antarctica uh I’ve talked to a couple of People that have actually been there you And Eric Heckler he was a plumber out There for a year and I wanted so let’s Talk about this this is this is great I Would really like to hear more about Antarctica because that’s a super hot Topic right now and you’re discussing it So you’ve been there and for those that Haven’t seen our previous podcast where

You described actually getting out there And how difficult it was would you just Give like a brief scenario sure so uh Just about four years ago I was getting Ready to go down to South America and Did a four-month trip of South America Including 26 days on a sailboat down to Antarctica and that was my presentation Last weekend in Orlando the hidden Anomalies of Antarctica And so a very very fascinated with this Part of the world so very few people Ever get down there and see it and Eric Hecker and I are uh colleagues a year Ago we met at a conference in Las Vegas And we spent over an hour going over Maps and notes and different things that He pulled back and one of his big Maps We found square on it a pyramid yeah and So I know of at least three pyramid Fields down there uh there are supposed To be three massive craft under the ice Nicknamed by the intelligence Services Nina Penton Santa Maria and it it it’s Certainly a land full of great mystery Again like I was describing with the U Parts and the polygonal megalithic Architecture found around the world and So I was going down there I think I’m The only researcher who went down there With the sole purpose of trying to get To the bottom of a lot of these things And while I didn’t find any direct Evidence since in my trip which was just

To the northern tip of the Palmer Peninsula it was nonetheless one of the Greatest Voyages of my life even though I got violently ill with Seasickness on the way and lost about 25 Pounds on that trip just puking pretty Much the whole time and uh once we got Down there though it was calm sailing And on the voyage back we did not get C6 So that was very grateful for that but In the meantime What I didn’t find uh led me to what I Did find and what I did find is that There is definitely a big no-fly zone Right near the South Pole where Eric Hecker was stationed although he didn’t Know anything about the big hole under The ice that is presumably where it’s Located right over the snowfly Zone with A massive hole in the ice that was first Spotted by Admiral Byrd himself who was Also a very famous Aviator and flew over The South Pole first Aviator to fly over it and saw this Gaping hole and salt was so big that he Was confident enough to drop his plane Down into it Circle around And come back out and what he saw was Another world down there with mega fauna And mega Flora that no place being in Antarctica but he wrote about it in his Journal and and his family released it Uh after his death and it’s just been

Quite a Fascination so another Presentation I’m going to be giving at Conferences called Birds Antarctica Where I’m going to talk about this in Detail as well as what happened when he Was the admiral of the fleet going down There for operation high jump and the Battle of high jump that ensued and sent Him back uh up north like a dog with its Tail between its legs I mean they were Routinely defeated in this battle of High jump so and that by the way Rex is Still a top secret mission you can’t Even get government documents pertaining To what happened in high jump even Though it was supposedly a scientific Mission that ended several months Prematurely Okay what is your thought on this now in The 40s there were a ton of flying Saucers that were seen right and there Was a lot of nuclear testing underground Testing and they said it was one of the Tests was projects uh dune buggy project Gas buggy where they exploded a nuclear Detonation underground for purposes of Fracking natural oil they said and I Wonder if this is all connected and Antarctica is like the center like the Their most advanced location but they Had a network around the world and these Flying saucers and a lot of these what People are calling aliens back in the 40s were actually uh human speed like a

Humanoid species from Earth and they’re Connected to would you call it Shambhala Is it Shambhala is that what we’re Talking about here Agartha Shangri-La goes by a lot of Different names it’s this under The planet civilization that’s often Been talked about In Antiquity in the Far East under the Himalayas as well it’s the underground System well we do know for sure that There’s a series of deep underground Military bases that have been built in The last hundred years that are Connected with mag love trains that can Travel at Mach 2 speeds that’s twice the Speed of sound of course they use free Energy down there because they don’t Want to pollute and and so there’s a Whole series of Technology advances that Are down there but what Admiral bird had Had seen keep in mind that Antarctica is The most volcanic continent in the world 91 known volcanoes active volcanoes so The propensity for creating these Under Ice domes is very high that there would Be the ability to live underneath the Ice in in some of these situations where The geothermal heat would create other Worldly environments and a much warmer Environment than of course on the Surface where it’s quite cold and windy And stormy and almost impossible to live In fact nobody had ever lived in

