Alternatives 1,2,3, Reverse Engineered Alien Technology, Brad Olsen

By | November 7, 2022

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Beyond Esoteric

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Foreign [Music] But I also want to emphasize what Exactly are these alternative one two And three well alternative one was Blowing these holes in the high Atmosphere to let out the pollution they Were thinking in the 1950s well human Race is going to be doomed so we got to Start thinking of uh let’s game play Some scenarios here how we’re going to Allow the elite to survive because they They need to survive all the rest of us On the surface well we’re Expendable They want to get us population down to 500 million anyways as it said on the George Guidestones but the elite they Got to survive we got to keep this Continuity of government going Right on I got a few awesome days left For biking out here in Southern Colorado At 22 miles today broke my previous Record by over two miles per hour Actually so and I did another six miles Today when I compared the stats so more Time more speed and I feel better and Folks I got to tell you I’ve been taking This stuff called keto or it’s actually An MCT coconut oil mix from keto with and it’s like a keto boost so I Don’t know if you’ve studied the Ketogenic diet but it’s great for Metabolisms and it’s super boosted my Metabolism I’ve Got a Friend overseas

She’s lost over 70 pounds on this stuff And she feels amazing so check it out you’ll be glad you did Get the discount and be the change you Want to see everybody thanks for Watching and so alternative two was to Build the deep underground military Bases the dumbs and there are over 130 Known deep underground military bases in The world and so this was alternative to That they would build this network Of underground bases and connect them With these maglev trains and here’s a Schematic of how they get around deep Underground military bases Using these these maglev trains that Magnetic levitation that could go very Very fast so mentioned twice the speed Of sound And then alternative three and this is Where our mutual colleagues in the Secret space program that come back with These repressed memories Are going off planet and setting up These bases on the moon and on Mars and They’ve been doing this for decades and By using this technology That has been backward engineered from Downed alien crafts And also our scientists who are very Clever and very good at taking existing Technology and making it better and but They’ve kept it all from the people and This is why our Star Trek future has

Been robbed from us and so alternative Three was getting us off Planet given The elite some kind of outlet that if They didn’t want to live in the dumbs Well they could then go off Planet there You go And well that that alternative three Which was this uh television show I Cover that here in uh In the old in the chapter called I’ll Turn it as one two and three and that’s Really interesting because it played one Time in the UK uh on April Fool’s Day And they they it was kind of like their War of the Worlds we had that in America With the radio show they did this Alternative three playing it off on a Science show And it created such a fervor because it Said well we’re going to take our Scientists off planet and we’re gonna Have them build out these bases on the Moon and Mars and we’re gonna set it up So that we can have these colonies off Planet this is what Richard Dolan calls The Breakaway civilization and just like Your book Rex life imitates art and so Many people called in to the BBC when That uh alternative three program played They said oh my God I I have a a Relative or a friend who was working in Some of these top secret programs and They went missing and we think that they Went off planet and you just gave us

This uh program to tell us that this is Where these people went And they really believed it and perhaps Uh there’s some truth in that program on Alternative three so uh This is why these are esoteric subjects Rex is because not a lot of people know About them but they’re based in this Hidden history in this occultic Knowledge that we’re starting to start To put the pieces together you know it’s This big Mosaic uh jigsaw puzzle and We’re just getting these little pieces But now we can fit them all together and Start to see what the elite have really Been up to in uh doing alternative one Two and three that they followed through On these plans to do all this stuff and Now we’re starting to see that they were Actually pretty successful in that Who is John Galt Well it was in that uh Wikipedia article That they were talking about him and Oh or are you saying in my uh well I’m Just saying that because it reminds me Of uh alternative three they’re taking The latest and greatest minds and They’re taking them off Planet whereas Atlas Shrugged they’re taking them into A different place you know like just a Different Society on planet but it’s you Know and if we go back to Alternative One it’s really interesting to think About this what if this is what came to

My mind there’s a force that said okay The convinced the military to do that For what they said publicly or whatever But what if it was for some type of Communications Um or some type like direct contact By changing the poll somehow the cosmic Radiation Allows for certain entities or energies To influence the planet almost like a Direct link whereas before it was Protected and now it’s got these Barriers that have been taken down so it Allows a direct connection into the Consciousness of the planet like Drilling into the Earth and then as Eric Was talking about this technology and Antarctica that actually sends and Receives signals which is really Interesting because most people think It’s just like I think receiving a Signal but it actually sends a signal to And there’s man like some type of maybe There’s some type of travel that they’re Able to do and I want to ask you about That whole in Antarctica the hole in Antarctica is it the is it this one Right here let me find a photo of it Because I was I was doing some research On that and there have been some photos From satellite that show well it looks Like a big right here this thing is that It That is another one it looks like a