Antarctica until this Modern Age when Modern bases would allow it but and I Have these maps and Beyond esoteric Created by the Nazis in their claim of New schwaben land and there’s a map of New schwaben land at the bottom and Where they landed was this area called The Schumacher ponds and those Lakes Never freeze and it was named for The Aviator Schumacher who put a seaplane Down on the Schumacher ponds and that’s Where the uh the first Germans went to Discover the 211 base where they set up The New Berlin Colony I know exactly Where it’s located and it’ll be in my uh Bird Antarctica presentation showing Some photos of that area too if I were Ever to go back Rex that’s the place I’d Want to go and him it would get you to Come out with us too and we’ll do a leak Project and you can also access that Area under water and the U-Boat uh Germans went down under Antarctica and There are maps of what Antarctica would Look like without the ice and there are These long fjords that extend well deep Into the continent so if you knew where You’re going you could navigate Underneath Antarctica for hundreds of Miles and all the reports of what the uh New schwaben land base was all about Uh includes U-Boat docking so they could Take their submarines into Antarctica as Well

Fascinating I’m taking notes as you’re Talking because it makes me think of a Whole you know a whole new level of Possibilities down there entirely new Civilization if you could navigate under The eyes you would have some type of Protection then it might and it would Protect you from the elements too in a Sense wouldn’t it would you have a bear Let me ask this would you have like a Would there be a pocket of air or would It just be like the water and then the Ice or would there be this you’re Showing you’re showing us something yeah This this is a map of what Antarctica Looks like without the ice so you can See that there are massive long deep Fjords in fact you can even go between The continent Um between West Antarctica and East Antarctica too if if you knew where You’re going so uh these Intrepid U-Boat Submarine captains who are the first to Navigate underneath Antarctica Underneath the ice boy what a story they Had to tell and uh what a great movie That would be to re reproduce their Findings and and recreate those trips Deep under the ice but I have a feeling Some of those areas are going to be uh Forbidden from entry that uh there’s now Discussion that the original base that The Germans set up was given to them by The reptilians that this was a reptilian

Base and that they would have also had a Hand in the Battle of high jump where These craft came up out of the water to Confront Admiral Birds Armada and in a Show of force used a direct energy Weapon to slice in half one of the the Ships just one of the ships they didn’t Want to destroy the whole Armada so they Could send them back to say don’t mess With us down here new schwabenland Because we have technology Beyond Your Wildest Dreams Similarly what is now being Um Also identified as the high jump Nazis Or the the craft that over flew the Capital in 1952 that those were these Honey Boo craft that these craft uh that Were backward being backward engineered By the Germans Before during and after World War II Were the same craft that over flew the Capital which was at the very tail end Of The Truman Administration and they Were so scared because here’s these Craft flying over our most sensitive Military And government positions here in the U.S That they had to strike a deal with them And actually Truman was the one who sold Us out not Eisenhower who is coming into Office in the following months so I’m Working with Laura Eisenhower her great Granddaughter

Uh and she has written in her new book Which I’m going to publish with CCC Publishing that Eisenhower was put into This position before he even was sworn In as president that he had to go along With this this new uh treaty that was Struck With the Antarctica Germans so even Though here’s Eisenhower who is the most Decorated General in the war defeating Nazi Germany He still had to Grapple with what to do With these Antarctica and South American And soon coming into uh America the Paper clip Nazis so they brought these Scientists and engineers and and started NASA and The CIA uh these paper clip Nazis was This infection of this fascist ideology Coming into America uh via these Nazi Sympathizers in our own government and They are taking a page right out of Their playbook with what’s going on now And The new fascism that is taking hold not Only in America but around the world Well China seems to be the fifth Reich America was the fourth Reich and I would Like to just For Um There’s a lot of people that were a part Of Project Paperclip that were the Opposite of Nazi sympathizers right they