Great big one but it wouldn’t be the one I’m talking about over the South Pole Because you can see the meridian lines Head down that one You can see that it’s off shore So that one is just the sea ice breaking Up is is my presumption I’m not Seen this one in particular did this is This a relatively new photo Uh I don’t think it’s that old 2017. Okay so okay well it’d be so you get you There are some coordinates there it’s Between 60 and 70 it’s about 65 Parallel South people could look into This but you can see the land mass Offshore so what I would propose is that This is just a The CI starting to break up and if you Went there now you would not be able to Find it now what also you cannot find And I’ve gone there many many times Looking for it is this hole in the ice Which is at the 89 degree parallel but Isn’t it interesting that uh in was it 2016 when a lot of the elite were going Down there Uh Prince Harry went to South Pole and Him and his army buddies they did a Cross-country ski trip across the polar Plateau where there’s nothing for Hundreds of miles except if they were Going to the hole in the ice and I’ve Seen pictures of it too not only from Outer space you can see how massive it

Is but also that there is a cat track That goes down into it and this is Protected by the NSA so the NSA they are Tasked with anything extrestrial that’s Part of why they were formed also back In uh the 19 late 1940s but for a long Time they went under the radar that’s Why the nickname no such agency they did Not want people to know what they were Up to but anytime there was a down craft They were Johnny on the spot they were There to collect the wreckage any alien Body he’s dead or alive they had a way To whisk them off cordon off the area Create a cover story just like in Close Encounters of the Third Kind there’s Another story that’s very very close to Reality maybe not at that exact location But that was the exchange that occurred In 1964 which was started by Kennedy and This is the uh project serpo And our colleague Len Casten wrote great Books on that and uh They went off planet for a number of Years but a big Mothership craft was Seen over Area 51 just like it was in uh Close Encounters and that’s where our Astronauts and exchange program Went to serpo which is the star system In Zeta reticuli and that’s where these Gray aliens are said to come from and They wanted to do an exchange program Much like was depicted in Close Encounters the movie

And so they had that opportunity to do That But um the other part of this is that uh And you can even see in the movie Close Encounters little gray aliens coming off The craft and taking the hands of the Astronauts to go some of which did not Return Um some decided to stay on project serpo And only a few came back but then when They did come back they had been exposed To such high levels of radiation That they didn’t live too long so it was One of the alternate astronauts who was Very much privy to the mission and had Gone through all the training with those That went who released the information And Bill Ryan who was partners with Carrie Cassidy and Project Camelot he Now does Um Avalon Bill Ryan put together all the Serpo information you could still go to That website and look at uh how they did The mission and much of it was very much How Close Encounters of the Third Kind Continued I mean weren’t we all Interested to hear what was going to Happen and why didn’t Spielberg ever do A part two to that because that would Have been the most interesting part of That movie is what happened with our Human scientists that went aboard and Jacques valet was represented as the French ufologist in the movie that was

Based on his life and times I’ve had the A great opportunity to meet jock valet Two times and have quoted him in my Esoteric series of books he’s a living Legend in all this That’s cool we we actually did an Interview uh with Jacques just a few Weeks ago really oh cool nice very Intelligent and I asked it was so cool To ask a question about artificial Intelligence I had been using similar Verbiage that he used when I asked him About it so I was like oh man maybe I’m On the right track awesome uh very very Wise man way ahead of his time Well Okay so we’ve got I’ve been taking So many notes Like ozone I I didn’t know about the Alternative one I knew about alternative Three because I because I did a Blog on It like 10 years ago where um you know I Used to Vlog a lot and a lot of that Stuff came into fruition now and and so Where where is this leading us man a lot Of people think that we’re going into This new age of How do I put it like 5D you know and Some people are like no man it’s gonna Be super dark and you know we’re going To be assimilated by the Borg or else We’re gonna get our head you know There’s there’s like Polarities yeah and then you’ve just got The you know the people that just kind