Wanted to get the hell out of there and They wanted a free or what they Considered a Freer uh Nation to be a Part of so there was both I mean there Was definitely both so I don’t want People to think that you know all the People who came over on Project Paperclip were wanting to have this Nazi Regime now there were those that came Over for sure that infiltrated and Organizations that started that the People that came through the Project Paperclip are and were but at the same Time and there was I don’t know what the Percentages are I can only guess you Know I I have friends that actually work At certain places with people that came Over with Project Paperclip and they’re They’re real people you know they just Want to have a nice family and a nice Time and maybe go spend seven bucks at Seven bucks and two dollar tip for burnt Coffee you know what I mean that’s kind Of the American dream right Land of the fee the home of the slave But no I’m glad you brought that up Because I said yesterday Brad I was like You know who started the CIA who started The FBI who started the American Military because there’s not a lot of Information on that like we can go back And find out who and do the research we Could find a whole bunch of other Six Degrees of Separation but if you really

Start to question those things like you Know then you start to say well wait a Second and America seems to kind of be The the fourth Reich in many ways Um but then there’s the then there’s the Opposite as well then there’s those People that are like no we don’t want Anything to do with that so there’s been These checks and balances but the media Seems to be using a Playbook Of Mind Control oh yeah and oh Absolutely uh and those paper clip Nazis That came over here were also social Engineers that’s why it’s spelled MK for Mind control because the German spelling Of control is K-r-o-n-t-o-l-l-e and that’s the German Program that they were using to Propagandize the German people into Being so enthusiastic about the Third Reich keep in mind also rex that the Third Reich never surrendered as the Political organization they never Surrendered only the fighting forces of The German Army surrendered after World War II so they definitely went Underground and when I talk about the Fourth Reich in the Americas it’s also South America and on that trip I went Down there four years ago another one of The research projects that I was doing Was looking into Where the money went where Martin Borman And and a lot of top officials

There’s a three-part series on the History Channel called hunting Hitler And I went to a lot of these locations That they featured in that three series I mean about 30 some episodes in hunting Hitler and he’s [Music] Ladies and gentlemen Brad froze up on us Well in La falda Argentina and I went There and Brad I got to stop you for for A moment sir there was as soon as you Said I went to these locations In Argentina I lost you for about a Minute there oh shoot so they are not Listening Well real quick real quick before I Forget too when you said K when you use It like MK Ultra you know what I made me Think of and the um it made me think of Magic with the K and who coined that Term was that Aleister Crowley yeah a British spy and a cultist interesting Yeah very Good connection and mind control does Use that same kind of magic and let’s Let’s make that distinction that magic With a c that stage magic that’s people Going up there and doing their little Showing dog and pony show in front of an Audience pulling the rabbit out of the Sleeve kind of thing But could magic with a K in the end that Is a cult magic that is even mind Control magic so you’re on to something

There Rex good point That’s why we got to do more of these Interviews because we just you know iron Sharpens iron we’re bouncing ideas off Of each other we’re making connections And that’s what it’s about in this day And age in my opinion unless you want to Be no I don’t know that for me you know For what we’re doing our path that’s What we’re doing so so tell me more About this uh the these and the Argentina like I said I lost you there For about a minute so let’s go back to That I don’t want to lose focus we’re Talking about these places you went into In Argentina that are connected to the Third right possibly and most likely Yeah well so the Third Reich then Reformed into a fourth Reich and because They lost their armies in World War II They became an intelligence organization They became really the third forced After the Soviet Bloc and the allies and Certainly this fourth Reich was happy to Fan the Flames of discontent between the West and the East and that’s really what The Cold War was all about and as long As they could keep the Soviet block and NATO at odds which is still happening to This day that they would be able to fly Under the radar which they did very Successfully you know after World War II Rex there were Thousands of tons of gold that went

Missing that they had looted from all The other countries that Germany had uh Captured namely the low countries of Belgium and Holland and France and all The money in in Germany all the gold a Huge stock Holdings in corporations were Also held in these uh holding funds and Very large tracts of land I discovered quite a few in Chile and Argentina when I was pouring over Maps Before the trip and sure enough with a German accent that’s still going on in There there’s a joke in Argentina Because they had lost all of their Native culture down there all the native People are basically obliterated there Are no more left only about one percent Of the population are native people in Chile and Argentina And the Germans are the rich ones so the Joke is well who are we as argentinians And the joke is we’re Italians who speak Spanish and wish that they were as rich As the Germans and the Germans still Have all the assets down there and Certainly that was the case when we went To LA falda and uh San Carlos Di Baroloce and Rex I’ve been to Germany Several times when I went into some of These uh German communities it felt like I was in Bavaria and they loved the Mountains so the Andes mountains look Quite a lot like the Alps and they love Their uh Lakeside chateaus

And baraloce is just uh cast of the die Of these Barbarian towns it’s just like Them it’s very wealthy it’s skeet towns On on the shore of these beautiful lakes In the southern Patagonian region just gorgeous Areas where the Germans uh set up their Camps and also have these massive land Holdings where a lot of this technology Was also brought to there was a place Near lafalda and it’s the same uh Sub-mountain range a lot of people don’t Know there’s another mountain range in Argentina it’s just a much smaller Mountain range And I’m reading in the Lonely Planet About uh all these UFO sightings at this Location and I was telling my friend David Hatcher Childress about it that we went down There and did a sky watch in the Mountain we didn’t see anything And David chose oh yeah we’re probably Going to go out there with Ancient Aliens and film an episode and he goes Those weren’t UFOs Brad those were German prototype Human-made craft that were coming out of This uh mountain and lonely planets Saying oh yeah they left burn marks and People were abducted and real horrific Kind of product he says real aliens Don’t do that real UFO craft don’t leave Burn marks or a smoke Trail or come and

Go out of this secret base and he said That that’s German technology all the Way and so the Antarctica Colony didn’t Really work out for the Germans for a Number of reasons one it’s very cold Down there it’s very Difficult and expensive to get supplies You have to pretty much bring in Everything there’s no Farms or ranches Like there are in Argentina and so after The confrontation with Admiral Byrd they Knew the Allies were probably going to Come back and and you’re talking about The uh nuclear bomb test another one That is still top secret to this day is Operation Argus in 19 uh late mid-1950s They were doing those Explosions in the upper atmosphere In the Southern Ocean right off the Coast of new schwaben land They didn’t say that they lobbed any Nukes down onto uh the base 211 but I Suspect they did and if I were never to Go back there it would be with some Geiger counters if we could detect Radioactivity that there was some Nuclear bombs tested or exploded in that Area it would certainly rewrite history That there were more confrontations that Took place Uh with the militaries the world and the New schwaben land German colonies So another interesting aspect is when I Was going over the maps looking at uh

Antarctica Pre-cold War ending so in the 1980s Looking at these maps of all the bases That are there during the Cold War the Germans never left Rex they’re still West German uh Flags insignias for the Bases that they retained even after World War II ended so they’re all they Always stayed right in that new schwaben Land area and to this day they still Have two bases German bases in New Schwabenland Okay now this has tripping me out Because in reset Zero verse and reset Zero the graphic novel that I put Together it’s like 250 pages right and The space uh we’ve got Space Nazis we’ve Got Antarctica and there’s this one Scene where there’s this reptilian Chief Or reptilian General and the Nazis are Working with him and they go in there And Um they piss off this reptilian so The Reptilian basically eats one of them and Uh the other one’s like whoa what just Happened and he’s like okay he’s like go Tell the uh go tell your people this and He’s like hell Hitler and he’s like yeah Whatever he’ll Hitler as he eats one of The Nazis but they were they’re trading Technologies that’s so weird man like And and I this a lot of the stuff you’re Telling me I I didn’t know I mean I’ve Heard bits and pieces of it so we’re

Coming up with our own conjunction but Conjecture but I wonder how much of what I was tapping into in this graphic novel Actually parallels with Do I dare say reality Brad Dare say it I could dare say it but I Mean just it’s interesting this is Really weird well it it’s it’s weird Because art imitates life and life Imitates art in so many ways why do you Think all these Hollywood movies seem so Realistic well they’re tapping into that But calling it fiction but they’re Really showing us glimpses of what this Technology really can do it’s it’s Humans in the future or humans right now You know it said that our Star Trek Future has been hijacked from us that We’re living in that high tech future Right now with the secret space program And all the toys that they have Developed including Zero Point Energy Craft using free energy devices the tr3b The triangle in the sky those are all Our crafts that we have backward Engineered using this alien technology And then uh scientific breakthroughs That have been Incorporated that they Don’t want to share with the general Public and that is our Star Trek future Right now that we’re not being allowed To know So I think you’re around to something There Rex something really important