Of keep doing their thing they’re Trucking away which is I respect all of You and I don’t know I’m agnostic Towards the future I’m optimistic what About you Brad well that’s exactly it Rex because we do seem to be walking Right along the razor’s Edge and there’s Timeline one and timeline two That’s why I have uh the subtitle of Beyond us Carrick gives escaping prison Planet because timeline two would be the Worst Neo-fascistic prison planet you could Ever imagine and that is what this whole Transhumanist agenda is taking us down They’re trying to make it like a flowery Path oh don’t you want to have all these Uh chip implants and abilities and be The Bionic Man times a thousand and all This but what about just staying human 1.0 how about just being uh the organic Humans that we’re Meant to be and and and Starting to really Endeavor into all These superhuman abilities that we have The ability to uh become a Bionic Commando do we really want to go down That path that’s timeline two and that Would be a very hard one to get out of It’s kind of like the movie Avatar we Would just be these humans exploiting Other planets with this high technology And really losing Our connection to Source really losing

That God connection that we’re all Hardwired for to begin with now our Pineal gland has been calcified from Fluoride in the Water and toothpaste and We’ve been we’ve lost some of that Connection but we could get it back but They don’t want that they don’t want an Enlightened human race they want an Enslaved human race So that’s why this period of time that We’re living in right now is so Absolutely important that we don’t go Down that transhumanist timeline too Which would be the devastation of planet Earth as well that’s why they have Created alternative to that in the event Of new killer war that the elite can go Down there did you see the news story Just um a week or two ago that they had Found one of these deep underground Military bases that was stocked up with Food that would keep hundreds of people Alive for decades and of course it’s all Organic food there’s no preservatives There’s no bad things in it they treat Themselves very well and they use the Free energy on the magnetic levitation Trains they’ve got all the technology Bottled up that they’re going to use for Themselves and for the rest of us they Don’t want us to have that timeline one Great Awakening which is basically Taking all of the human race into this Um golden age of sorts which has also

Been prophesized and it is our destiny So timeline one is the one primary Timeline that is meant to happen and and Another question you asked and I wanted To get to it was about the yellow Cube And how now the white hats are using That to game play and look at scenarios So not only can the yellow Cube Be used to look back on any event in History with uncritical Clarity there Would be no more conspiracies at all we Would just know our history For Better Or For Worse if we were able to access This yellow Cube I mean talk about the Next killer app if we all had this on Our phones and we could play out Holographic simulations of our past Lives on this and and use it to look at Any event in history Definitely I’ll pay for a subscription On that Down for that too man uh yeah the yellow Cube out maybe some developer out there Will want to do it but it would Brad Olson 2022. you heard it here first Right we’re all gonna have that someday But we just have to live long enough to Do it and we have to shake the yoke of The suppression off our back it’s the Monkey on our back they’ve been trying To keep us dummy down and in their box For so long and now the Great Awakening Is occurring we’re already in it and This is our opportunity for all people

Of the world to participate in this Timeline one scenario where we don’t all Get Offed by This Global Elite that has Stated their purpose very clearly in Those Georgia Guidestones where they Want to maintain Humanity at 500 million We’re up against uh some formidable Opponents here who have All the money in the world the one thing We have is our numbers And people are waking up so for Everybody who feels like they they’re Powerless all you have to do is focus on The solution all you have to do is just Be conscious of what we’re up against And be on the good side here and that is Adding to our numbers so the more that We awaken the more we have the Possibility of going down timeline one So while the black hats have had this Yellow Cube technology now for decades And have constantly tried to gain the System over to this timeline too this is Bill wood the classic interviews with Carrie Cassidy on Project Camelot and uh Uh beer buresh who was also working with The yellow Cube and and the j-rod aliens He also talked about how they were just Trying to get it to go the way they Wanted it the future they saw which was Destroying this planet and world war Three conflagration and uh people aren’t Going to be able to live on the surface

Anymore no way that’s not going to Happen uh for one it’s also known that Uh the benevolent ETS have taken all of Those nuclear warheads offline and this Was at the disclosure project back in 2001 was uh Dr Greer People who were working in missile silos Saying hey there’s this big UFO over uh North Dakota missile silos and then all Of a sudden they’d all go offline so They won’t allow a full nuclear want war To happen what they’ll try to do is a Dirt But if we can invert these wars and keep Going on to a peaceful age And hopefully bring Justice to All that have been done wrong by these Globalists pushing this agenda then if We can move on to this timeline one this Golden age when all this technology Would be released Then we would have a very good chance of Becoming our Star Trek future in real Time and being a peaceful group of People that go across the universe in Exploration for in the name of science Just like they did in the Star Trek show Not like the movie Avatar exploiting the Resources of other civilizations so We’re right at the cusp of that now Rex Where These choices are being made and and People need to Feel like they have some skin in the