It’s fun to watch the Art’s great too so It’s a it’s a really cool graphic novel But they’re Time Jumpers they’re Time Travelers and they jump to different Times and so one of the time jumps they Go to uh Antarctica and anyway that’s For a whole other podcast but dude keep Keep talking man I’m like this is so Fascinating tell me more Brad tell me Well yeah and well I’m glad you’re Interested in this because of course I Put all my uh Antarctica information in Here and uh information on the black goo And and uh The base 211 stuff but um you know the The alternative one two and three that They thought up in the uh 19 Uh 50s these think tanks the Rand Corporation The Brookings Institute they Were really ways to There we go right on the page there were Ways to get uh the Although that prehistoric Stone chamber Is no longer available we sold out of Those but uh operation Argus we were Talking about the uh military Nuclear testings down in Antarctica well Operation Argus was a series of U.S Low-yield High atmosphere nuclear weapon Tests secretly conducted August and September of 58 over the South Atlantic Ocean this was what they called these Think tanks called alternative one which Was implemented to blast holes through

The stratospheric atmosphere to release Heat and pollution like that is how We’re going to deal with this problem You remember when we were kids we heard About all these big holes they didn’t Want to admit it how badly they blew it With this stupid bone-headed uh idea of These think tanks that alternative one Would be we would release all the Pollution through these uh holes okay so This they created the ozone red it Happened again you got into the hot Stuff you got into the juicy stuff and Then you froze up so we went I was dead I was taking notes so I can take you Exactly exactly back to where we were Alternative one blowing holes in the Atmosphere and you said they were doing That as as to why and yes I remember When they’re like it’s your hairspray That made this giant hole in the ozone No it was they said it was to release The Heat and pollution but this was done By simultaneous detonations of atomic Weapons in the earth’s High atmosphere Of the ozone belt in areas where few People would notice down in the Southern Ocean Over Siberia they also did it in deep in The Amazon and the Australian Outback And over both of the polls This is the cause of the ozone holes not Aerosol cans and other human causes is Reported by the fake News Network it was

Alternative one and Isn’t it interesting that those took Place in 1958 and then the following Year was the beginning of the and Antarctica treaty that specifically said That no atomic bomb testing would take Place in Antarctica well why would you Need to put that verbiage in there Unless it had already taken place right And so to this day it’s been said that No Atomic weapons or bombs or testing Has taken place in Antarctica that’s why I say if we could go down to new Schwabenland with a geiger counter and Prove that there were atomic bomb Testing and that they took out the new Schwabenland bases back then But by then they the Germans had already Moved their operations to South America Uh largely these big protected uh Casas These Ranchos that are as as big as some Of the small states in America they’re About as big as Connecticut they’re so Huge and they’re called micro Nations I Describe how that worked in um with John Lear before he passed away we were pen Pals we would write to each other and he Was doing some uh Facebook posts about Micronations and I asked if I could Excerpt his information and be on Esoteric and he said yeah so really Happy to have had that opportunity to Network with him On uh the the whole notion of these

Micro Nations and just to give an Example of what a micronation is well The Vatican City is a micronation it is A city within the city of Rome that has Its own laws its own post office its own Police similarly there’s a micronation In the city of London that is in control Of the financial Network they have their Own mayor in the city of London their Own laws the London Police the England Police the UK government does not Control the city of London one square Mile it’s all they need and and also in Washington DC why is DC not a state it’s Not a jurisdiction it’s a District of Columbia and they also set their own Laws they have different laws there they Don’t operate under the Constitution so This is how they’ve gotten away with This for so long But I also want to emphasize what Exactly are these alternative one two And three well alternative one was Blowing these holes in the high Atmosphere to let out the pollution they Were thinking in the 1950s well human Race is going to be doomed so we got to Start thinking of uh let’s game play Some scenarios here how we’re going to Allow the elite to survive because they They need to survive all the rest of us On the surface while we’re Expendable They want to get us population down to 500 million anyways as it said on the

Georgia Guidestones but the elite they Got to survive we got to keep this Continuity of government going You should have listened to this live on The website because the live shows are Always free unedited uncensored you can Ask the guest of myself questions Remember if you missed the live shows You get access to the archives over 4 400 podcasts audio and video and there’s A lot of stuff we talk about in this Presentation that’s only available on The website so check us out be excellent to each Other and be the change you want to see Everybody

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