Game just in the Consciousness that they Hold for bringing on this timeline one Scenario wow man that’s intense and keep Your eyes and ears open folks be Prepared not scared be optimistic yet I don’t know dang it I gotta come up With something to Optimistic and not pessimistic right Yeah I need some more C60 C60 purple pal All right Brad you’re awesome man I mean at least We could you know what we’re here where [Music] Um We can still go outside and enjoy our Lives you just had a great event and Let’s keep focusing on the positive Let’s you know let’s once again be Prepared not scared you like that idea I Think it’s a good idea I like that a lot Rex and you know part of how we can tell The white hats are making advances in All this look if if we’re going into This lockdown world of timeline too we Would not be able to have this Conversation so the fact that the Internet still is allowing free Conversations to wake people up to these Scenarios is a good sign that uh The white hats the good guys are winning This game What a great way to put that brilliant Absolutely brilliant folks I’m going to Show off Brad’s website here real quick

Because you need to go here CCC CCC you Can look at the catalog of books ebooks What’s a DVD Brad well we sold out of Those I should probably take that down But I might make some more in the future But I did a DVD about the um Stone Chambers in New England though in Megalithic some of them uh and very Little known very much an esoteric site We got Michael Jaco’s new book there’s Beyond esoteric you know any of my books That you get off the site and we got Awarded the publisher of the year that Was a great honor just a couple weeks Ago nice in San Francisco where I had my Operation for many many years but if you Get any of my books off the uh website Here uh you can get a signed copy From me that’s the only place you can Get a signed copy and many of our books Have won awards and high recognition I’ve as an author have one uh Book of the year for sacred places North America so got a a lot of A lot of uh credit to my name that one Won the uh book of the year Best guidebook for planet Earth And so nice I just keep on doing what I’m doing and Doing interviews like with you Rex and You’re someone who gets it and I know You have very sophisticated listening Audience out there and they get it and

So we’re just trying to make this a World a better place with every Interview and every book and every Conference that we do and you know you And I met at the uh disclosure con a Couple years ago that was actually right Before I well I just come back from Antarctica met you and uh These are some of the older books I’ve Done this was a lot of stuff quite Interesting In search of an adventure I’m sorry yeah I was a travel writer for 15 years before I got into uh the S Tarik series of books uh 10 years ago so Yeah I’ve been doing Doing a lot of these for quite a while Look at this so we’re on the we’re on The website right now I’m doing this Live I’m gonna upload this later on YouTube but the cool thing when you Watch it live is oftentimes we’ll talk About stuff that we only talk about on The website and it’s always free to Watch the shows live on the website if You missed the live show you can get Access to the archives we’ve got over 4 400 podcasts audio and video but look at These man people love you dude Um the Antarctica stuff is fascinating I Love listening to Brad talk about his Adventures the more I know the more I Know I don’t know And then love it we already are prepared

Not scared so man this is great and and I’ll just real quick before finishing up This is it folks this is the graphic Novel you can even get it in digital Format I mean we’re not getting a phone Call from SiriusXM as we’re talking well Out of the odds again serious are you Serious are you from serious now that Was weird Um that was pretty cool though love Sirius so yeah check and in the in this There’s 250 plus pages of artwork the Artwork’s Stellar but the storyline is Equally as cool where we’ve got these Time Jumpers that go to different time Spots and when you were talking about Antarctica I’m like Brad you’re you’re Tapping into it man and uh we’re we’re Having fun and there is no try and do Folks there is no try and do so be the Ball be the ball No no no no there’s only two There is no trying there’s another quote Yeah and I have an Illuminati uh cup That was sent to me directly by the Illuminati so if you were wondering Folks I am a uh I’m a high degree Illuminati member it’s not the Illuminati you’ve heard of though it’s Actually spelled a little bit Differently Um so Well I don’t I think it’s the C60 Brad I Don’t know what’s going on man I mean um

Anyway so I’m gonna stop while I’m ahead Please can I get a drum roll we love you Everybody we thank you all for being Here with us Brad thanks for talking to Me man it was pleasure oh always a great Conversation with you Rex thanks for Having me on the league project again And look forward to our next adventure Or our next interview it’s always a good Time I hope it’s in Antarctica man Sooner than later cheers brother back Your geiger counter oh I’ve got it yeah I’ll bring it it’s a military grade so It’s in the suitcase Done and done let’s do this thing we’re Done cheers brother see ya take care Buddy stay cool [Music] Foreign [Music]

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